Dot Com Tandoori – The Relationship Edition

Normally, the weekly Dot Com Pho meetup is held at a Pho restaurant. However, we like to mix things up once in awhile and today was one of those days. Instead of heading for Pho noodles, we decided to do a Dot Com Tandoori at one of Richmond’s best East Indian restaurants, Tandoori Kona.

We had a nice turn out of ten people for our Dot Com Tandoori, including Canada’s number 1 dating coach, Ronald Lee. Other people showing up include Lesley Chang, Greg Morgan, Gary Ng, Wolfgang, and Stephen Fung, who was last to show up. Of course, Sally and her entourage were there as well.

For the relationship edition of Dot Com Tandoori, we have dating advice for geeks, hitting 1 million Twitter followers, Sally doing frog calls, the Tandoori Kona lunch special, the gadget of the week and a whole lot more. Anyone is welcome to join us for our weekly meet ups. Follow me on Twitter to find out the time and place of the next one.

44 thoughts on “Dot Com Tandoori – The Relationship Edition”

  1. Michael Kwan says:

    I’m not sure if I prefer an iced coffee or a mango lassi on a bright spring day. Hmm…

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    1. Ryan McLean says:

      I know that I love tea. So I wouldn’t choose a mango lassi or an iced coffee. Tea all the way.


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    2. Moe Greene says:

      Mango Lassi is King!! Spring for the Pistachio Kulfi if you are a baller looking for a heavenly desert! 🙂

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  2. Michael Zhao says:

    That looks like a small, small snack!

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    I wish that I could join you guys one day. Pitty I live on the other side of the world.
    I don’t need to know how to pick up chicks, because I already landed my girl.

    You know what they say “If you like it then you better put a ring on it”…I put a ring on mine 😉

  4. mmm…a thali and lassi…looks good!!

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  5. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I love gathering among all my friends but we rarely have these. Besides of blogging, hanging out with friends is very important and we should relax and enjoy our life too.
    Btw, I thought Tandoori comes with Chicken? In my country, Tandoori is something like Cheesy bread (We called it as “Nan”) + Tandoori chicken.
    John, seems that you enjoy a lot with your Camcorder. lol! My friend bought a camcorder, played for about few weeks and I never saw his camcorder until now. haha!


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    1. tandoori is a method of cooking in a clay oven…therefore naan, chicken, lamb, or anything else for that matter can be tandoori…..

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Oic, I thought Tandoori Chicken is the combination of Nan and Chicken..I saw this food lots of times b4..but never tried that b4. But Tandoori in my country doesn’t has rice.


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  6. THAT guy is a dating coach? LOL

    1. John Chow says:

      Not only is he a dating coach, he is Canada’s #1 dating coach!

      1. is that self proclaimed or was that title given to him? (hope that does not sound sarcastic)

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        1. John Chow says:

          If you self proclaim something enough, after a while, everyone will proclaim it. 🙂

      2. So who coaches him then? If he’s #1, there’s nobody left! LOL

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  7. Bati says:

    Good luck John Chow.I want to join your group but i think it’s impossible.

  8. mix font says:

    Very nice lifestyle.. We have the dating coach now… 🙂

  9. Melody says:

    pity..the video is unavailable :( dating tips for me lol

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    1. John Chow says:

      You can go direct to Vimeo to see it or check out my YouTube channel. I upload all my videos to there as well.

      1. Where’s the food pictures1

  10. Nice video camera Stephen Fung has there. He should get an external shotgun mic to go with it. Much better quality sound than a built-in mic could ever produce. It also adds to the look of the camera. I just picked up an AZDEN SMX-10 for about $150.

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  11. Do you noticed that the number of pieces of meat on John’s plate was so little? I have no idea why most of the indian restaurants are so stingy, the same happen in indian restaurant in Wellington, NZ. That is why I hate going to Indian restaurant. Lots of curry but very little meat!

    Go2Wellington’s last blog post: 街边小吃~麻滋

    1. that is a pretty generic blanket comment…you go to one or two places and the entire sector is hated…nice. If you order a “thali” like john did, its meant to have a little bit of everything..i guess similar to the dim-sum concept where you sample a little of everything.

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    2. That’s a pretty big generalization. I’ve been in Indian restaurants that give people plenty of food on a plate.

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      1. I did not say ‘all’ I said ‘most’. at least 3 out of 5 indian restaurants I have been to were giving a very small portion of meat. You cannot compare indian food with dim sum. Dim Sum per plate only cost 2~3 bucks, but one plate of chicken masala could cost you 10 bucks.

        Go2Wellington’s last blog post: 你是‘垂帘听政’的部落客吗?

  12. When are you going to be in Michigan John? There is a group of us who are ready to hook up for some Sushi!

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  13. Jason Lueng says:

    a dating coach? Huh,first time hear about this

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  14. Very nice lifestyle.Make me happy. : )

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  15. I can’t view the whole video as it seems to be streaming slowly. But seems like you had a good time.

    Peter Lee

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  16. Mortgage Guy says:

    Where was the chicken ? I didn’t see the chicken in the video.

    1. nizam says:

      yeah…. where was the chicken go? 🙂

  17. fas says:

    Same food in India for $4, so its kinda expensive there.

    fas’s last blog post: Samsung SSD Awesomeness

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      It’s not really a fair comparison. You have to consider the cost of living, average wage, cost of labour, etc.

      Michael Kwan’s last blog post: Giant Mechanical Spiders Attack Yokohama

  18. Benjamin Cip says:

    Hey John, Is that curry sauce on the chicken? If you like curry, I recommend you eat Japanese curry with rice. It’s delicious.

  19. Everything looks delicious

  20. diabetic man says:

    the art of cooking…..nice video john

  21. So you enjoyed Indian food. Good

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  22. Actually its good for change. But yest the lunch was expensive for that amount. You can actually count the pieces of chicken.
    In US you can get for around $6-$7 an Indian Buffet.
    But again for some $8-$9 might not be expensive…

    Internetsalsa’s last blog post: Over 1 million is after Ashton Kutcher on Twitter…

    1. each establishment is entitled to construct their own menu and quantity…I have been to Chinese restaurants where I can pay $90-100 for the same meal that is offered for $10 at a local strip plaza…comparing with other places and locations around the world is not fair unless its a franchise of the same store.

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  23. I would love to have that kind of meetings in my city.

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  24. Dating advice for geeks? Haha. Must be real dun to have this kinda meet-up. I’m envious!

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