Double AdSense Income With One Simple Tweak

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Casey Serin. He’s the 24 year old real estate investor from Sacramento who is facing foreclosures on all his properties because he didn’t follow basic investment rules. I Am Facing Foreclosure is Casey’s blog about what he did, how it all went wrong, and what he is going to do about it.

I like Casey’s blog a lot. Here is a guy who is laying it all on the line. He is not afraid to write about his mistakes so others can learn from it and I truly admire that. I was talking to Jon Warass about Casey and we both agree that we should try to help him out. We began by donating $20 each to his tip jar. The money won’t get him out of his financial mess but we felt we got enough value out of his blog to give him something for his troubles.

I also sent Casey an email with some tips on optimizing his Google ads. I told him that he will see an increase if he adds a 300×250 AdSense unit under each post. Casey did as I suggested and over the weekend, I got this email from him

Yeah I placed my AdSense more strategically (under the first two posts) and my revenue doubled. I am getting some good ideas about monetizing the blog from reading your posts. Thanks for offering to help. As I start to experiment with more stuff, I may have some questions for you.

Casey Serin <- my story

Casey’s blog has enough traffic that he should be able to make $3,000 or more per month if he monetizes it correctly. Add this to the $3,000 income he is making from his current job and the combined total could help him a lot – especially in light of this recent post where he states he needed to make some serious money quickly, or risk having his wife leave him.

She asked me if I have a plan. The base salary with Chris is not enough. She is saying that almost three years of marriage on a financial roller-coaster is getting old.

You see, I unintentionally gave her the impression that I was successful when we were dating (I still had some money left from my first condo flip).

Later, right before the wedding, she found out that I was really “broke as a joke”. I even bought the ring on a credit card and went into debt for the marriage expenses. She came into the relationship with no debt and excellent credit expecting stability and married into a financial storm without really knowing it.

Unfortunately, I am not as good at dispensing relationship advice as I am on money advice. My advice to Casey is simple. He’s sitting on a very high traffic blog that can make him a lot of money if he monetizes it correctly. I recommend he start looking at other revenue sources besides Google AdSense. On my blog, Google accounts for 40% of revenues but that percentage will go down this month as the FeedBurner and Text-Link-Ads kicks in.

Good luck Casey. I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress.

24 thoughts on “Double AdSense Income With One Simple Tweak”

  1. Man, I heard about this guy awhile ago. On one hand, what he did was unbelievably awful. I’m not sure he deserves another chance. On the other hand… At least he’s trying to set things straight. I guess.

  2. Happy Mind says:

    Rich, everyone deserves another chance man, what are you talking about? Who doesn’t screw up in life? The thing is to learn from your mistakes and dont repeat the same ones again. Life is a game, sometimes you do good, sometimes you screw up, at the end the idea is to learn and move on.


  3. Mike says:

    He has a big hole to get out of. I hope he has learnt his lesson.

  4. Eli Burford says:

    Do you think the 250×250 is as as good as the 300×250? I’m a big fan of the 250×250…

    Good luck to Casey as well.

  5. John Chow says:

    Eli – I don’t have an answer on that. The only I would say is to run the 300 for one week, then the 250 the next week, and see which does better.

  6. Stephen says:

    Eli – Keep in mind, not all creatives work the same on all sites. You’ll need to tweak and monitor the results for your situation.

    This guy is sitting on a huge asset: His Blog. He needs to learn to leverage it by taking advantage of the google and the feedburner/textlink ads. It will become passive income, which should service his debts, and afford him time while he looks for another source of income to save his bacon. Kind of ironic how the web ruined a lot of people in the crash, but may have the potential to save someone this time around.

    It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong…especially in front of millions of people on the web. I hope he’s able to fulfill his promises.

  7. Carl says:

    Casey’s story is so dramatic (now his wife is leaving him??) that I sometimes wonder if it’s all not just a ruse to build a more interesting blog that will receive more traffic than other real-estate advice blogs…

  8. Rat says:

    Given my traffic is small, it is somewhat early to make a claim, but my small banner ads outpeform the 300×250, 2 to 1. who knows.. maybe it has to do with the videos in each post?

    Very cool about the $20 donation John, it is the gesture that counts. I too have enjoyed Casey’s blog and was very appreciative of the linkback to my site. (thx casey) I dont exactly know why but his visitor’s page views are excellent… almost double most other referral sources.

  9. David Mackey says:

    I am going to have to try the 300×250 ad, though I am not sure how that works with CommunityServer.

  10. Eric Giguere says:

    The 300 by 250 format has the advantage of currently being particularly of interest to video advertisers, which is a good reason to use it in case an advertiser wants to target your site specifically for video and image campaigns.

  11. Justin says:

    Gosh, you are so nice. Out of the many people I know only you are one of the few who have a good income who are willing to help others. I respect you to the fullest. Now, what about me 🙂


  12. Ankur K says:

    Plz help me what template should i use and how and which ads to place, see my bog at or


  13. Joe says:

    The whole Facing Foreclosure thing is kind of funny and interesting to me. Here is a guy who has lied, cheated and misrepresented himself for several years (including, we know find out, to his fiancee), to the point that he’s ended up in financial ruin by age 24. The only thing he’s proven about himself is his capacity for shady behavior.

    But he puts up a site with his sob story and everybody feels sorry. Why do we feel sorry for him? Do we feel sorry for corporate embezzlers and Enron types. Because this is the type of behavior that leads to things like that.

  14. Derrich says:

    So much for death do us part…

  15. pocketrockets says:

    Hey John-

    That’s funny, I actually emailed Casey back on Nov. 21st and recommended he integrate his ads more in the content also. I actually showed him your website and used it as an example of good ad placement.

    With 5k uniques a day and a topic serving high paying ads he could do very well with a higher CTR.

    He emailed back, “Good tips… I’m still looking at finding that balance between too much
    ads and lots of $$ and not enough but more userfriendliness.”

    I’m glad he finally took action after your advice. I knew he could double his income!

  16. Tyler says:

    I’m assuming this would only work with sites that have a decent traffic flow huh?

    I mean the using inline GoogleAds with each post like you do here with your site.

  17. John says:

    There is no way in hell that Casey Serin’s story is real. I guarantee that crap is fake as hell. casey is just trying to make some money. why should I feel any more sorry for him then the millions of other people that are facing foreclosure right now?

  18. Bruno Torres says:

    It’s weird that everybody tells blogs make a good money by placing ads at the end of posts.
    This never worked for me. Ever.
    I think it’s because I’m in Brazil and write in portuguese, but the only ads that really make a nice income are those above the fold, especially the one right-float at the top of each post.
    When there’s a click on an adsense ad at the end of the post, it’s worth so little money that I feel like crying…
    Another ad format that never worked for me is the leaderboard. I also don’t know why. Would like to figure it out.
    However, here in Brazil, we make a ridiculously low income from adsense. And my blog has a nice readership. more than 2000 readers via feedburner.
    I wish things get better in the future.
    Feedburner ads for the site are showing a very nice potential, because they are CPM ads and all. I currently make more money from it than from adsense.

  19. Bharathi says:

    How do you display adsense unit under each post? Currently I display in the top, bottom and sidebar.

    I like the way you display adsense in the beginning of this post. How that’s done?

  20. dale says:

    send me the money instead I live on 400.00 a month

  21. Does the change to 300×250 ads work across the board? I put 468×60 ads under the post heading because I thought it looked neater, but now I’m thinking I may need to change.

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