Download Affiliate Marketing 101 And Win An Apple iPad!

My friend and fellow affiliate marketer, Jonathan Volk, has released his long awaited guide to affiliate marketing. And here’s the best part: not only is it free but it might win you an Apple iPad!

If the name Jonathan Volk sounds familiar, it’s because I profiled him back in November as part of my Profile of Success series. We also partied together at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas but I don’t remember much of that night because of the amount of tequila Market Leverage shot me with.

Most people in the affiliate world know Jonathan Volk as a super affiliate who makes millions per year from affiliate marketing (currently, he’s averaging over $300,000 per month in affiliate commissions). Jonathan is a regular speaker at the Affiliate Summit and is always mobbed at the show because he is willing to share his knowledge. Most super affiliates maintain a very low profile because they don’t want to share their secrets. Jonathan is one of those rare breed who not only makes millions from affiliate marketing, he’s willing to help others do the same. And one of the ways he’s doing that is with his new guide, Affiliate Marketing 101.

Affiliate Marketing 101

Learn the techniques I have used to personally generate over $4,000,000 in affiliate commissions!

In this guide I go over the who, what, where, when, and why of affiliate marketing. I then take you step by step to learn Pay per click affiliate marketing, Pay per view (cost per view) affiliate marketing, social media marketing (facebook ads), and finally media buying.

Download Affiliate Marketing 101

The guide contains 17 sections of pure content with no fluff. It even comes with a warning declaimer that states, “Your brain might explode from awesome information.” Not only is Affiliate Marketing 101 free to download and use, but it might win you a brand new Apple iPad.

Help Spread the Word About Affiliate Marketing 101 and Win an Apple iPad

Help Jonathan spread the word about his new affiliate marketing guide and you might win a new Apple iPad. Jonathan is giving away a total of three iPads. The first two are awarded to the two who refers the most people to download the guide. The third will be awarded to a random person. So, you can win an iPad just by telling one person to download the free guide. This is a must fairer contest than most as it gives the little guy a chance to win.

Go download Affiliate Marketing 101 and enjoy it. Then grab your link from the email Jonathan sends you and tell your friends about it because It just might win a brand new Apple iPad. If I win one of the iPads, I’ll be giving it away to one of you. So go download the guide and help me win!

Download Affiliate Marketing 101 by Jonathan Volk

61 thoughts on “Download Affiliate Marketing 101 And Win An Apple iPad!”

  1. Okay, I’ll download it, I’m heading over to your site right now.

    1. I meant I was heading over to Jonathan’s site.

      1. CNA training says:

        Have you been able to get a pdf file? All I got is a webpage with links to different chapters. I would have liked a pdf as then I could carry it on my mobile for later reading.

        1. So weight … you are going to have plan of having iPad.

          Here we have one sure and one unsure gifts … isn’t ?

        2. I guess there isn’t a PDF, but you could just copy everything to a Word document and make your own.

  2. I never win anything, but you don’t win if you don’t try.

    1. S Ahsan says:

      the guide is worth reading; you dont want to win an ipad, its not worth it man πŸ™‚

      1. Diabetis says:

        It is worth it since it is for free!

        1. Well every free thing is not worthy … because to read that one you have to invest your time as well.

          1. That’s totally true. Time is money. In this case though it was well worth the read!

  3. Jonathan is doing awesome stuff, so I would be stupid not to grab this free resource. Wonder what he has planned for all the people who sign up!

  4. Mif says:

    Thank you very much John Chow, I believe this e-book will be really useful to me since I want to learn more about internet marketing. I’ll be waiting for your next brilliant articles John πŸ˜€

  5. Mr volk is one of the best in the business of affiliate marketing. Unlike aymen, our conspiracy friend, jony is really in it to help others become successful too.
    I already started reading it and can’t give a higher recommendation for any free ebook (except yours of course John).

    1. chester says:

      He is definitely one of the best in the business. Straight up, useful and practical. His e-books are well worth the read. I highly recommend them.

      1. Guys after your recommendations I am also going to try this one.

        Lets see.

  6. Mathew Day says:

    That’s a pretty slick way of promoting a new ebook. I just downloaded it and sent my link out to several people.

    Got my fingers crossed even though I never have won something cool like a Apple Ipad.

  7. CNA training says:

    Signed up for the ebook. Waiting for the email to download the book. Super excited.

  8. S Ahsan says:

    ehh i will check that out for sure but win what?? a douchepad? πŸ™‚ argG!!

  9. Diabetis says:

    I am just going to to download some ibbok and then I am going to win an ipad. That is awesome.

    1. And after that you will read those books on iPad …

      Wow … what a planning.

  10. prchecker says:

    Thank you very much John Chow,

    1. You should also add the name of Jonathan Volk.

      Because this is his book and he is giving away iPad.

  11. jayant says:

    i dont want ipod..i only want dat ipod’s money in my paypal acc….r u ready??in dis condition??

    1. Wow … but mind it Paypal is having problem in India and RBI is not allowing to withdraw the money to bank account.

      So this time lets get iPad … money next time … lolzz

  12. I just signed up for this ebook. Seems like an awesome guide

  13. WOW…Johns site always has interesting contest on a regular basis…good book john..

    1. And one more thing you will find here and that is tasty food’s videos and photos … πŸ™‚

  14. TechOfWeb says:

    $300,000 per month — great earnings by ur friend….
    just downlaoding it…hope to win an ipad πŸ™‚


    1. CNA training says:

      That is damn too good..especially considering that John himself earns 40,000$ a month. The guy seems too impressive.

      Will love to know about the monthly cost though as ppc programmes can tend to be quite expensive.

    2. $300k a month is insane. What do you even DO with that much money?

      I think I could make $300k last a lifetime πŸ™‚

  15. I downloaded the book this morning from your post…….awesome book….

  16. Phil-AM OSI says:

    Hi Jonh, you might ask how I get here. Actually, I’ve seen your posts from stockonwallstreet that’s why i was able to follow you here.

    Wow, this is great.

    A lot of people want to grab this Apple iPad. Hope I’m one of them.

    Will try to join this. πŸ™‚

  17. I am a newbie in affiliate marketing, so this guide is going to be very useful for me…and I always longed for an Apple ipad…lets hope I win!!!

  18. I follow Johnathan’s blog, and can honestly say that he offers seriously good value for money. He is well worth investigating and is a treasure trove of information.

  19. SEO Tools says:

    Thats Good πŸ˜€ another chance to win Ipad

  20. Pretty basic stuff, though, much like most eBooks, there are some nuggets in there.

  21. Looks like I have another RSS feed to subscribe to– thanks John!

  22. Thanks for this free ebook John and of course to your friend, Jonathan Vaulk.

  23. jayant says:

    i pod or ipad???
    by the way thanxxx for giving us ebook for free…..
    you should release an ebook about getting traffic to blogs like …..

  24. Just waiting for the download link.

    I think I’ll pass on the iPad, but then again I could sell it or hold my own competition!

  25. why don’t you give us more information on affiliate marketing john

  26. john which contributes to most of your revenue…this blog, adsense income from your technology blog or affiliate marketing from clickbank?

  27. It would be great if you can give us few information on these revenue streams in form of another great article

  28. Social Media says:

    This guide will be a nice addition to my library and help me with my Social Media Marketing Plus Blog. thanks!

  29. I download the pdf file of the Affiliate Marketing 101. I wonder what are the information is inside on this ebook.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope I win the iPad you will win. hehehehhe

  30. Steve C. says:

    Great book Jonathan!

  31. filesraid says:

    thx john for your kindness…

    I’ve been searching about affiliate marketing tutorials that can help me to growth my comission…

  32. John Maldini says:

    how to success making money online?
    please learn me

  33. Warren says:

    Thanks for the recommendation John, and Thanks for the ebook Johnathan, I’m just starting down this path your all already on, but you’ll see more of me! πŸ™‚

  34. bb100 says:

    Thanks for the ebook, John! I will donwload it.

  35. Cash Genie says:

    Wow Sounds interesting to me! I have downloaded it. Yet to check the mail, would surely give the review.

  36. i have download it and will start reading soon.

  37. Just downloaded it.I will now go to you and my buddies site.Jonathan Volk.

  38. if i haven’t any exprinses in affiliate that book will helped me

  39. BIZZNURSE says:

    Hi John Chow..
    Just wanted to know, does the offer last? I mean does it have due date? I ‘m huge fan of yours and looking forward to your tips everyday. Seriously get inspired by your writing here. I have been blogging for a few month and been doing your tips. Some of it do works, but some of them, you know, work if my pagerank or alexa ranking is higher πŸ˜‰ Thanks John Chow..

  40. Cool affiliate book though I’m still quite new with this whole topic. Should be useful for all those who are keen on monetizing their websites. Thanks!

  41. The secrets to success. These secrets are so valuable that if you implement them, you will succeed in your own Internet business.

  42. Success isn’t luck or being in the right place at the right time. There are specific traits that millionaires possess, learn them, apply them and succeed.

  43. Free iPad!!!

    I’m going to get that book!


  44. CharlieHash says:

    Thanks for this book, its really informative…

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