Drinking Up A Storm At Taste BC 2010

The Liberty Merchant Company hosted the 16th annual fund raising event, Taste B.C. 2010 – A Celebration of Local Food and Drink, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver last night. The goal of Taste BC is to raise money for the B.C. Children’s Hospital – Oak Tree Clinic, which specializes in providing care and services to sufferers of HIV/AIDS. Along with the food and drink, the attractions included live music, door prizes and a silent auction that features luxury items.

While the event is branded as a celebration of food and wine, the main emphasis is on the wine. This isn’t surprising since Liberty is a wine merchant and not a food purveyor. Attendees were able to sample wines, beers and spirits from 77 participants. Each winery brought at least two wines (red and white) and some brought as many as six. If you were to sample every drink on display, you would be one drunk chicken by the end of the night. Everyone leaving the event is given a free bus pass whether they need it or not.

The food lineup is no where near as impressive as the wine. There were only five stations serving food and one station serving cheese. Nothing really stood out for me except for the cheese cake with bacon. It stood out not because it tasted good but because the combination was so unusual. The other food stations were pretty underwhelming. It’s a shame that Miku wasn’t able to be at Taste BC this year. They were the star of the 2009 show.

For the British Columbia wine connoisseur, Taste BC is a can’t miss event. There’s really no other event in the province where you can sample so many wines all in one place. Many people take wine tasting very seriously. I even saw one person who brought his own wine glass with him instead of using the ones provided by the Hyatt hotel. While wine tasting maybe the main theme of Tast BC, I sampled a bunch of beers and ciders as well. My favorite drink of the night was the Braebum ice cider from Raven Ridge Cidery. Next time I’m at a Liberty Wine store, I’m picking up a few bottles.

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

Taste BC 2010

All photos by Ed Lau.

22 thoughts on “Drinking Up A Storm At Taste BC 2010”

  1. Wow another great meal for you, your a lucky man.

    1. It seems like every week you have some fancy tasting / eating event that we only have here maybe twice a year.

  2. S Ahsan says:

    Amazing stuff! John, just wanted to know, what camera are you using and have been so far,, i like the crisp pics..

  3. Pavitra says:

    Yess… it is nice food for health

    1. I don’t know if cheese, beer and bacon is good for health, but it probably tastes good.

  4. I am a serious foodie, and I am so jealous. The food looked beautiful, and I love my drink too, so the sound of spirits for sample hit home too. Was that an espresso for the last photo? Looks very nice. Oh, and bacon cheesecake is a really odd idea. But then, this winter I did try chocolate and chili soup. Delicious!

  5. Wow cheesecake with bacon? I’ve never heard of that. Will have to be on the look out to try it now!

  6. Ed is definitely the food guy! I like the idea that everybody got issued free bus passes, because there is no way that you should be driving after tasting the titbits and chugging the wine……

  7. Liked the pics and thanks for the information about Taste BC 2010. The quality of the pictures are excellent and looks very nice.

  8. It seems delicious, i want some of it for sure.

  9. Looks like some delicious eats and drinks.

  10. chester says:

    The Rail Ale Nut Brown is an awesome beer if you like dark beers. And that food looks great. Wish I was there.

  11. That looks delicious!

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  13. Bidet says:

    That looks really good, so much food and drinks. It looked like a great event.

  14. hokya says:

    Those look delicious 😀

  15. Looks like an awesome event. You’ve had quite the week of parties!

  16. Looks so delicious…So will be tasty too

  17. pırlanta says:

    you must to see Turkish Baklava… Bunlar neki olm 😀

  18. now I am the turkish çiğköfte very goog beatfulll

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