Drinking Up A Storm At Taste BC

Taste BC

Taste BC is an annual fund raiser for the BC Children’s Hospital – Oak Tree Clinic. Put on by Liberty Wine Merchants, Taste BC allows event goers to not only indulge in tastings from some of the finest restaurants, wineries, breweries and cheese purveyors in BC, they will also benefit one of the province’s most vital medical institutions.

The event was held at the Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It was an ideal location. The ballroom offers more than enough space for everyone to move around and sample all the foods and wines that were available. You can really tell that Liberty was a wine merchant by the amount of wine tables. While there were less than a dozen food tables, we couldn’t count the number of wine tables there were. Each wine table had two to five wines for you to try out. If you belong to Alcoholics Anonymous, you wouldn’t want to be at this event! It was a smart move for Liberty to offer free bus passes to everyone after the event.

The stand out food at Taste BC came from Miku Restaurant. Their Aburi style sushi was simply awesome. Sarah and I will definitely be dining there at a future date. As for the best wine, well, we drank so many that after awhile, they all kinda tasted the same! However, I do remember enjoying the apple ice wine from Forbidden Fruit Winery.

Taste BC

Taste BC

Taste BC

Taste BC

46 thoughts on “Drinking Up A Storm At Taste BC”

  1. mike says:

    looks like it was a blast! nice video!

    1. Wow, I’ve never actually seen “good” food at any kind of charity event before. They’ve definitely got the right idea with bringing out the better food. Maybe more people would attend these types of events if the food wasn’t grotesque most of the time,. 🙂

      1. Yeah, a lot of food I’ve seen at charity events looked like hospital food.

      2. They really want to raise the money they need. Thats a real good way to do it with some awesome food.

    2. Puspanjali says:

      A toast for the health of the children……….A good cause with sumptuous food and lots of fun it seems.

  2. yanjiaren says:

    Oh dear lol..I can’t still get to be veggie either, not yet any way..I just an wan wan wan wan wan the meat if I eat it at the moment .We love Sushi, especially the salmon..Oh my dayz gimme salmon!

  3. Joy says:

    Looks like a nice foodie event. I got so hungry! Darnit. And you two are hilarious. Those are spit buckets so you can taste a lot of wines (and spit it) and avoid being too drunk. :p

    1. Ed Lau says:

      …”avoid” being drunk?! Never heard of this concept before.

  4. Ok… so I’m hungry now. Looks like I’m gonna have to go get some yummy sushi!

    1. John you indeed have a good taste for food.

  5. Mmmm, chocolate fondue fountain…last time I had that I was at a wedding.

  6. Reyn Aria says:

    John, you should consider creating a new blog on food :p Great pics and video by the way.

  7. haha..good video, esp the comments towards the end

  8. MMMMM the food pics!!!

  9. joe gelb says:

    free drinks always draws a big crowd and i am very amazed. i mean look at all of those people for a good cause!

  10. that choco fountain looks delish!! wish I was there lol..

  11. Now you have made me hungry, 🙂 Anyway, it’s your call, enjoy!

  12. game-girl says:

    I like chocolate very much.That chocolate fountain was enticing for me.

  13. edhitok says:

    hmm….yummy. im hungry right now. nice video John.

  14. SEO Tips says:

    That chocolate fondooo (sp) looks brilliant, yummmmmmmm

  15. This is a fund riser… I wish I could attend one LOL!

    1. Ha ha ha, for the fund raising or for the mouthwatering benefits? 🙂

  16. Erik Prabowo says:

    Saya pernah ke eropa, satu yang mengganggu saya, untuk makanan barat. Enak untuk dinikmati sebagai makanan pembangkit selera, tapi jika dimakan sebagai makanan utama, perut saya benar – benar tidak dapat menerimanya. Nasi itu yang saya butuhkan….. ( I tried global translator, i write this comment using indonesian, so….how it would be look like in english??)

  17. Erik Prabowo says:

    Well I think there is a little problem with the global translator John!
    I translate your blog into Indonesian, than I write a comment using Indonesian language. When I submit it, it goes to English page of your blog, so when I click the english flag, nothing happened. My comment is still in Indonesian.

    Have a clue anyone?

  18. The green stuff in one of the dishes looks like a cute little character. Merchandise it!

  19. The sushi looks great 🙂

  20. Jean Ghalo says:

    well looks like you love your stomach too much John, too many posts lately with food and plates…. anyway nice movie delicious food!

    Tip: Don’t walk while shooting video, as it shows at the beginning in the movie is not good.


  21. I am 200% sure that you have enjoyed that and they also get benefit by your comments. As I know you have great taste of food (except the burger which you have told was good).

  22. The food kinda looks too soft, not my kind, i like crisp.

  23. Wow. Makes me angry.

  24. This looks like fun and the food looks yummy.

  25. John,

    Ahhh the Dot Com connisseour enjoying fine wines and shushi. Great event.

    It is amazing how many designs can be created with simple ingredients and imagination. Something I need to begin applying to my online marketing efforts!


    Nicholas Chase

  26. That giant fondue looks delicious 😀


  27. Patrick says:

    John you are gonna get fat! Do you work out?

    1. John Chow says:

      I work out seven days a week.

      1. Are you just going to the gym or are you doing a sport? I quit going to the gym b/c of the boredom I get from just chucking weights and running and such. I much prefer my Jiujitsu classes now.

        Matter of perspective though, you know?

  28. game-girl says:

    You are doing a great job! Great working out after great eating.

  29. 19" lcd says:

    That looks like some tasty fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  30. contentpig says:

    I don’t think you ever made a post about it, but do you prefer vimeo to youtube for uploading video? Oh yes it all looks really good. I’m heading out to get a crunch roll now!

  31. reflux says:

    it’s time to eat….nyummy….! making me hungry john….

  32. 100wordrants says:

    Its good to see money being raised for a great cause…and the food looks great. Wish I had a Smell-C-D right now!

  33. You are doing a great job! Great working out after great eating.

  34. diabetes man says:

    just making me hungry…….very healthy dinner

  35. The food looks really good. As for the chocolate fountain, I want to get one. I’ve seen it in shops & it looks like a real party kicker.

  36. Hey John, I keep getting stuff coming from Canada with conflicting stories about the health care up there. Obviously you’ve used the health system by now. Is it okay, or what is wrong with it?

    -sorry off subject everyone.

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