Driving with John Chow – Episode 16 Dealing with Negative Comments

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I went back to the Mercedes because it’s just a lot more fun to drive than the Lexus. Also it was 75F outside, which is perfect for top down driving.

Negative comments on your blog. How should you do deal with them? That’s the topic of this driving episode. I used to allow negative comments on this blog. Now, I delete them before they even have a chance to show up. I explain the change in policy, and explain why you should never allow any negative comments on your blog. Enjoy the episode, and I welcome your positive comments.

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23 thoughts on “Driving with John Chow – Episode 16 Dealing with Negative Comments”

  1. Liton Biswas says:

    Hey John,
    Althouh your logic is unbeatable, yet I allow negative comments in my blog “acivilengineer.con”. Because it allows you to go to right direction and give you an opportunity to make yourself correct.

  2. Heliosaki says:

    Warning: this is a positive comment: “pretty pretty good advice dear John, as always!”



  3. Michelle says:

    Getting negative comments about anything totally sucks, including blogs. After all, we put a lot of time into our blogs so it can be quite hurtful to hear someone saying that your hard work is “crap”.

    The best thing to do is ensure you put 100% into every blog post and article you write, and then you never have to feel too bad.

  4. John Old Chap

    As usual, there is a good deal of truth and most worthwhile comment in what you say here. But WHAT is YOUR view on ” Constructive Negativity ? ”

    As OLD as I am — and that’s – well – Pretty damn OLD, I DO still have a LOT to learn — and Ah IS Listenin – By Golly !

    People making totally IGNORANT statements – negative OR otherwise, certainly deserve to be nuked, but Intelligent comment that suitably and respectfully CONTESTS your point of view- or mine should , in MY opinion still get an airing, even if some MINOR editing is necessary in order to tidy up the data, simply out of respect for one’s own readers and hopefully, followers.

    Nevertheless, I DO agree that one MUST NOT, allow the whole tone of their Blog to descend into a form of anarchy against the Blog owner, so to speak.

    Fundamentally, – commonsense, above all, must prevail.

  5. Rohit says:

    Great video John. Totally agree that negative comments can be reversed into marketing opportunities. Comments can affect different people differently. It all comes down to what you do with them. “Remember, you can’t please everyone all the time”, totally true! My personal opinion is to just delete them and not even pay attention. Why waste your time trying to respond or going over comments that are not geared towards providing you any good. Plus they can also cause harm emotionally and mentally for some writers and this in turn can limit their future posts because now you are writing to please your audience instead of writing about what you really wanted to write? Overall great video. Looking forward to Driving with JC ep.17!

  6. Hi John,

    I enjoyed this video, it gave an interesting point of view about negative comments.

    It’s so true that you’ll never please everyone all the time. My blog is still in its fledgling stages so I haven’t yet had any truly negative comments. But I’ve had differences of opinion over certain things and that’s fine because it promotes healthy discussion from which everyone can learn. This, in turn, adds further value. So just because someone writes something that could be perceived as being negative it doesn’t necessarily mean that it warrants deletion.

    However the problem is with people who just want to ‘troll’ by leaving something negative and non-constructive, even abusive or insulting. Even if someone doesn’t agree with your post they can give their point of view, explaining their reasons for their argument and can do so in a non-abusive way. If I got a comment like that I would probably allow it because it is meant in the right way and not just to cause trouble or to vent.

    But if I got a comment that served no purpose other than to call me out and just say something like “This is rubbish” or “You suck” and nothing more, then I wouldn’t allow it as it wouldn’t contribute to the discussion at all and, as you rightly highlighted in your video, it could lead to a flame war and there’s no place for that or insulting people on my blog.

    I like how you said, “A blog isn’t a democracy, it’s a dictatorship”. This is so true. It’s your blog, your rules, end of story. If people don’t like that and want to talk bad about you they’ll do it anyway so it’s better that they do it elsewhere.

    I hope you had a pleasant drive 🙂

    Kind regards,

    1. John Gibb says:

      hi Glen,

      I consider my blog like my own home… you’re welcome in there, I mean I invite you, the door is open, come and enjoy a cup of tea or drink some lemon and let’s have a conversation… if you complain about my kind gesture and start bashing or thinks like that, then you’re not welcome next time. I may throw you of my home out of the window…

      How do you feel about that? 🙂

  7. John Gibb says:

    hey John

    negative comments have their advantage… at least, the person writing them invested his time and effort…. has put his whole soul into writing to you… at least, give him or her a chance to get heard… then, if you care to reply, at least you could teach him or her some lessons (if they have ears to hear)

    I think some of these naysayers can be “saved” , however I don’t make a habit out of this approach, and I do delete most of such comments…


  8. faisal says:

    By taking it as feedback.

  9. Jen Becht says:

    Healthy criticism is good for your learning, but hateful comments are destructive to your surrounding.

  10. I. C. Daniel says:

    I let a negative comment when I believe is necessary, if blog owner think is not true than he delete it.

    Is just an opinion afterall, sounds fair for me. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  11. Abhishek says:

    Wow simply superb. I wish one day I get a chance to drive with John… Simply amazing this is 🙂

    1. Ron says:

      I wish someday I have the opportunity to drive with you, Abhishek

  12. Asante says:

    John the video is extremely fantastic

  13. Hi John,

    Cracking video and very sound advice! I guess the old saying of “any publicity is good publicity” rings true here too. As long as you make sure you always deliver brilliant, valuable content, it will be noticed even by those, who check your blog out based on that negative comment on social media.

    For me, there’s still a difference between negative comments and constructive criticism/disagreeing with my post. Comments like “this is crap and you suck” fall into the former category however and shall be deleted without any further thought.



  14. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    negative comments will come to your or my blog all the time but it is our approach how we deal with them.

    If it is a good comment but just negative but it give some value to the post I will allow it but if it uses strong words or just junk I wouldn’t aprove it it is my choice.

    But everyone is different and we should use our own rules about our blogs.

    Thanks John for this post.

    And see you on top.


  15. ivan ong says:

    good stuff with driving with john chow…

    yeah.. we own our own blog and we write and say what we want. If you dont like the content or think its lousy, then u can f off for all you want.

    isnt it so John?

  16. I love driving with John Chow! Excellent video! 🙂

  17. Jeff Hester says:

    I disagree with you, John.

    There is a difference between constructive disagreement (which might be considered “negative”) and trolling. Sure, delete and ban the trolls, but if someone has a genuine beef with your point, it’s an opportunity to engage them in a dialogue.

    Iron sharpens iron, as the saying goes.

  18. Great post John Chow, and I loved the episode!

  19. Ti Roberts says:

    Awesome video, John.

    I’ve had my fair share of negative comments. I think the most important thing to remember with negative comments is to not respond right after you read the comment. Usually you’re angry and if you were to response in the mist of all that emotion you’re not in the right mindset to knowledgeably and effectively reply.

    I like to take the comical approach. If it’s a troll or something I’ll acknowledge them with a well thought out response; however, I won’t let it go on to be an ugly commenting war and I’ll use humor to lighten the discussion.

    This isn’t my first time visiting your blog, John; however this is my first leaving a comment. I just wanted to say that I’m loving the content that you share and all the effort you put into helping us. It’s really appreciated. 🙂

    I’ll be sure to share this piece with my social circle. Keep the great content coming and I look forward to connecting more with you soon,


  20. ataur says:

    Hi John,
    Greetings john. Nice video.

    Best Regards,

  21. I used to be very upset with negative comments. It really burned and hurt me. However, after reading many posts from popular bloggers about being flamed, I find it very common. Just ignored them.

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