Driving with John Chow – Episode 19 How Blogging Is Like Working Out

On this, the 19th episode of Blogging with John Chow, I give you an update on how my diet and exercise plans are going. As many of you know, I’m in a blogger weight lost challenge with Oscar Gonzalez. So far, I’m kicking his ass, and unless he get serious real soon, I’m going to beat him soundly.

One thing I have noticed when it comes to working out is how much alike it is to blogging. The same principles that apply to successful blogging can also be applied to blogging and Internet marketing. I go over these success principles in the video. Whether you want to be a great blogger, or get into great shape, this episode can help you improve yourself and your blog. There’s also a bonus footage of me singing Hungry Like The Wolf!

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  1. Hi John, what kind if camera setup do you use to do these with? It’s a good quality and the camera is very stable.

      1. Thanks! It’s out of my range temporarily, but the quality looks great. 🙂

  2. John Gibb says:


    Ha, ha… nice clip Mr. Chow!

    Is there anything in this world that doesn’t require effort? Even the thought of avoiding effort, or the thought of fear requires effort… effort to hold onto the thought or release it… is it?

    For example, the other day I’ve spent a few minutes wondering if I should sell a blog or not (I own 300+ niche sites and aged domain names myself, so it’s not an easy task)

    It took 30 minutes actually to make an informed decision…

  3. Rohit says:

    Great video. Totally have to love what you blog about. I agree, at start everyone is excited but then give up for a week and are on an “on and off” cycle. You have to love what you write about so you can blog about it everyday. And yes, it does get easier once you keep on blogging, Nice comparison!

  4. Hey John,

    Wow, this post helped me in two ways. You taught me how to blog better and how to workout better. This match must have been made in heaven!

    Thanks John,

  5. Fun to read sir! 🙂

  6. Susan Velez says:

    I totally agree with you that blogging is like working out. It takes a lot of comitment and you won’t see results if you quit.

    So true about so many people jumping on the fitness bandwagon for their New Year’s resolution. Within two months so many of them have quit. I know so many people like that.

  7. Riza says:

    Nice video show, John!

    First of all, I like the analogy. Agree on all counts. Well, the first one about both requiring effort is quite obvious. I mean, what doesn’t, right? The rest is spot on. Thanks for the lessons!

  8. faisal says:

    Everything in life is easy, as long as you do it regularly.

  9. nice video John.. your car is very nice also 🙂

  10. I. C. Daniel says:

    Is not that easy, actually is hard to make it happen, let’s face it!

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  11. Great video John!

    John is a great guy, he is one of the few people that are at the top that really help the people who are coming up. Plus he always provides great value.

    Interesting comment about the plateau aspect. Mix it up, try different things great advice.

  12. Sunday says:

    Working out is like blogging or Internet marketing. What you put in is what you are going to take. Consistency of action guarantees success in both. Interesting piece!


  13. Maybe you can talk about Jawbone Up. I’m using it to improve my fitness and sleep. An episode for that when it comes to fitness and weight loss perhaps?

  14. Jason James says:

    Wow somehow I thought this was titled “Driving traffic with John Chow”

  15. Nice. You’re only a couple pounds ahead for now. The shoes. for my powerisers arrive tomorrow. So you better be pedaling for a few hours each day. Affiliate summit will get in the way but don’t worry this is one challenge that you are not going to win. Enjoy your fried chicken today.

    1. Eileen Chen says:

      I thought it was April Fools or something when I read this post. The only logical way to think about it is that you’re both working out so you can eat more!!

  16. Dear John and friends. I was away for vacation for some weeks. But here I am again. You are very right in that exercising, losing weight requires a disciplined philosophy of life. The ancient greeks and ancient romans were a lot more devoted to physical beauty, to the importance of the physical image of a person, than humans today living in what the sociologist political scientist Chris Hedges called “Empire of Illusion: The end of literacy and the triumph of the spectacle”, which literally means that modern humans mind-manipulated by the corporate mainstream media have been mind-manipulated into forgetting about their own bodies and selves, and hiding their physical bodies under an SUV, big vehicles with tinted windows, and hiding behind cell phones, digital tv and just shutting themselves out of the real physical world in order to live in a magical fake reality. The USA today is a lot like the movie The Matrix. Where most people live in a lie, in a world of lies, lied by TV and the government and in a fake world

    Here is a video about that by Chris Hedges http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHnjc1gde8c

    And here is a great article I wrote about the importance of our bodies and our physical image in this world. Specially for business people, politicians and all professionals:

    The physical beauty of a race, country or a family, their grace and graciousness in all gestures, is won by a lot work: like knowledge, physical beauty is the end result of the accumulated work of many many years of low-carb and low-calorie diets without any single day of fattening junk foods, without holidays, without alcoholic drinks, without parties, and with permament weight-training, aerobic exercises, constant fatigues, constant physical pains as a result of a permanent religious devotion to weight-training and the aerobic exercises, long walks, unlimited times spent fast-walking or running in outdoors, and painful physical exercise routines of generations.

    All humans must and should make great sacrifices to good taste, all people should diet, should lift weights and should walk, jog or any other type of aerobic exercise in order to burn fat, people must have done much and omitted much, for its sake.

    The XVII Century of France was admirable in both respects, and good taste must have furnished a principle for selecting the beautiful attractive friends, the beautiful place, the beautiful dress, and perfect low-carb and low-calorie diets.

    People should prefer physical beauty to economic advantage, to the lazy habits, to the opinion of others, and inertia. Supreme rule of behavior: before oneself too, one must not “let oneself go.” The good things are immeasurably costly; and the law always holds that those who have them are different from those who acquire them.

    All that is good is inherited: whatever is not inherited is imperfect, it is a mere beginning. In Athens, in the time of the philosopher Cicero, the men and the boys were far superior in physical beauty to the women. But what an exhausting physical work of hard work outs and physical exertion in the service of physical beauty had the male sex there imposed on itself for centuries!

    For one should make no mistake about the method in this case: a breeding of feelings and thoughts alone is almost nothing (this is the great misunderstanding underlying the American education, which is wholly illusory), one must first persuade the body.

    Strict perseverance in significant and exquisite gestures together with the obligation to live only with people who are not lazy and who do not let themselves go, that is quite enough for one to become a very significant, superior, aristocratic and exquisite person, and in two or three generations all this becomes inward.

    It is decisive for the luck of all the countries and of the whole world that the development should begin in the right places: the right place is the body, the diet, and the physiology; all the rest follows from that. Therefore the Greeks remain the first cultural event in history: Because they knew what to do and they did, what was needed, which is the loyal devotion to the body and the diet


  17. Al says:

    Hello John,
    Thank you for great video and great analogy.
    Video and sound quality is the best.

    Thanks again for the lesson.

  18. Paul Back says:

    Hey John

    I think you have struck the nail on the head with this post. Working out and blogging share the same fundamentals for success – but I would like to add to this.

    A workout or a blog can quickly become a grinding routine, something you have to force yourself to do instead of a pleasurable process. And just like joining a gym is exciting at first, excitement can quickly turn into boredom or frustration and quitting.

    People can do either their whole life and get mediocre results. Its not just about “doing work” its about understanding the underlying principles, learning them and mastering them and then putting in the hard work.
    In essence its about working smarter ( and harder) not just working hard.

    Through hard work we tend to grind out results, a persistent person will continue to work until they realise the most effective ways of doing things, someone with less fortitude might work hard at first hit a wall and quit or become discouraged.

    In my personal experience hard workers trump those that give up early any day of the week, but hard workers that work smart and invest time into learning how to do something properly are the people that you have to watch out for.

    Why would you risk failure before you even begin when proper planning and understanding of what works and why it works could have prevented it all along?

    In my opinion this is transferable to most skills in life, in face Tim Ferris is a big advocate of this style of operating. As gym is my first passion I learnt this early on in my life way before getting into the digital marketing and blogging scene.

    All this and I just tuned in to hear you sing 😛

    Thanks John

    Paul Back

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