Driving with John Chow Episode 2

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I headed out to Aliso Viejo for a board of advisors meeting for Linked Orange County. I figure I would use the driving time to talk more about the Home Business Summit.

The Summit is happening June 7-9 at the Hilton Long Beach. That’s less than two weeks away. If you haven’t booked your hotel, You have to do it within the next 72 hours, otherwise, the hotel will not honour the group discount we got, and will also offer the reserved rooms to other guests. This is the schedule so far.

Friday June 7th: Arrive at the Hotel around 4-5pm if you can. We’ll be having an informal two hour gathering in one of the hotel ballroom where you can meet myself, some of the other speakers, and all the other attendees.

Saturday June 8th: This will be a long day, with lots of learning. We’ll start at 8.30am sharp. Registration will be at 8am though, so make sure you get to the room early. We’ll go until around 6pm or so, and then that night, there will be a private party, so make sure you keep the night free and don’t make other plans.

Sunday June 9th: We’ll start around 9am, and go through till about 4 or 5pm, and then everyone will say their good byes.

I’m very excited about this event, and I think you’re gonna love it. I recommend you stay for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night if you can. I’ll be around Sunday night so if you’d like to get some more 1-on-1 time with myself, that will be the night to do it. See you at the Summit!

14 thoughts on “Driving with John Chow Episode 2”

  1. Loving the convertible John!

  2. Gorgeous weather! It’s a shame the same can’t be said for the UK right now but I guess that’s no surprise. I’d be happy to learn how to make $50,000 in the next 12 months, let alone $100k! I really wish I could make it but prior work commitments have taken over! *sigh*

  3. Troy says:

    John, what mic are you using to record the audio for these driving videos? Do you sync the independent audio file with the video in your editing/post production app?

    1. John Chow says:

      I use the Sony ECM-AW3 Wireless Microphone. No syncing required. The GoPro has a mic input. http://jclink.me/sonymic

      1. Troy says:

        You have this hard wired into the gopro? Or bluetooth?

        1. faisal says:

          Wired out but its bluetooth mic.

        2. John Chow says:

          What faisal said. The Bluetooth receiver is wired input into the GoPro. The Bluetooth mic is wireless to the Bluetooth receiver.

  4. Alan Smith says:

    Enjoying driving really cool 🙂

  5. Najat ALdheleai says:

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  6. Steve says:

    I like a lot your video. You are good to drive a car!

  7. Michael says:

    Great looking convertible.

  8. I. C. Daniel says:

    Looks nice from here.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  9. R.Brunner says:

    Nice to see, i look forward to see more of your tactics in the near future!
    i try my best to use all i learn to increase my blog quality,
    best regards

  10. Ferb says:

    Meeting is very interesting, it builds relationship so faster than hiding behind the computer.

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