Driving with John Chow – Episode 22 Bird of a Feather Flock Together

I’m back in sunny Orange County, and that means it’s time to get back into the MOBE Mercedes-Benz SL550, take the top down, and go driving!

On this episode, I talk about the power of association. Have you ever noticed that successful people hang around other successful people? Birds of feather really do flock together. If you’re a beer drinking, foul mouth talking wage slave, then chances are, all your friends are beer drinking, foul mouth talking wage salves as well. This is not by accident. You attract to you what you are.

One of the biggest barriers to success is quite often the people you hang around with. They laugh at your crazy dreams and say you’re wasting time trying to make money online. Come and have a beer instead. More often than not, you’ll let your friends keep you down. If you want to break out of the rat race, then you need to stop spending so much time with your current buddies and start associating with people who have the same dreams and goals as you.

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13 thoughts on “Driving with John Chow – Episode 22 Bird of a Feather Flock Together”

  1. I. C. Daniel says:

    Great driving episode. No doubt as always!

  2. Susan Velez says:

    Great video the weather looks amazing. Your video makes so much sense, I know what you mean when you say that you attract the people who are like yourself.

    I have attracted different friends since I have started working towards my online goals.

  3. So true! This has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m actively working to break the cycle of staying within my comfort zone while making friends. I am at a place where I want to surround myself with people who are MORE successful than me. I want to feel like I need to pull myself up to that level, not just comfortably hang where I am.

    Great point. Thanks for addressing this topic.


    1. Basic Sailor says:

      Stacy, I agree with you that the most important tip from John is to leaving comfort zone…

  4. Great advice John. Fortunately I have been able to meet some very successful people.

  5. Great info John. I like the example when you say some friends say don’t waste your time with trying to make money online…come have a beer instead. It’s funny and realistic. I’ve heard you should surround yourself with people that think like you and have the same goals. I hadn’t heard that you are the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. That’s very interesting.

  6. Edson Hale says:

    A man is know by the company he keeps. You are right you feel motivated while being with like-minded people and contrary to this everybody calls you crazy

  7. faisal says:

    WEll said, one has to think and dream the same what they want.

  8. Hi John,

    Great video, I’m jealous about the weather in the greyness of London!

    I couldn’t agree with you more in that successful people hang out with other successful people. It’s like it’s contagious!

    This is cracking advice to anyone wanting to achieve success, online or elsewhere so thank you for sharing.


  9. Britt Malka says:

    I don’t like the idea of somebody driving a car, in the traffic, and doing video casts at the same time.

    When you’re driving a car, your focus should be on driving, nothing else.

    1. John Chow says:

      Normally I agree with you, but if you’ve seen some of the earlier episodes, then you know that my Mercedes can drive itself. Good thing too, because those massaging seats can put you to sleep!

  10. Great advice, going to start surrounding myself with more likeminded individuals, that way they’ll bring you up instead of down. Nice Merc BTW.


  11. Bella says:

    Look forward to these driving videos…. but on this one I would believe instead of getting new friends try adding to the friends you already have to round out your visions. Then encourage those around you to pursue their dreams just like you are….

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