Driving with John Chow – Episode 29 The Fear of Success

On this, the 29th episode of Driving with John Chow, I take out the Lexus to talk about the fear of success. Now you might be wondering why anyone would be scared of success. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve?

I hear the argument many times that says most people won’t try to succeed because they’re scared of failure. I would argue that these people are failing already, and I don’t see them being scared of it. Otherwise, they’ll do something to avoid it. What they’re really scared of is not failure. They are scared of success, and all the “problems” that it brings. Yes, success can bring some huge problems and I would say the biggest one that makes people scared of success is, “What would my friends think?”

Enjoy the episode, and I welcome your feedback.

13 thoughts on “Driving with John Chow – Episode 29 The Fear of Success”

  1. Curtis Smith says:

    Great video john…

    I would have written you a ten page essay to attend an event like that lol….

    I can’t agree with you more about the subject about your social circle. It’s so true that friends and family will bring you down to their level because they aren’t comfortable with were you want to go and be.

    I am just starting to involve myself with successful people, that is the key to anyone who wants to be successful. Making connections online and attending live events or seminars is so important, that’s if you want to be successful or not.

    Thanks again john for this video, I love reading and watching all your content. Maybe I’ll see you at the Home Business Summit or an event down the road….

  2. Hi John,

    I’m glad to have had my fix of “Driving with John Chow”, I was starting to suffer from withdrawl! lol

    This is a subject that I find interesting and have battled to get my head around. I’ve heard about fear of success before but have never really understood what that actually means. I think that it has a lot to do with our comfort zone and, as you say, being able to rely on the same old excuses if we don’t take action. Success brings with it a whole load of new challenges and I think it’s those that can be scary. Just today, in fact, I learned an acronym for “fear”: F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real.

    So yes, we should absolutely embrace success rather than fear it. And as you said in a previous episode, we shouldn’t see problems – only opportunities. That’s one of my favourite quotes and I keep it in mind constantly.

    Thanks for the great content, John 🙂

    Kind regards,

  3. John Gibb says:

    Hi John,

    Great video…

    I had to ditch my old friends on my road to internet success. You are 100 % right. Some people will try to put you off you from progressing. I had old friends trying to convince me to get a good job, even family too. I am glad I kept on though, and always had people like you to read up on for inspiration 🙂

    To me – success is not about how much money you can make… How big a house you can buy, or how good a car you can get and so on. It’s about the journey of becoming the best human being you can be. just be real I say…

    Being happy is the key. I consider myself a HUGE success as I feel like one of the happiest guys on the planet often:) Be grateful when things are up in business, but know that all that material stuff means nothing in reality. When things are down, DO NOT stay there. Grab life by the throat and get your ass back in the game!

    Keep up the great work mate, love the videos.

  4. John that was a good “listen”. Thanks, I have to watch your Blogs more often so that I might write in the next time for a chance. We hear so often that we are so similar to our 5 closest friends whether wealth or health…thanks again John

  5. Dwayne says:

    Great video John! Just my humble opinion, I think people get used to their normal routines and this becomes comfortable to them. They may want success but the actions required to achieve it are outside of their comfort zone. If their current actions aren’t getting the results they want, it’s time to try something different…even if it’s outside of their comfort zone.

    I have enjoyed and grown from every experience when I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone.

  6. Edson Hale says:

    Another damn reason of fearing success is to continue it. It is not so difficult to succeed but keep succeeding is damn difficult. You have to face competition daily. Your competition stiffens day by day. You get tired because of persistent efforts. Eventually it becomes so difficult to maintain your success because of the advancement in the field where you are shining.

  7. I. C. Daniel says:

    I was wondering when you come up with a new episode, glad you made it for us!

  8. faisal says:

    It’s not the fear, it’s just change is difficult.

  9. James Seo says:

    Awesome post! I’d agree that some people are worried if they become too successfully. Figuring out the next step and trying to replicate your past actions can be pretty frustrating!

  10. Claire says:

    John – completely agree with you on this one.
    I used to play professional sport on the FIVB & several times we had chances to make it-
    beat a top team etc but failed at the last hurdle. It wasn’t a conscious thing- why would I put in all the work to get there then not let myself achieve it?
    I think a fear of success comes down to programming & even your ancestral genetics.
    If everyone in your life/before you has known struggle & limitation it’s up to you to break the pattern. But the first step is realising you have that belief & it needs to be changed.

    I m just about to apply with MTTB so looking forward to meeting you at one of the events & learning from a master!

    keep up the great work & inspiring videos. claire

  11. uroosa says:

    Very well said John.
    The social circle of similar interest can be booster for success in life.

  12. Akos Fintor says:

    We are born with two real fears : fear of noise and fear of falling.

    the rest is just learned. They only exist in our head as thoughts; total illusion.

    great vid, John,

    Keep ’em coming

  13. Hi John,

    What a message!

    Most fear success more than failure due to the fear of criticism. Nobody wants to be alone and many fear that letting go old friends for new ones is too much to bear, quite impossible.

    No worries; successful people WILL find and friend you if you are willing to charge forward.

    Thanks for sharing!


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