Driving with John chow – Episode 5 Going To The Post Office

Shortly after posting the last Driving with John Chow video, I realized that I skipped an episode. Instead of removing it and replacing it with the correct video, I decided to just let episode 6 run, and then post episode 5 today. A little backward, but it still works. I mean, movies are doing prequels all the time, so why can’t I go backwards?

On this episode of Diving with John Chow, Oscar and I head to post office. Along the way, we talked about the Living Dot Com movie that we’re staring in. Look for it in theaters early next year. We also talk about gaming stumble upon, AllAdvantage, Agloco, and more. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Driving with John chow – Episode 5 Going To The Post Office”

  1. Keshav Yadav says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed it.!

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    No problem John! Nice to see you’re driving and talking!

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  3. Alan Smith says:

    Nice video.. keep talking and driving…

  4. faisal says:

    Nice to have a convo in a car, specially if its a Merc.

  5. Erwin says:

    Hi everyone,

    nice episode even if it is not in the right order.

    You are inviting very nice people to your car John.

    I know I will have such a freedom someday as well.

    See you on top.

    Bargain DVD: http://howtobuildlistfast.info

  6. Devin Tsai says:

    Very Good.^^
    By the way,
    Your video opening animation, is where to buy it? You can tell the next URL?
    Thank you!

  7. Leo says:


    Do you keep visiting Vancouver often ?. I was there a couple of years ago and thought about contacting you by then.

  8. Ron Smart says:

    Thanks for the tip John! You drive mellow time to open that bad boy up!

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