Driving with John Chow – How To Fix Income Inequality

The weather in Orange County has been amazing this week (it’s amazing every week, but this week is extra amazing), and that makes me want to take the Mercedes-Benz SL550 (that I got for free) out for a nice long drive with the top and windows down. It also allows me to do another Driving with John Chow episode.

For this drive, I explain my solution to fix the growing problem of income inequality. I’m sure you’ve read how the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. This gap has created the biggest inequality of income in human history. Many solutions have been crafted to fix income inequality, from taxing the rich to just taking their money and redistributing it.

The solution I offer will not fix all income inequality, but it will fix YOUR income inequality. If your income isn’t equal to the 1%, the first thing you need to do is download my eBook, the Ultimate Online Profit Model. It will give you the step-by-step to make it equal.

29 thoughts on “Driving with John Chow – How To Fix Income Inequality”

  1. ClickBait says:

    Good advise, John, thanks for new driving for income episode 🙂

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    In my country the sun rise today, the wind a little bit furious but it’s okay! Spring!

  3. faisal says:

    the fact is, the first million are difficult to make.

    1. John Chow says:

      The first million is actually easy. It’s the first billion that’s hard!

      1. ClickBait says:

        Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right
        (c) Henry Ford 🙂

      2. When people (that’s a lot of people) ask Richard Branson, ‘How do you become a millionaire’ he replies, ‘Become a billionaire and go into the airline business’

      3. faisal says:

        Yup, the first is hard! million or billion.

    2. Nayetta says:

      I heard that Donald Trump said the difference between a $1,000 deal and a $10,000 deal is a zero. And a zero is nothing.

  4. Shaun says:

    Hi John,
    I am reading your eBook now for the second time and more ideas are sinking in.
    I’m so glad that you made it available, you’re a good man!
    If there were more people like you, this world would be a better place.

    1. Patricia says:

      I have read it twice too, good read I must say. Good fortune to you if you decide to join MTTB, fantastic opportunity me thinks. 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Hi John,

    Thank for new income episode, I’ll need more time for doing it.

  6. Patricia says:

    I had a five year plan a little over 20 years ago. Ill health held me back on and off in-between this time. Unable to go out doors for lengthy amounts of time, I took online courses, and simply browsed my way around the web. I learned a lot about IM and I know I can do this. While my health is still poor, I still keep my spirits high by reading your blog and watched the video. I am receiving help through the system now, and it’s going to be tough for me, but my dream is still the same. I gave up hope for only a short time. My health team are very supportive And the advice, and your experiences really do bring me up again. Its tough living with an illness for life, but its tougher to think I couldn’t go for my dream, being financially free! I’ll not stop going for it, no matter how long it takes me. Thanks John very motivational for me.
    Patricia 🙂

  7. Another benefit-rich headline so irresistible that I had to stop in my tracks to read this “income” article. I’ve posted a link to support your advice here

    1. emmanuel says:

      hi, yo Svetlana. howdy? can you helpme on this business. thanks.

  8. Nayetta says:

    I agree with you, “Join the 1%.” I am in. Learning to think like the 1% is a lifetime committment to change your mind. It requires a continual mind adjustment through continual inputs. Why? Because our support systems, our daily influences, and our environment is designed for the 99% to be successful 99%’ers. So we must tap into the 1% arena we are not accustomed to and create our own new 1% environment, learning and doing like the 1% lives and does. I am glad to say you and your blog posts are part of my new 1% environment. Thank you John!

  9. Mike C Smith says:

    Love your video’s I find them inspiring, helps to keep me thinking along the right track.
    Here’s to success

  10. Tony says:

    Great video John, what you’re essentially saying is ” If you can’t beat em join em” well said!

  11. Andrew Rezk says:

    Well said and inspiring video. This is the right mindset that everyone seeking success should have. Thanks for this inspiring video. Btw, It’s sunny and hot here in NC too.

  12. Wayne Gosse says:

    I’m beginning to realize it’s not just about the traffic; it’s about the offer. You have to give the best offer possible, not worry about the short term, and build for long term success. It takes patience and hard work.

  13. Great video John. You’re right about society in general. It seems like society is bent on letting us know all of things we CAN’T do. Great thing is we ultimately decide our destiny. We just have to realize that’s the case. Have a good one!

  14. Nikki says:

    You make it seem so simple… And that makes it very inspiring. I’m glad I’m on the highway to become an official member of the 1%!!!! Because I too am allergic to working at a “job” lol.

  15. Good Video, nice understanding can give you about how to earn some money online. Thank you have given enlightenment to me

  16. emmanuel says:

    thank John, it is a mind bogging. to make a first million is not too hard yet, newbie gets hooked up before the desire million is made.

    1. emmanuel says:

      thanks John,… corrected.

  17. John, Good video post. Mindset is so very important to strat with!

  18. Stephen says:

    Hey John,

    Always enjoy our drives together! Keep on with the gritty observations.

  19. Go within to change the without, I say, and incomes would even out as more committed to personal development. Keep sharing your wisdom from the whip John 😉

  20. Matty Davis says:

    The biggest challenge I’ve discovered is overcoming procrastination to get started. Once you’re in a groove, money making becomes so much easier.

  21. Income inequality is a global thing but individual can work hard to breach his own income inequality gap. If an individual can follow the painstaking advice in your generous posts and videos alike, one can be assure of constant cash flow for good income earnings. Keep up with your good work.

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