Dugg Again

The TechZone got dugg again today. This time it was a story on how to clean your keyboard using simple household item. One might be able to say that a story on how to clean a keyboard isn’t very newsworthy, but it’s all in how you spin it. Enough readers on Digg like the story enough to send it to the front page. At the time of this post the story has received 1,119 Diggs. That actually ranks this story as one of the highest Digg we have ever done. Most of The TechZone stories that has been dugg never get more than 1,000 Diggs.

Right now I am trying to get a story from Laptop Gamers to the Digg front page. The story is about the world’s first USB wristband. If you like the story, then head over to Digg and Digg it.

3 thoughts on “Dugg Again”

  1. Essive says:

    John, when you first started out how did you drive the article content for TechZone?

  2. John Chow says:

    In the beginning, I posted news from other tech sites. Then I stuck up a deal with PC Planet, a local computer store. They would give me hardware on loan in exchange for a link to their website. I would review the hardware, return it and then got something else. Later a company call AMK gave me the same deal, but this time I was able to keep most of the stuff.

  3. Steve Gill says:

    That’s an awesome idea. I just broke the little ‘opening’ off my 1 Gig USB stick and now it floats precariously at the bottom of my pocket (containing all my website backup files). 🙂

    I’ll keep an eye on these wrist bands and grab one when they get a 1 Gig model – perhaps charities will get in on selling these for an affiliate commission, kinda like those yellow cancer wristbands that are all the rage.

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