Earn Big Bucks with Flights and Hotel Reservations

I’ve always said that it is better to spend your money on experiences than it is to spend your money on physical things. Don’t get me wrong. I like buying new toys as much as the next guy, but I find that I extract a lot more enjoyment when I travel. And I still want to find the best deal on flights and hotels.

Everyone is always searching for a bargain, so why not capitalize on that trend by joining a travel affiliate program? One such program is TravelPayouts, providing you with all sorts of tools to help your visitors find the best deals on flights and hotels. And then, you can earn a sizable commission. Let’s get started with today’s review and get a closer look into what TravelPayouts offers.

The Travel Affiliate Program

In short, TravelPayouts is a travel affiliate program. As you can imagine, what this means is that post an appropriate link or form to your website, blog, social network page or whatever other property you have on the web. When a visitor completes a sale, you earn a commission.


TravelPayouts provides search engines where visitors can look up the best prices for their travel needs. Jetradar handles all sorts of international flights between all sorts of international destinations, Hotellook scours through over 250,000 hotels in 205 countries to bring up the best prices, and Aviasales takes care of flights in Eastern Europe with offers from 728 airlines worldwide.

How Much Money Can I Earn?

The travel industry is potentially very lucrative, but how much of the pie are you receiving? For each sale that you refer through TravelPayouts, you’ll earn up to 70% of the income that they receive.


The actual payout will vary, of course, but TravelPayouts says that the average payout for each airline ticket sold is $9 and each hotel reservation generates an average of $20 in commissions. Your mileage may vary (no pun intended), but some of the top partners earn thousands of dollars each month. This can be earned via your website, but also when you post links to their mobile apps. For the latter, you earn commissions on reservations made during the first year.

You also earn 5% of the income generated by any new partners that you refer to the affiliate program.

Dashboard and Tools

Unlike many other affiliate programs where you have to wait for approval or speak to an affiliate manager before getting started, approval with TravelPayouts is instant. You don’t even need to confirm your e-mail address. After registering for the affiliate program, you are directly immediately to the main dashboard.


Here, you’ll find all of your at a glance information about earnings. You get the vital data about visitors, searches, clicks, bookings, earnings, pending profit, click-thru rate, cost-per-click and so on. You also get detailed analysis of each submitted form, plus access to a myriad of reports.


Rather than simply providing you with a basic text link (which they also do), TravelPayouts offers a broad range of affiliate tools. You can embed a form like the one above on your website, customizing the colors and some other options. This way, visitors to your site can search for deals immediately and you can earn your commissions more quickly.


Some other tools include widget maps where visitors can see the lowest prices between destinations and even a white label option where you can brand the travel search engine yourself, as well as API and SDK for mobile apps. There are also a number of banners available, though they take on the appearance of forms. If you’d like, you can generate specific text links for specific destinations and tickets too. It’s all quite robust.

Earn 90% Commissions!

By default, you earn 70% of the income generated by all the flight ticket sales and hotel reservations that you refer through TravelPayouts, but if you register with special promo code JOHNCHOW, you will earn 90% of the revenue for your first three months. You will need to activate the promo before March 1 to be eligible. As long as you meet the minimum threshold of $50, monthly payouts are issued via your choice of Webmoney, Yandex, bank transfer, ePayments or Paypal.

21 thoughts on “Earn Big Bucks with Flights and Hotel Reservations”

  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    This is a very good travel affiliate program if you are a travel blogger or running a travel website, upto 70% commission is really incredible. Thanks for posting this affiliate program for us.

    1. John Chow says:

      You get 90% if you use the coupon code! 🙂

      1. Wow 90 % is great! Cheers for sharing your coupon code John! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Sean DeSilva says:

    Good affiliate programs are valuable resources to keep on hand. Even though I’m not primarily an affiliate marketer, I know that when dealing with my or my clients’ lists, and a good opportunity comes up to bundle our offer with a travel package, the affiliate program not only adds additional revenue, but also extra value to the package.

  3. John Gibb says:

    I’d love to read or listen to some interviews with top affiliates in the travel industry. Maybe there’s something we can all learn from their experience in the game.

    Health and fitness is my niche, and I suspect SEO and PPC and Facebook and maybe YouTube are advertising and traffic-generating methods used in the travel niche as well.
    Since each person is unique, I cannot wait to see if John would feature any interviews or guest posts with such affiliates.


  4. Sounds good if, like you, you have a well-performing blog.

    In my experience Google downgrades both travel and affiliate sites.

  5. Ryan Bozeman says:

    This is interesting, but I try to stay away from the travel niche as there are already so many big name companies doing it so well.

  6. Ryan Whitney says:

    Sounds very good, will absolutely do this.

  7. Enstine Muki says:

    I have not promoted products in the niche before. Sounds though interesting. Though I don’t blog in the niche, it may be quite lucrative to do some niche blogs in the industry

  8. Deeno says:

    Very interesting, the travel niche has been large for some time now, and I am heavily connected with a bunch of people that are making a killing using the travel niche segment market.

    Would love to hear more from other affiliates that are doing well with this.


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  9. There seems to be a lot of money in travel affiliates. Thanks for enlightening us. I hope that many of us will start a travel blog or something to boost the affiliate earnings.

  10. faisal says:

    Does this work that well?

    1. I. C. Daniel says:

      I didn’t try this niche yet, I’m too busy with other stuff now.
      If you do try let me know how is going buddy 😀

  11. Travel and hotel has always been good money in affiliates, Sweet visitors within the niche you should probably try TravelPayouts a 90% commission through John promo code.

  12. Kanyingi says:

    Been thinking of starting a travel blog specifically targeting those traveling to East Africa on vacation. Might intergrate with this program. Hope they have a widget that can be used on WordPress sidebars

    1. TravelPayouts says:

      Yes, we have WordPress widgets, no problem with that!

  13. Prateek says:

    These business could earn good only if the writer behind the travel blogs is himself travelling to different parts of world and blog is a big hit otherwise you don’t even get pennies.

  14. Sunday says:

    The travel industry or niche is indeed lucrative! After all it comprises health, wealth, and happiness to a large extent! However, the difference in earning for an affiliate could be from the quality of the affiliate Travel Program used.

    TravelPayouts is new to me and from this review it seems like one that would put ‘smiles’ quickly in the financial expectations of affiliates.

    I am impressed to see the handy tools and dashboard affiliates can utilize to make the most of the program.

    The review is luring and should convince new affiliates to try this new way of making money.
    However, I still have reservations when it comes to the consistency and credibility of most of new affiliate programs!

  15. Thanks for the Idea to make money through Affiliate Programs for Travel websites. I will definitely use this.

  16. Patricia says:

    I’ve been thinking about Travel affiliating for months, then read somewhere recently that you need to have a lot of knowledge and experience, what a downer that was. I have recently felt a little stuck. But know after reading this I am inspired to learn more about this subject. Very motivational John, thank you!

  17. Nikita Gurovskiy says:

    We’ve just released new awesome tools for our affiliates:

    1) Forms Analytics showing you CTR/STR/… for each form, as well as most popular directions

    2) Combined White Labels, so you can provide your visitors with both airplane tickets and hotels on the same domain, multiplying your revenue.

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