Eating a Big Pig Leg At The Vancouver Alpen Club Summerfest

The Vancouver Alpen Club is kinda like a sister club to the Austria Vancouver Club. Both clubs cater to German nationals looking for a taste of the homeland and both host an annual summer picnic. While the majority of the attendees were of German descent, the club welcomes anyone who is willing to pay the $5 admission price.

I’ve been so used to getting into events for free that paying any admission amount, no matter how small, seemed strange. Fortunately, I didn’t have the pay anything. It’s amazing how many events you can get into for free when you show up with a really fancy looking camcorder and a T-shirt that says, “John Chow’s Blogging This.” The lady at the front gate had a good laugh when I told her I was from Far East Germany.

The Summerfest picnic was held on the grounds of the Scandinavian Centre in Burnaby and feature good old fashion German folk music, lots of beer and some really big pig legs, also known as a pork hock. I’ve had pork hock before but I’ve never seen a pork hock as big as the ones served at the Alpen Club Summerfest. It’s too bad Stephen Fung wasn’t there because it would have made a good challenge for him. I was able to finish my pig leg, with a little help from a 4-legged friend.

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  1. I saw your twit pics. Awesome pig leg. Think Stephen Fung could do it huh?

    1. I would bet Stephen F. could def do it or already does for friday night meals… lol

      1. Stephen could eat it in half an hour if his reputation is corresponding to reality.

        I wonder if this was the T-shirt you paid for 10 years ago John.

        Far East German is funny.

        1. John Chow says:

          Nope, this was one of the many T-shirts supplied by Market Leverage. 🙂

          1. d3so says:

            You have the awesomest blog theme shirts.
            I wish I had some.

          2. I thought they only gave you T-shirts promoting them and now I see that is not the case.

            It looks like with some companies you can even choose the text.

          3. PPC Ian says:

            Looks like a great event! That is awesome being able to get in for free! It makes total sense, the event just got a 500 review for free.

          4. I got an azoogle t-shirt a few years ago…i still use it to clean and what not 🙂

          5. d3so
            What or who does hinder you to make yourself a similar t-shirt??? SY

          6. @Email

            Yes there is Market Leverage written on that.

            They wont supply you anything without their promotion logo or name.

          7. ZK, you are correct, I missed that name on the T-shirt but now I see it.

            It would be great if they just printed your stuff there and left out their name but they give stuff away to promote themselves and not because they like anybody.

          8. d3so says:

            Well, where I live it costs a lot to screen print and they only accept bulk orders.
            I’m looking for places online to buy from.

          9. Zazzle and Cafepress come to mind 😉 SY

  2. I’ve never been able to eat pig’s legs or feet! My brother loves them, but I can’t go near them!!!

    1. d3so says:

      I can’t go near them either.
      I only eat pig in the form of sausages, bacon, and pepperoni, sometimes ribs.

    2. Bidet says:

      Yea same, pig in general, I cant go near.

      1. depending on how it’s prepared, it can be very good…but in most cases, I

        1. Boy … I do not like it either.

  3. Mathew Day says:

    I would’ve needed a BIG beer to down that leg. Looked like a pretty relaxin event.

    1. Yeah, October Fest sized beer would be about the right amount to wash the leg down.

      1. d3so says:

        Oh boy. Don’t you know pork is bad for you 😉

        1. I do but so are sausages and a lot of other stuff.

      2. Hmmm, yummy, a ‘maas’ (Bavarian for a one liter stein of beer) and Eisbein, that helps your cholesterol levels rising 😉 SY

        1. Some beer is actually good for you in moderation, especially beers made from barley and other grains (not rice like in big commercial beers in North America) with no additives and chemicals.

          They have minerals like chromium, B vitamins.
          The yeast beer is especially nutritious.

          Of course if you drink too much then the alcohol will eventually prevail and will cancel the goodness.

          1. Everything under limit is good …

  4. Paul B says:

    Wrap some bread around that and I’m in food heaven!

    1. well…maybe a tortilla…LOL

      1. That will change the definition of Tortilla … 🙂

  5. Bidet says:

    Wow that’s a big leg. Looked like a great event. Its always fun getting into places for free.

    1. John simply love those things which have the tag of FREE … !!!

  6. As Homer Simpson would say…”Hmmmmmm Pig.” Sounds like a great meal for a low carb kinda guy like myself.

  7. looks…ugh…hmm…interesting John. You always have the funniest food twitpics

    1. Check again … there are many delicious and amazing food as well.

  8. Dean Saliba says:

    Looks like a really posh event, bet you felt right at home. 😀

    1. John always enjoy everything and take part from the front …

      I still remember he dare to sang a song … lollzz

  9. John, just to clear up some misunderstandings in your post / video. Austrians might speak a kind of German, but they are not Germans. Calling them Germans means really offending them. Kind of, uh, I don’t know, perhaps telling a Canadian that he is a citizen of the USA …. SY

    1. Yeah… I definitely agree. Plus, although they both speak “German,” I took four years of German and I could barely understand the Austrians. It’s like the U.S. and Australia or something similar with accents.

      1. It is even worse, believe me, I am German, born and bred there, and even I do have problems to understand “Austrian” 😉 SY

        1. There are different dialects within Austria from one valley to onother and if they insist on speaking each their own to the others they they won’t understand one another.

          And in Germany Bavarian is almost like another language. Tha’s why learning German can be very frustrating.

          You can listen to the official language everywhere in the media but go to a local restaurant or a pub and you won’t understand the locals.

  10. That pig flank reminds me of those fairs they hold where they just giving you a gigantic turkey leg to eat. I can’t believe you ate the whole thing!
    Certainly looked like a fun cultural event! How do you find out about all these? Just in the paper or online?
    Just wanted to mention also that I really liked the background music for the first part 🙂

    1. John Chow says:

      I was told about the event by a friend who attends Dot Com Pho.

      1. Good thing you found out…see, the things you learn at those dot com pho sessions 😀

  11. Looks like your having a great time.

  12. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Nice video.I have seen your twit pictures.

  13. Gambir says:

    wow… I love pig leg too 🙂 Typical chinese way

    1. How do the Chinese prepare pig leg? SY

  14. Like this phase –

    I was able to finish my pig leg, with a little help from a 4-legged friend.

    1. Very funny. When you take it out like this it can take on a very different meaning.

  15. apple slicer says:

    “from Far East Germany”

    I always knew you had a little German in you, John! 🙂

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