Ed and Michael’s iPod Contest Winner

Last month, Ed Lau and Michael Kwan held a contest asking readers to name their new hockey blog and win an iPod nano . They haven’t selected the winning name yet but they did select the random winner of the 4GB nano during Saturday’s Dot Com Pho.

A video was made of the drawing. I was asked by Ed and Michael to draw the winner. The video was supposed be just about drawing the winner of the iPod but ended up as some kind of strange six minute long video post. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

Congratulations to the winner. Once Ed and Michael decide on the best blog name from all the entries, they’ll announce that winner for the 8GB nano. I already know they didn’t accept my name.

49 thoughts on “Ed and Michael’s iPod Contest Winner”

  1. KingJacob says:

    Wow, everyone is winning stuff maybe I should enter one of these blog contests?

    1. I feel lucky too!
      But, what you like to swap? 😀

    2. MyBlogCotest says:

      Check out MyBlogContest.com for more blog contest info.

      1. Ebay_Tips says:

        Your 15 minutes has come!

    3. Wahlau.NET says:

      I am still waiting to win my first

      1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that never wins anything 🙂

  2. dcr says:

    I don’t think you got your name in before the deadline though, did you? 😉

    1. Geedos says:

      From the bits of paper in the hat it looks like quite a lot of people didn’t get their names in before the deadline. 😉

      1. Ed Lau says:

        There were about 50 names in the hat.

  3. Manthem says:

    This contest is still going on?

  4. I missed some contest but John almost won this 🙂 Was it prepared or you realy draw your name by accident?

    1. I’m calling Shenanigans on John pulling his name first…he was looking into the hat!

  5. Oh my god man that is so hilarious!

  6. A lot of effort went into the drawing process it looks like. lol.. Maybe I should enter one of these things. :mrgreen:

    1. Geedos says:

      Yeah clearly it was the result of hours of detailed planning and care! 😆

  7. awesome video, was it set up?

  8. Dave says:

    Who drives the new 3-series with wheels?

    1. Geedos says:

      Envy or pity!?!

    2. krillz says:

      I think that’s ed’s mazda 6 with his new black wheels.

    3. John Chow says:

      No one that we know. It was just in the parking lot. BMWs are a dime a dozen in Richmond, even with wheels.

  9. Haha, that is pretty funny. I’m wondering as well whether opr not is was set up or not.

  10. YC says:

    Wow John how did you set up that first draw? 👿

    1. Geedos says:

      What do you think! He’s the root of all evil after all!

    2. Of Course he did!! Didn’t you see him trying to find that piece of paper in that cap!

  11. That video was hilarious guys! hehe

  12. Stephen says:

    Being a Hockey fan myself, what are some of the names that are being decided for the site? When is it expected to start? Now that it’s September, I suppose it’s time to cheer for my beloved Maple Leafs and hope that they win the Cup! (40 years and counting…)

    1. James says:

      Since it’s a domain name contest, they will not tell any names till they choose.

    2. They wont mention any, someone else might buy all the names that are under consideration and that would be a waste of an ipod wouldn’t it 🙂

  13. MyBlogCotest says:

    Congrats to Jessica!

  14. Nick says:

    That was a pretty funny video. I have to think that it was planned that he would draw his own name first and then the actual drawing would take place.

  15. Click Input says:

    Sounds like a sick contest… wish I had of known about it!

    1. Yeah, me too. Sounds like it was worth entering.

  16. Well congratulations for the winner of the ipod. Hope the guys will find the right domain name for their website.

  17. J says:

    So did John really pick his name or was that a joke.

    1. John Chow says:

      I got ripped off! That iPod was mine!

  18. That video is hilarious lol. Great job 🙂

  19. when is the next ipod contest?

  20. simple life says:

    What a great joke…thanks anyway :mrgreen:

  21. Jorge says:

    Check my blog contest and win a free link!

  22. Johnny says:

    I never win anything. 🙁

  23. There are quite a lot of blog contest sites setting up (contestblogger.com, myblogcontest.com, myblogscontests.com etc.). Worth browsing each day – there’s lots of stuf being given away!

  24. GnomeyNewt says:

    Hehehe, that video was funny. Interested to see who is the winner.

  25. Ebay_Tips says:

    I can’t believe they gave one away just for entering. You’d think they would want people to at least try to come up with a solid name to suggest. I guess you could win both! 😆

  26. Stephen says:

    Wow, that girl Jessica must really want an iPod and/or really have A LOT of interest in hockey sites. As for not revealing possible names for their domain until it’s finalized, makes a lot of sense…I almost forgot how unscrupulous some people can be. 😆

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