Effective Ways To Write Better SEO Content For Your Blog

Search engine optimization looks at the content from the human perspective.

It’s all about serving the target audience and communicating effectively.How would people respond to your blog posts, articles, videos and so on?

Google updates are frequent these days. But you don’t have to panic – put your mind and business to rest and do the right thing.

No matter the business model you’re in, getting targeted traffic to your website from Google can make a huge impact.

But how exactly do you actualize this?

In this post, I’ll show you the 3 effective ways to write better SEO contents. It has worked for me – you’ll testify. Let’s dive in…

1.     Plan your contents first

Most people complain that their blog posts aren’t ranking on Google first page and I wonder why?

If you carefully plan your contents before writing them, there is no way you can fail woefully. Even if you didn’t make it to the first page, you’ll still pick up rich organic traffic along the way.

A well planned content campaign can generate a lot of social media sharing. And it’s obvious, shared contents will boost your organic performance. So true!

Effective content planning begins with a deep keyword research. Afterward, you’ll spend quality time gathering information for your content – listen to blog readers, read their comments and see what they’re retweeting.

Those are helpful signals to help you plan effectively.

2.     Tell a story to connect with people

bigstock-SpeakingPeople connect with stories, especially when they’re interesting and real.

As a copywriter, our best weapon is to hook buyers with stories – short and persuasive.

Of course, you won’t blatantly tell stories that doesn’t relate with the subject at hand.

It has to be relevant, lively and most of all, evergreen.

I was privileged to speak to a group of bloggers some months ago (not BlogWorld). It was an awesome Workshop.

When I shared a real life story of how I started my blog with no knowledge about traffic generation, monetizing a blog or networking.

I had no sense of direction at the time. Guess what? The attendees were glued to my story.

They loved it. It was timely and communicates in a way they liked.

Storytelling is natural. Google is looking for contents that are natural in terms of flow, keyword placement and idea. How do you feel when you’re telling a story? Relaxed, right? Right!

And that’s the beauty of SEO. If you can stay relaxed and write your content, dominating search engine result pages (SERPs) would be easier.

Why? It’s because 100% of your attention will be directed towards the people who have ears and intelligence to understand your story, instead of spiders that don’t talk or hear.

3.     Run with one idea

Hey, it’s time to run with one idea. When last did you identify one bugging problem in your niche and decides to write about it?

As a blogger, we’re often distracted by the noise out there. We want to build a resourceful blog but don’t want to sacrifice quality time to hard work, perseverance and learning. And to profit from your blog, you must stand out from the teaming crowd.

Until you identity what you do best, and stay with it, none of your contents will make any impact in your world. And we can’t deny the fact that our contents would be read by influential people and beginners alike.

These set of prospects have divided attention. They’re desperate for the right solution. Sure, a lot of blogs and websites have a “top 100 list,” but that creates confusion for the reader. Simplify the reading process.

How about a simple and usable idea that can produce results for the reader as quickly as possible?

Each time you address a single problem, your content will have a deeper meaning. There would be so much insights and goldmines for the reader. It’s the perfect hook. Make your headline specific – you’ll increase clicks, sales and reach new audience.

SEO content takeaway

The purpose of SEO content isn’t to exploit Google inadequacies. If that’s what you’ve been doing, you’ve got to stop right now or first thing tomorrow morning. Lol!

Look at the people you’re writing to, their problems and how you can add value to their lives. Let the thoughts of love for people guide your writing – you’ll craft better headlines, position keywords naturally and please the next weird Panda.

What challenges do you face when writing contents for your blog? Share your experience by leaving a comment below. See you there!

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About the Author – Michael Chibuzor is a freelance writer. If you want quality and thoughtful blog posts, contact him.

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26 thoughts on “Effective Ways To Write Better SEO Content For Your Blog”

  1. I feel that often times content really gets away from the original purpose of the blog, people strive to get higher search engine rankings, while failing to deliver anything of value to the visitor due to their pursuit of keyword spam hoping Google pings their site for the term they are wanting.

    Staying true to the blog community is one of the top priorities for any site that is often overlooked, if you have a site that delivers content that people want to read, Google will take notice, and the amount of links your site has will be less of a factor in your daily worries.

    1. Bloggers must focus on the target audience, who have the money to buy whatever they’re selling. Crawlers don’t buy, so why waste time trying to please a ‘piece of script?’

      1. brian yang says:

        I was about to say this. Let’s not be hypocrites about content writing. The truth is, we need to balance out the content and SEO aims that we are doing.

    2. This article is so true. Our first priority should be the readers who will read and be engaged by our content. Even though having good search rankings is highly desirable, it should really be a positive side effect of having helpful and comprehensive content.

  2. MOin says:

    Brilliant writeup Michael. I like the point where you explained why it is important to actually “communicate” with people not web crawlers. Thanks for such an informative post 🙂

    1. “Communicate with people, not crawlers.” I’m happy I coined that!
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Whitney says:

    The whole thing with Panda is, it changed the game of seo content…now the name of the game is to just write naturally…that’s what will make you rank higher! ^_^ It seems like the less you try nowadays, the better chance you have!

    1. Absolutely, the less you focus on search engines, the higher your ranking. The game is changed – value, relevance and entertainment is the new SEO language.

      Thank you Whitney.

  4. Great post Michael. Connecting with your readers is so important but can also be quite challenging. Writing for your audience and not for the search engines is almost becoming the new SEO.

  5. PhuongLe says:

    Great article. The new Google Panda update will force everyone to improve on their content. Rich content and writing properly (especially grammar) will be very important to Google.

    It is true that we should write how we talk. It is easier for everyone to understand. Eventually we all want that our readers understand our words or message. Using “expensive” words will cost you also alot of loss in profits. Because people cant understand what you are saying or avoid buying your products.

    1. I appreciate your comment pretty. You’re right there – grammar and spelling is more important now, than ever.

  6. I still do keyword research but for article ideas more than anything else. I can just look at keywords and ideas will start whizzing around. I spend a lot of time educating myself in online marketing, so it’s hard for me to not have something to write about.

    I aim to write more on one main strategy based on that keyword that readers can use to either set things up or get a specific result. Of course, if the tip is helpful then people will share it which I find to be better than search traffic personally.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Sure, I still research keywords to get article ideas. A single key term can give you 5 ideas for your next post. Thanks for your tip Gabe.

  7. Great article and perfect input here..!!
    It’s a good idea to plan your content before hand… MIndmapping is one great thing….Make a series of followup article.
    For example, when you writing about WordPress niche..
    Start with basics like
    How to install
    Why WordPress
    WordPress vs Blogspot and so on..
    This way you will not only be creating niche blog but you will be taking care of most common questions and problems…

    1. I like the follow up article style. I think I should incorporate that into my blog. Nice one, Harsh.

  8. Anyone here will let me know more about that one idea heading I didn’t get that point clearly.

  9. Gregory says:

    Thanks for this nice article….Google want your blog content to be written for the reader and not the search engines, so although there may still be some short cuts to achieving high search rankings the long term result will come through what and how you write your blog to connect with your readers which your points focus towards…. great stuff 🙂

    1. Thank you Gregory for your contribution. I’m grateful that you came.

  10. faisal says:

    Write in detail with every possible info covered, enough to win it for you.

  11. Stephanie says:

    God Morning,

    Great words of advise for all followers, new to the game or those just needing a little advise to get to the next step. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and tips.

    1. Good morning to you my dear. Your comment is cute. Keep ’em coming.

  12. Manoj Kumar says:

    this blog is very informative for us…
    thank you

  13. Thanks for sharing very useful information to us.
    Keep sharing….

  14. Chris says:

    Great post. I’ve recently taking a closer look at my key words, written with more of a focus, and just had fun with my posts. The results are incredible. A little more laser focus, and a better attitude, and visits to my site have gone way up.

  15. Vijay Reddy says:

    planning content is most important to make ur blog going smoothly… or else readers also cannot follow up…….

  16. Blogging about a niche topic or subject may help you leading your blog in the search engines. Such blogs have advantage of interesting materials.

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