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The Elite Retreat is back and it’s better than ever. Join Jeremy Schoemaker , Aaron Wall, Neil Patel, Andy Liu and Brian Clark for two days of intense training that will take your Internet business to the next level. In addition, there will be a special keynote by Guy Kawasaki.

This is not your average get rich quick seminar. There are only 35 spots available and even if you have the $4,950 entry fee, it doesn’t mean you can attend. Attendees will be chosen by an application process. The purpose of this event is to take your business to another level. Elite Retreat wants you to bring your business plan or current site objectives with you so they can help you optimize your business structure.

Since the Elite Retreat website went up live, seven people have signed up. Six of them have attended a past Elite Retreat. The fact that they would spend the money and go again shows what kind of value Shoemoney and his team is delivering.

Should You Attend Elite Retreat?

At $4,950, Elite Retreat is not for everyone. Ideally, you should already have an internet business set up and making money. Elite Retreat will give you the tools, advice and one-on-one time to take that business from good to great.

Shoemoney is so sure that Elite Retreat can help your business that he offers a better than 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the Elite Retreat for any reason after the first day, not only will Shoe give you a full refund, he’ll even refund your plane ticket cost to get to the retreat! Now, that’s standing behind your product.

The 2008 Elite Retreat will be held April 3 – 4 at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.

27 thoughts on “Elite Retreat San Francisco”

  1. Dustin says:

    I’ve got to give it Shoemoney, that’s way better then a warranty. If I had the money, I’d definitely check out the Elite Retreat for sure. Either way, good luck to him.

    1. Will says:

      How many people wanted a refund after the retreat?

      1. John Chow says:

        No one has asked for a refund yet.

        1. Kabatology says:

          It makes no sense John, these guys put up anything and expect followers 😉

        2. Alan Johnson says:

          Considering the people behind this one, I highly doubt that there will ever be reasons to ask for a refund, since any person with common sense will get far more than what they’ve paid for.

          Alan Johnson

        3. CatherineL says:

          Who hosted the event last time? Do you know anyone who attended? It would be nice to read some testimonials from those who benefitted. San Francisco is a huge trek and I’ve spent all my frequent flyer miles.

          1. John Chow says:

            Here’s a review from someone who has attended: http://www.eliteretreatreview.com/

    2. I would have rather went for Aaron and hear what he has to say, but heck I need to move in US (honestly). Most of the conferences, meetings and stuff are held in US.

  2. Mike says:

    Looks cool, but is a bit pricey I must say..

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      It depends on what you’re going to do with the knowledge you will gain. If you put that information to good use and if you take advantage of the networking potential, it will do far more than pay for itself, it’s entirely up to you.

      Alan Johnson

  3. Yeah, if it wasnt in the middle of my uni exams I’d go!

  4. Al Young says:


    Even though I don’t qualify to attend, I would like to meet you in San Francisco. Also would like to you what fine dining San Francisco has to offer

    1. John Chow says:

      I will be in SF in April. There are a bunch of restaurants I want to try.

  5. I think it’s well worth the cost being able to spend that much face time with such an elite crowd. Not only that but it’s a great way to network and share ideas with others like you trying to take their business to the next level. Great idea and great concept.


  6. Will says:

    I’ve heard of this before. Anyone got some personal reviews for it?

  7. rodel says:

    well.. those reviews should be in here for others who wish to join the next scheduled event.. but man! is it really that expensive for us to get rich??? 😯

  8. Ronald Su says:

    I guess it is for already rich people to get even richer. :mrgreen:

  9. Mike Huang says:

    Talk about an “ELITE” entry method lol 🙂


  10. KiwiPulse says:

    Its too expensive for me! I can buy 10 Sponsored reviews on John Chow at that rate 😈

  11. Contest Beat says:

    Good to see SM stand behind the product like that, sounds awesome!

  12. Al Young says:


    I hope you will allow me to be your guide to fine dining in San Francisco. I know where the best Foie Gras is at in SF. 🙂

  13. SWEET. It’s nice to have someone who has faith in their retreat.

  14. David Chew says:

    For that amount of money sure is not many people are going to attend and for those who are willing to pay that means is really worth paying.

    1. Alan Johnson says:

      There are a limited number of spots available, they want to keep it as personal as possible. Sure, they could have charged less and accepted more people but that would have most likely ended up doing more harm than good in the long run.

      Alan Johnson

  15. A bit on the high side, but I bet the people that use it will learn amazing information.

  16. Not sure if this really works

  17. Hi-Tech-It says:

    Hmm, maybe better buying business books.

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