eMillions: Teenager Investigates Internet Millionaires

Perhaps the single greatest thing about the Internet is that it does not discriminate. It really doesn’t matter who you are, so long as you are determined to make money online. Your physical location, your current financial situation, and your age simply don’t matter. Stanley Tang has taken this philosophy to heart and he’s already managed to do quite well for him. That said, he’s not quite satisfied just yet.

Even though he is “just” a teenager, Stanley takes this whole “make money online” thing pretty seriously. He is so serious about his budding career that he ordered Blog Mastermind and earned the right to this free review. The young Mr. Tang runs several sites on the ‘net, but the one getting the most focus these days is the eMillions Blog. What’s the deal with eMillions?

Who is Stanley Tang and Why Should I Care?

As you can probably surmise from the header image embedded above, Stanley Tang is a 15-year-old who wants to become a best-selling author by harnessing the power of the Internet.

Reading a little further into his About Page, you learn that he is from Hong Kong and he has created numerous websites, launched multiple products, and made a ton of money online. That’s pretty darn good for a 15-year-old! When I was 15, I was too busy playing video games. When John was 15, they were still fascinated by the horseless carriage.

It’s unfortunate that there is a glaring grammatical error in the opening paragraph of Stanley’s bio (“Ever since I began online”), but I’ll let that slide. Reason being, if you read the rest of his material, including the book that he is trying to promote, you’ll find that he is quite the eloquent writer.

A Best-Selling Author in the Making?

And that’s where the book comes into play. Even at the young age of 15 and working from half way across the world in Hong Kong, Stanley Tang has managed to chat it up with a number of notable Internet marketers and entrepreneurs.

The book, eMillions: Behind-The-Scenes Stores of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires, is comprised of a series of transcribed interviews with these dot com moguls. We hear about college dropouts who suddenly strike it rich online. The story, of course, isn’t quite so simple and Tang dives right into how they got their start and what these guys do to stay successful.

Interviewing the Best in the Business

The fourteen Internet millionaires featured in the book are Mark Joyner, Jermaine Griggs, Tom Beal, Gary Ambrose, Willie Crawford, Michel Fortin, Yanik Silver, Stu Mclaren, Joel Christopher, Jason James, Rob Cowie, Rosalind Gardner, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker, and Andrew Fox. You may recognize a few of those names.

The format of the book is strictly a series of interviews. Each chapter opens with a brief introduction of the person being interviewed and then it’s a transcript. Although this may sound mildly boring, the in-depth information and candid responses are well worth reading.

To get a sense of what to expect, you can read his three part interview with Jeremy Schoemaker. It’s like getting a chapter for free.

Counting Down to a Launch of…

The eMillions Blog is meant to provide a “behind the scenes” look at a best-selling book in the making, but many of the posts found within are of interest to Internet marketers and entrepreneurs in general. You can read about doing what you love and getting endorsements, for example.

Going through the archive, I really didn’t find all that much that spoke directly about the process of getting the book written, published, and promoted. That’s too bad, because I think many of us would be interested to hear a first-hand report on how to get a book published.

Interestingly, there is an “official countdown” on the blog, but there is no explicit explanation as to what it is counting toward. I learn in the Q &A post that the book is launching in November, so I guess that’s where the countdown comes in. I’d like to also note that there is no field for email RSS subscription. It’s just blank, followed by a form to subscribe to the VIP pre-notification launch list. Those appear to be separate things, don’t they?

Order eMillions on Amazon

You know how I said that Stanley Tang’s book would be officially launching some time next month? Well, it seems that the book is already available for purchase through Amazon. The list price is $19.95, but Amazon is selling it for $13.57.

Considering that people pay way more for lacklustre e-books, I’d say that eMillions: Behind-the-Scenes Stories of 14 Successful Internet Millionaires is worth a $14 investment. I’m not quite as sure about the value of the accompanying blog, but you may want to check out the book.