Entrecard Bans Quick Drop Pages

In an effort to clean up its traffic exchange network, Entrecard will start deleting all blogs with Quick Drop or Power Drop pages. These pages are nothing more than a blank page with an Entrecard widget on it (see screen shot above).

The purpose of the quick drop page is to allow Entrecard users to quickly build up credits and increase ad price by dropping their cards on a bunch of fast loading pages. A page loads pretty quick if it has nothing on it but a widget. Entrecard members would go from one quick drop page to the next and power drop their card.

Members are bookmarking 300 of these pages in an attempt to earn credits quickly and efficiently, without actually visiting the blogs in question.

Starting July 1st, Entrecard will be going through a list of quick drop pages and accounts will be permanently closed if the quick drop pages are still active. Any built up credits will be permanently lost. Not only will Entrecard be banning blogs with quick drop pages, they will be issuing stiff credit penalties on any members dropping their cards on a quick drop page.

This is first time I’ve heard of the quick drop page. I wonder how long this has been going on and how long Entrecard had knew about it? At any rate, it’s nice to see Entrecard taking steps to kill off the practice.

45 thoughts on “Entrecard Bans Quick Drop Pages”

  1. I use it daily and this is the first I have heard of it also. I wonder if they are trying some reverse psychology on us? 😈

    1. I doubt it is reverse psychology, I searched google the other day for ways to boost my entrecard and found a couple of quick drop websites that promoted things like this – and there were a heap of websites there.

      1. Now the Entrecard feel it had has enough. Kicking Quick drop sites would be a great idea. These site do not have any content but only EC widget on it making moacking at Grahem and his team. Go Graham go – You can do it now ( Bucket is full )

    2. Thiago Prado says:

      They are trying to make people collect less credits and then decide buy credits from them… 😈

      1. Abdul says:

        I think its just to maintain their quality~
        Thats it!

    3. No they have a list, and if you don’t remove it – say goodbye to your account.

      Its not hard to find them since everyone brags about them on the net!

  2. Chessmaster says:

    First time i hear from the power drop entrecard pages too. I have seen some advertisement about it: balkhis.com has it on.

  3. Gerard says:

    These things are very common though. I doubt that they can take all of if off. People often try to bend the rules to benefit themselves.

  4. Joshua says:

    I can’t imagine anyone trying to game a system for financial gain… :mrgreen:

    1. Abdul says:

      Welcome to the real world!

    2. And you are commenting on the “root of all evil’s” own blog

      1. Mr. Rajawang says:

        are you talking about johncow? …lol πŸ˜€

  5. 3magin8 says:

    I’ve been using entrecard for about two months now and I haven’t heard about this power drop method, sounds interesting haha.
    But thanks for the info. and the heads up πŸ˜‰

    1. Its a quick way to earn credits…but an even quicker way to get your account banned πŸ˜‰

  6. marhgil says:

    good move for Entrecard! closing exploitable holes one at a time. πŸ™‚

    1. Finally…they’ve been around ages!

  7. IronBlogger says:

    Entrecard are going to ether benefit in a way from this or suffer. Hard to really say though. I guess we will have to just wait it out and see.

  8. Sarah says:

    I wonder exactly what they call a power-drop site, though, and how badly those that drop will get penalized. What if a person drops on it once, thinking it’s legit, because it’s got a little bit of writing (or a few graphics), but turns out its not.

  9. stocks says:

    I had entrecard on one of my sites, and I took it off almost 2 months ago, just because of the quick drop sites framing my site to click on the drop yours link..
    waste of bandwidth, although some users stuck, most didn’t, f’ers…
    just got an email today about how long my account has been inactive, and that it will be disabled… fine, sending me horrible traffic anyways…

  10. James Wilcox says:

    I can’t believe people do this…it’s really just silly. Sure, Entrecard is a way to get “free” advertising on sites such as this, but I find that dropping 300 cards a day is way too much effort for the value. I don’t care if my price goes sky high because it’s so irrelevant, I also think it backfires on most people. if it’s 1k credits to advertise on your site and you have less than 1000 rss subscribers there’s no point. Glad entrecard is starting to weed out the abusers.

  11. Earnblogger says:

    That’s a good decision from Entrecard side. Many people are using this system to improve their Alexa rank and make some money. But I don’t see any value in those blogs. In fact many of them are not blogs, just a web page. I hope that the house cleaning operation will be successful for Entrecard! 😈

    1. ” House cleaning operation” -Great !!!

      1. Syed Balkhi says:

        yup indeed that is.

  12. B. Durant says:

    I don’t get how banning these pages will help much. The problem as I’ve said before in other places is the model that EC operates under. That is to say the model of pollution. Drop a “card” everywhere you go isn’t any different than toss your cigarettes out the window as you drive down the road. Except you don’t get fined for dropping virtual cards.

  13. Jan Alvin says:

    haha, I just saw two blogs a while ago.

  14. WordVixen says:

    There go the cheap credits auctions on Ebay. :mrgreen:

    1. Buy them while you can.

  15. Geiger says:

    Makes sense. EntreCard is the only type of free service that has brought me any traffic.

    1. Abdul says:

      I have yet to try it because my Blog’s logo is in progress!
      Once it is done, I’ll be on my way!

  16. They banned PowerDropping.com and took all of my entrecards without warning over a month ago. It’s so stupid, all I was doing was providing links to fast-loading Entrecard sites. You still had to visit them in order to drop. Way to go, Entrecard geniuses.

  17. Syed Balkhi says:

    John these quick drop pages have been in here for quiet some time now. It is good that entrecard is catching up with them.

  18. revenue says:

    Yes i’ve receive this email to, well i don’t use that on my blogs πŸ™‚

  19. cari duit says:

    I joined the entrecard for only 2 weeks ago, and today JohnChow.Com get advertising in my widget. Thanks, John. Sorry, I can afford advertising on your widget. Too expensive sez EC. :mrgreen:

  20. Anil Gupta says:

    I have been using Entrecard ads on some of my blogs. But I have not been to earn much credit with Entrecard. But with Quick Drop pages, I will be able to earn more credit and earnings on my blog with Entrecard widgets

  21. Dena says:

    As an Entrecard user, I totally agree with the new ban of Power Dropping sites. It totally misses the whole point of getting people to actually “read” your site. I have never used the power dropping sites, but I have seen a lot of bloggers that mention it in their posts. I actually enjoy reading what other bloggers have to say and I have found that with Entrecard I can find new blogs of interest by just dropping from site to site.

  22. prewife says:

    I too am tired of people “gaming the system” Entrecard even offers the ability to buy points. 1,000 for $9.50.
    You figure the amount of time it would take to bull through 1,000 speed websites at an average find/load/click of
    10 seconds x 1,000 sites = 10,000 seconds
    /60 (seconds in a minute) = 166 minutes or around 2 3/4 hours.
    It just makes so much more sense to spend the $9.50 unless you value your time at below minimum wage to “earn” 1,000 points!
    Good on ya Entrecard!

  23. I’m glad you can now buy overpriced credits on Entrecard and I do agree that the powerdropping sites are probably not a good thing, but I do have an issue with the length of time an ad runs. It requires a lot of time to find quality blogs to run your ads on and then when you do, your ad only runs for a 24 hour period doesn’t make much economic sense. I just took the time to spend 25,000 credits and advertised on around 350 different blogs and that lasted for about 10 days. Does that make sense?

  24. Lee Bandoni says:

    I worked this out about 2 hours after EC launched and successfully created a framed page with 200 cards in about 20 mins which let us build credit super fast and “game” the system.

    I actually showed the EC guys the method and they added security measures pretty quickly which meant they could easily but people using a proxy and on the fly card creations.

  25. Eric says:

    It seems like everyone is happy πŸ˜› now with the action made by entrecard. Those “quick drop” πŸ˜₯ sites are really not healthy. Its presence is of no value to the entrecard community or to the blogosphere.

  26. I’m glad they are finally taking care of the scum of Entrecard.

  27. fas says:

    I got a advertisement request from a blogger at EC and when i checked out his blog there was no EC widget, so where did he get the credit to advertise or did he buy them?

  28. jatt says:

    I wonder if they are trying some reverse psychology on us?huhu

  29. If entrecard really cares about the quality of the interactions on their network, they should limit daily drops to something like 50.

  30. app says:

    I have yet to be able to successfully sign up for an EC account. Every time I try, I get an error page. I have even tried doing it through remote desktop from a friend’s pc…no luck….but then again from all I have read about EC, no great loss either.

    I am still not 100% in my understanding about the purpose of EC. Isn’t the people that visit your site to drop cards supposed to take a look around at your content, too? Wasn’t that the spirit in which it was created? As a way to advertise your blog to other bloggers for free, and use your credits to buy advertising on their blogs, so you could get traffic from their readers as well?

    Or was it intended to artificially inflate your page impressions with worthless hit-and-run traffic that has no interest in your content and drives your click-thru rate on your ads to 0.000000001%?

    Someone should come up with some system that rewards commenters on blogs with some points per quality comment, and leave it to the webmaster to decide if the comment is of value or not.

  31. work at home says:

    I don’t know why people pull off some silly schemes like that. Entrecard was frustrated with that stuff going on. Too many was doing and they got caught.

    work at home’s last blog post: Work At Home Job Or Business?

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