Even Obama Thinks The Money Is In The List

I have said on numerous occasions that the money is in the list. The mailing list is the foundation of every big money-making blog. It’s also the reason I push Aweber so much. They’re the best email service available, with an unbeatable feature set.

Not only can a targeted mailing list make you a ton of money, but it just might win you re-election campaign for President of the United States as well. President Obama seems to have figured that out because he recently turned his Whitehouse.gov website into a giant squeeze page!

Instead of being greeted with the normal White House site, visitor to Whitehouse.gov are now greeted with a squeeze page asking for their email address. This should give Obama a big leg up on the Republicans running against him. When election time comes around, the President should have a list in the millions.

While I think it’s cool that the leader of the free world is using a classic Internet marketing method for his re-election campaign, I’m not sure how the American people feel about it. When I go to Whitehouse.gov, I expect information about the President’s work to improve the country. The last thing I expected was a lead capturing squeeze page. Still, I give Obama marketing points for doing it.

What do you think? Is it OK for Obama to turn the White Site website into a squeeze page, or should he have left the site as a pure information site?