Everybody Dance Now, HootSuite for iPhone Is Here!

HootSuite for iPhone

After months of hard work, HootSuite for iPhone is available in the iTunes store starting today. If you enjoy using HootSuite for the desktop, you’ll love HootSuite for iPhone. It’s so good, it’ll make you want to dance!

HootSuite for iPhone is the only Twitter app that lets you view statistics. It’s also the only one that lets you schedule your tweets in advance. With HootSuite for iPhone, you can send tweets to multiple accounts simultaneously, from the palm of your hand. But that’s not all.

Use HootSuite for iPhone to import your Twitter lists. Upload and share photos or files over Twitter using ow.ly and read explanations for why topics trend on Twitter.

All this goodness and more is housed inside the most robust, intuitive user interface of any iPhone Twitter clients to date. Key features of HootSuite for iPhone include:

  • Customizable user interface with sortable tabs and columns
  • Easy navigation thanks to column swiping
  • Schedule tweets
  • Update multiple accounts at once
  • Save searches
  • Track statistics
  • Share photos
  • Import lists
  • Explore trending topics

The only down side to HootSuite for iPhone : it’s not free. The app will cost you a whopping $1.99! Think you can afford that? To find out more information, visit the HootSuite Blog.

30 thoughts on “Everybody Dance Now, HootSuite for iPhone Is Here!”

  1. Scott says:

    Only $1.99! Getting this!

  2. Now I only need to get an iphone 😉
    Seriously, desktop computer = Mac > done, laptop = Mac > to do, cell phone = iphone > next on my list to do 😉 SY

  3. chester says:

    Yup, pretty good app for sure.

  4. Hi John, thanks for the writeup. As a member of the HootSuite team, I just wanted to let you know that we have a lot more in store for the iPhone app. We have already submitted an update to address some minor issues and we are currently working on adding some great new features. We would love to hear any feedback, suggestions or bugs from you or any other users and you can do so at http://feedback.hootsuite.com or on Twitter at @HootSuiteiPhone or @HootSuite_Help. Thanks again, and we look forward to your feedback on future releases.

  5. Hmmm, I’m not too sure on this app just yet. There’s so many to choose from now, thats the problem!

  6. I love to Dance, it is such a Hoot !

    1. So, let’s dance. 😉

  7. Making the choice is the problem, I spend way too much time trying to find an app that saves me time! Still looking for something that lets me manage my follows and unfollows that is quick and reliable

  8. I really need to get me an iphone for when im out and about

  9. Ingram says:

    Hootsuite is my favorite Twitter/Facebook application. I tried Tweetdeck after some recommendations and it sucked compared to the Hoot.

  10. Gerlaine says:

    Wondering do they have an app for the Android?

      1. But I am sure once the Android based phone get popularity you will be able to see in Android as well.

        1. That’s for sure! The more popular apps wont take long to spread to other platforms.

  11. Tyler says:

    Guess I missed out on the giving them out for free but for $1.99 I just downloaded it! Glad to have Hootsuite finally on my iPhone! Woo!

    Had to upgrade my iPhone from 3.0 to 3.1.* which was an ordeal but it’s all good now!

  12. ubot says:

    Dam I’m Android too. hopefully we get it soon.

  13. tattoo says:

    Oh kickass I’ll definately be getting that as soon as I can get my iphone to update I’ve been bitted by the dreaded long backup issue on my 3g

  14. I think it probably worth $1.99 to be able to do everything Twitter from your iPod/iPhone.

  15. Kevin Pasco says:

    I saw HS tweeting about this a million times yesterday. I entered to win a free copy but didn’t =(

  16. $1.99 is surely affordable price.

  17. Wow! Thanks John, The video tells it all. Looks amazing. I wil be getting it this week for sure.

    Retweeted the post because my followers will love to know Hootsuite is available for the iPhone.

  18. fas says:

    Better to get the app for the iphone then desktop hehe!

  19. rohn smith says:

    It seems to be a good and help full application .I always look out on net for any new software or application for my i phone .i think this is going to be new one..

  20. EarningStep says:

    pretty nice application , it will fit on my iphone. thanks for told me this

  21. If I had an iPhone I’d spend the $1-99! Hootsuite works well, the little bit that I’ve fooled around with it, anyways….I would like to know how many twitter accounts some people are running with hootsuite though. It does seem a bit like a spammers tool……

  22. marvin says:

    man, all of this stuff is totally over my head. I just don’t get twitter. I have a twitter account, I just don’t understand why people like it though. I feel old.

    1. Nick Aviles says:

      Twitter is just slightly overrated.. It’s a propaganda type of thing IMO. Not that useful, but everyone’s doing it because someone “said” it’s useful. And since everyone is doing it, there’s traffic, which means success for them. Now, twitter is becoming good marketing practice. Where’s the crowd there’s money.

  23. videostar says:

    I use this application and like it.

  24. S Ahsan says:

    I was one of the first ones to get hootsuite for iphone as soon as it was released 🙂 its sooooo sooo worth it!

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