Evil Way To Get More Performancing Ads Referrals

Performancing Ads has one of the best referral programs in the business. You get $10 per new sign up plus 5% of whatever the referrals make for life. Yes, for life! Refer enough sites to Performancing Ads and that 5% can create a nice passive income stream. Here’s an evil way to get more referrals.

Be Their First Advertiser

Tell your readers to sign up for Performancing Ads and you’ll be the first to buy an ad from them when they get listed on the publisher marketplace. Just make sure the ad price is no more than $10 and that it’s valid only for the first 10 people who sign up. What you are doing is giving the $10 referral fee to the blog you signed up. It looks like you’re not making any money but you’re really ahead of the game even if those sign ups produce no more sales.

$25 Off Your First Purchase of $100

Performancing Ads offers a $25 discount for new advertisers who spend $100 or more. So, you spend $100 to buy ad space on ten sites that you referred. You get the ads for $25 off plus you make $5 from the 5% life time referral. The net results – you’re ahead by $30 and you’ll be earning 5% for life from those sites you referred!

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48 thoughts on “Evil Way To Get More Performancing Ads Referrals”

  1. Walt says:


    So, why haven’t you offered to advertise on the first (or next) 10 blogs who sign up under you?

    1. John Chow says:

      I did the first 10 on the day Performacing Ads came out. 😈

      1. I’m sure that if you’d offer to do that in your original post, more people would definately sign up under your affiliate link.

        I know i would have…

    2. where is your income report of July ? πŸ˜€

  2. I knew you were evil John, but this is way off my scale, nice thinking! πŸ™‚

  3. BSA says:

    Seems like a lot of work to get $30 lousy bucks. Now, if it were a repeatable thing, it would be brilliant. As stands, you probably just gave $70 away you didn’t have to.

    1. John Chow says:

      You kinda missing the point. The key isn’t the $10 up front fee. The key is the 5% life time referral. One site at 5% won’t make you much (unless you referred a really big site). But if you had a few hundred referrals. 😈

      1. Melvin says:

        yeah, most people really downplay the lifetime interest and they think a $$ per signup is the more important

    2. Walt says:

      Seems like *not* a lot of work to get 10 ads, $30 cash, and 5% residual for life.

  4. Your site johnchow.com bombs when you try to load it with IE6.0 No problem when I use Firefox.

    1. John Chow says:

      I don’t have IE6 to test it with. However, it works fine in IE7 or FF.

      1. Hi John,
        You can see how your site looks in over 56 browsers with the free tool Browser Shots at: browsershots.org/, it gives a screenshot of how you sites look in those different browsers, really is great!
        Thanks for the great tips on Performancing Ads,

    2. kenny says:

      This site, along with problogger.net is crashing under IE7 for me but works fine in FF. Its not crashing IE7 completely, just spitting out an error page a few seconds after page loads with this message: “This page cannot be displayed”.

      1. kenny says:

        Well, after visiting a ton of sites and looking for a pattern it seems as though it is the sitemeter code that is crashing everyones websites. Darren wrote a blog post about it saying he removed the code to fix the problem (but its still there).

  5. m4stono says:

    you so jerk john πŸ˜€ thx a lot

  6. Really smart! I might have to try this out. >:)

  7. Leo says:

    Maybe it’s only me, but today I couldn’t see this website with Internet Explorer (it says something like Internet Explorer cannot show this site, and then closes the page).
    It works fine with Firefox though.

  8. Great thinking, gonna check this out for sure.

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  10. Mike Saf says:

    Good thinking John 😈 !

  11. SlamBlogger says:

    The key is to explain why Performancing Ads is a good idea, and how it will help them to make money. Then, you’ll want to offer a reason why they should sign up with you, rather than someone else.

    I have about 20 referrals now from an article I wrote on a blog that just started up a week ago. Easy as pie.

  12. BlackHatWay says:

    That’s just brilliant! Thanks, I will sign up.

  13. O. Messaoud says:

    Evil, but genius!

  14. revenue says:

    Oh yea.. another evil tricks from mr john here, thanks will try it out 😈

  15. Some Nice Evil Tricks lol just signed up 😈

  16. Pure Evil Genius as always! These are the kind of posts I really like πŸ‘Ώ

  17. MoneyNing says:

    That’s great πŸ™‚ Good thinking πŸ™‚

  18. Thanks John!!!!

    I see that you have replaced Google with Performancing adds.Really sad that it does not support blogger….

    John chow rocks!!!

  19. yanjiaren says:

    This is agreat idea. By the way hwere has your entrecard widget gone? I went yesterday to do a drop and it ain’t there any more lol. :mrgreen:

  20. Melvin says:

    Hey Chow, i dont think performancing ads pay for refs… I have had 5 refs on my 1st day and still its $0 reflecting on my account… Also the affiliate section of the site is very ugly and cluttered… No way to track clicks and signups and etc.. They just put the banners to use… Have you seen the amount refelcted on your site?

  21. bleuken says:

    I tried it and actually signed-up but it does not allow blogspot blogs, so I might use my wordpress blog instead. I think it is a new opportunity for bloggers like us and thank you for sharing it with us!

  22. BiLin says:

    😈 I still believe the advertisers master are smart than us.

  23. man, you really hit it with this site:)

  24. Mat says:

    Haha same way i did it! nice one John…Cheer up 😈

  25. Hoto says:

    thatΒ΄s not evel at all thatΒ΄s a good plan

  26. upp says:

    This really is genious. I hope performancing ads does well, I think it will turn into a great marketplace.

  27. O. Messaoud says:

    And since this idea is great, I am using it on my blog.
    Since John already had his 10 subscribers the first day PerformancingAds was launched, you guys can sign up under me anytime during August and I’ll be your first advertizer. Details on the blog : http://messaoud.info/en/can-i-give-you-some-cash.html

  28. Gyutae Park says:

    John, did you get this idea from me?

    1. John Chow says:

      No, but you know what they say, great minds think alike. :mrgreen:

    2. O. Messaoud says:

      I thought the same when I read the article πŸ™‚

  29. gout says:

    hay john…thanks for sharing information about source getting money online…., more sorce john will be more great…ha..ha..hha

  30. Some time i wondor how you find evil ways to make money in almost everything. You are the most smart guy i found on earth.

  31. O. Messaoud says:

    I have the same problem as Melvin. I know that I have 3 referrals, but I don’t know who they are (you find that info nowhere on the site), I don’t see any money in my balance and I don’t know where to find it. Anyone has an idea about that ?

    1. From the PerformancingAds help page:

      “To count as an actual referral, one of two things must happen.
      1. A referred publisher creates and installs an ad region for at least 1 month
      2. A referred advertiser purchases ads.”

      This means you have to wait one month before you get any money for that publisher. But I would also like to know how to identify my referrals πŸ™‚

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