Expo 2010 – The Future of Shanghai

We dropped by the People’s Square today to visit the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. The hall has a scale model that shows the future for the city of Shanghai. In this case, the future is 2010. After that, they’ll have to redo the model.

While pretty much everyone is aware that China is hosting the Olympic Games in Beijing, most do not know that China is also hosting the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. I guess once the games are over, the promotion of the Expo will begin. When you fly into Shanghai for the Expo 2010, this is the city you can expect to see.

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  1. Pradeep says:

    World Expo 2010’s site is good but their promotion videos are not working but i like the gallery specially Urban Best Practices Area
    if the illustration is so good just wonder how fascinating the actual structure going to be

  2. I was not aware that the Expo would be in China as the Olympics.
    So I think we can say that the promotion is not being done with very effect on people

  3. Pradeep says:

    its a good move by china promoting 2 events at a time will detract their main goal *Olympics* once the Olympics are over they can start the promotion of Expo and guarantee the same response they had with Olympics

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m sure they’ll be using the Olympics to help promote the Expo.

      1. Thiago Prado says:

        Do you think the Expo is more important than the Olympic Games for Chinese government?

        1. John Chow says:

          Not a chance. The Olympics is China’s big event. Spending on the games has far exceeded any country in history.

          1. Terry Tay says:

            I agree with John that the olympic games is going to be major for China with practically every country in the World going to be there. There is going to be more focus on China in a span of a few weeks than there has been in it’s history. They are going to do everything they can to make it a perfect olympics.

        2. MoneyNing says:

          I’m sure one the Olympics are over, the Expo is the most important thing 🙂 The immediate issue being the most important is the way Chinese work 🙂

          1. MoneyNing says:

            Btw, how do you get the icon changed in the comments? I changed my mybloglog picture and the comment still shows the old one!

  4. Apoorv says:

    The future of Shanghai is really looking good 💡

    Hope India stays there once !

  5. Pro Blogging says:

    Never heard or seen somthing like this In India the expo sity paln sounds great to me

  6. China’s busy busy! Had no idea they were holding the Expo in 2010 either, I guess they are waiting until/after the Olympics.

  7. Mayank Rocks says:

    China is really improving way too fast. It used to be where India was but now its atleast 4 times better!

  8. Noobpreneur says:


    The future is near, and it’s darn great expansion of Shanghai – pretty ‘scary’ to see Shanghai today is so different when I visited it a decade ago.

    My question is, does the swift development really do good for the people, or only a certain number of people?

    1. John Chow says:

      Hard to say. Many people are doing much better than before. However, because of the income gap between the city and the villages, it does create its own set of social problems.

  9. Okay, the people that made the model, and the people that made the virtual reality tour must of had a whole lot of time on their hands….sheesh

  10. Bibokz says:

    Olympic is a big break for China, and blogging China is a nice idea.

  11. Loved the bit at the end about the evil building 😈

  12. Last time I visited Shanghai in 2002, they already had some 2010 Expo banners on some buildings – and they had yet to win selection. They just acted as if they had.

  13. China’s message to the United States – Bend over…

  14. 1) Hello world of Blade Runner
    2) the Expo 2010 theme is “we have added the color blue, but all your Gumby are belong to us”

  15. It’s amazing how humongous Shanghai is going to be.

  16. Gary Gregory says:

    I look forward to this being the best Olympics ever.

  17. Hoto says:

    that was once again a nice video. i am really thinking about going to shanghai myself to see the expo 2010. that really is a good goal.

    1. Apoorv says:

      Cool ! Not much time remaining , Even I was planning the same

  18. Sha says:

    I heard that there’s going to be extra security during the Olympic Games because of the possibility of people trying to come with “Free Tibet” signs. Do you know if that’s true?

  19. Apoorv says:

    @ Sha,

    It is probably True..

  20. expand says:

    Ok that is insane!
    I wonder if when they are done with it in 2010 (the old scale model) I can buy it since it’s bigger than my apartment, and who wouldn’t want their own city.

  21. Abdul says:

    Wow, is that a building or what?:shock:
    Never knew that china was goin to be so big. No wonder China is using the popularity gained through olympics in a good way!

  22. wow its nice ..just i can imagine
    how big this .city

  23. James Wilcox says:

    This reminds me of Disneyland in Anaheim when they had the Peoplemover ride, through the World of Tomorrow. In part of it they had the lightcycles from Tron which looks just like the virtual reality thing you showed.

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