Facebook Ads Launching Tonight


Facebook, the social media network, will become the advertising network tonight when it launches Facebook Ads. Facebook made the official announcement today at Ad:Tech New York. The new ad network fires a shot across the bows of Google, which is trying to take Facebook head on with its own social-networking platform call OpenSocial.

Facebook Ads is comprised of three parts:

  • Social Ads: Ads targeted at Facebook members using their profile data.
  • Beacon: Ad widgets that advertisers can put on their own sites that allow Facebook members to become product endorsers, and spread that endorsement to all of their friends on Facebook through their personal feeds.
  • Insight: Aggregated profile information that is exposed to Facebook advertisers that tells them what kind of people are getting their ads and who is clicking on them.

With over 50 million users and a very targeted demographic profiling of those users, Facebook is going to be very attractive to brand advertisers. However, I have a feeling Internet marketers will be finding ways to make money off the new platform as well.

50 thoughts on “Facebook Ads Launching Tonight”

  1. worknplay says:

    And who would those internet marketers be ? You 😉

    1. Jack says:

      and me 😈

      1. Hella – count me in too! 😈

    2. And many others within that 50 million number.

      I will definitively give them a try

    3. Blackysky says:

      Do you smell money at facebook ahahaha but there is a problem no by using kids profile data … to know what they really want.. it’s a litle bit silly no? do they provide a privacy setting ?

  2. Jamie Harrop says:

    Is that an “I already have something planned” smell that lingers around this post, John? 😀

    Honestly, I probably won’t be taking advantage of this move as an Internet marketer. As a result, and as a regular FaceBook user, I just hope the adverts don’t take FaceBook to the same place as Myspace (the trash can).

  3. hmm..very interseted in beacon and insight

    social ads didnt play or work for me not too sure if it is just like facebook flyers pro – but I found it to be useless – since I keep getting rejected for my ads not too damn sure!

    I willw ant to try these 2 new features tho!

  4. bmunch says:

    Yes, I really prefer the clean and simple interface of Facebook than the spammy MySpace.
    But I wonder how an internet marketer can take advantages of this opportunity.

    1. I totally agree, I can’t stand myspace

      1. Neil Duckett says:

        Likewise …. joined Myspace but never access the site. Facebook is much cleaner and easier to use.

        1. Teejay says:

          I don’t think the cleanliness will last long with the upcoming ads.

    2. Wayne Liew says:

      Other services like MySpace and Friendster will be losing out their members to Facebook really fast with the introduction of such simple money making opportunities for their members.

  5. I bet Google AdSense wishes they can get into this racket somehow.

  6. David Finch says:

    It will be interesting in the next few days to see how this new platform is used. I believe we will continue to see the clean interface and the new adds will stay within this framework.

  7. Joe Ngo says:

    This is interesting because the Facebook crowd is the kind that will click on a lot of stuff I think. I mean, they have to click to do almost anything on that site. I’d like to see what the click thru rate is.

    There is also potential that it may be lost in all the applications that are available. It’s already pretty cluttered as it is.

  8. Kenneth says:

    Microsoft get the good thing this time.

  9. Etienne Teo says:

    It is time Facebook start monetizing their site to make more money, With so many targeted members, offering adspace within will surely be a considerable offer for marketers who are serious to make a turnover. :mrgreen:

  10. Magnus says:

    Everything’s going to the advertising bandwagon. I like facebook as it is but who would not want extra income, right?

  11. This is very big, and they’re open about its capabilities now

  12. As said above, I hope Facebook doesn’t turn into another MySpace. It’s bad enough there’s already so many applications which clutter pages, the last thing they need is ads.

    1. Wayne Liew says:

      We shall see if this happens. Ads as a money making opportunity for member might be an attraction but sometimes things can go wrong like MySpace.

      Stay tuned. :mrgreen:

  13. Jeff Kee says:


  14. Why should Google be the only one to earn. Will just have to wait for the facebook IPO 😛

  15. More evidence of the increasing importance of social networking platforms i guess.

    And weren’t you complaining earlier John, that Facebook does not know how to make money? They must have heard you. 😉

  16. WebProxyTalk says:

    As long as they keep ads restrained to that little sidebar Im happy.

  17. Rob says:

    So how can we exploit this to profit? Something I’m sure you won’t tell us….
    *runs off to figure it out himself*

  18. Will have to check it out

  19. MoneyNing says:

    Hmm. I bet Facebook will find a way to make millions of dollars. Hopefully it won’t be as annoying as adsense ads!

  20. chetan says:

    Had heard about this a few days ago.. now good to see this being launched.
    Would be a great one!

  21. Domtan says:

    Rivalry is always a good thing. Hopefully we will all gain from this competition.

  22. Wayne Liew says:

    Wow, sooner or later, every money lovers will be fleeing social network sites like Friendster and MySpace just to make money on Facebook.

    Facebook for me is the greatest ever social network site. This will be a big step forward for them

  23. John says:

    Wow, its hard to believe that there are so many social networking sites that are even that successful. With myspace, facebook, hi5, xanga, friendster…

    I’m surprised these networking sites stay so popular!

  24. I launched a group on facebook a couple months ago in order to promote my blog. Never had much luck. I’m thinking that the fact that my company can have an actual profile now will change that.

    Myspace on the other hand…. lots and lots of traffic.

  25. That’s good for facebook. But I don’t know if we can really make some money from facebook. Can anyone tell me?
    Thank you very much.

    1. David says:

      Money can definitely be made on Facebook…you just gotta work it right… 😈

  26. Google’s open platform announced is for a revolutionary technology to give smartphone users access to the web. It will take time however and the mobile phone industry apart from, MS are jittery. Facebook have also announced that it is with the permission of their subscribers only information about them will be shared with advertisers.

  27. Egonitron says:

    Bastard, rolling this out right as BlogWorld Expo starts? I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to exploit this.

  28. Haha great, another thing that’ll just clutter up Facebook. I personally liked them much better before their applications. If this affects the layout in a large way it’ll probably be the last nail in the coffin for me.

  29. MoneyNing says:

    The only thing facebook does for me is the photos, wall and private messages. Anything else is like spam 🙂

  30. Effected says:

    Well i’m testing it now….got a few ideas going. Let see if any actally works…

  31. innova pixel says:

    Yes you can make money on facebook! i was testing yesterday when they launched Facebook Ads, and Flyers Pro stopped working.

    I made two sales for one secret product you know? 😈
    You just need to find a niche were young guys are interested (hint *cough*girls*cough*) or girls too.

    Thats not an affiliate product, because they are not acepted 😉

  32. I’ll never understand why Facebook seems like such a lucrative deal. To me the site is totally boring.

  33. Gary Grant says:

    This may sound shallow, but given that most of my online income arrives via paypal, it pisses me off when a site doesn’t accept paypal.

  34. Shawn Jooste says:

    What an awesome opportunity to monetize the largest network in the world.

    Facebook, is like the internet within the internet. I can think of a dozen ways to make money off facebook with this type of advertising.

  35. Geiger says:

    They have a long way to go. They don’t tell you why you get disapproved and their tracking is non-existent. I didn’t realize they did not accept affiliate links until I read it in these comments. I can’t even find where they have their Terms of Service.

    This is completely Bush League!

  36. BareFly says:

    Cool! Now facebook will be earning six figures a month!

  37. Teejay says:

    @BareFly. LOL.
    Let’s hope we can get something out of it.

  38. bloggernoob says:

    i’d better join facebook and other social networking sites. i should have joined years ago, but then again i should have started blogging years ago. better late then never

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