Fast and the Furious – Baghdad Drift

Not everyone can afford to waste tires by doing donuts with their own car. For that matter, not everyone can even afford a car. What to do? How about doing donuts with your bicycle? It’s cheaper, safer and a much better workout.

I’ve never been able to do burn outs on my bike. I wonder what kind of gearing he’s running?

2 thoughts on “Fast and the Furious – Baghdad Drift”

  1. Sub's says:

    Amazing isn’t it ?!?
    Hard to do with cars, so with a bicycle…

    Ô… i’ve a friend called Arti (chow)
    Forget the joke… french joke…

  2. Joe says:

    you can watch the original movie, The Fast and the Furious, starring Dorothy Malone and John Ireland. whole thing! and lots more free videos. But – the original fast and furious has the best cars even put in a single film. Amazing and fast roadstars from 1955.
    check it out

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