Feel The Power of a Dot Com Pho Twitter Shout-out

This post was guest blogged by Mike Huang Pinky Arcade, where you play games and win prizes daily.

John has started this Twitter shout-out event with his Dot Com Pho group not too long ago, but already you can see that blog readers are starting to catch on that this is a great way to get some simple exposure for youself and your website.

So how effective is this simple 3-5 second fame on the Dot Com Pho YouTube videos? They don’t last too long and the shout-outs are usually at the end, but could that few seconds of fame give you huge potential traffic?

My Results From Getting a Shout-out

I run a few arcade websites with a team of arcade owners, so my result may be higher since it’s about games and free prizes. Anyways, prior to receiving the shout-out on last week’s Dot Com Pho, Pinky Arcade was already receiving double the traffic than it previously did, but just a day after, I noticed that more unique visitors started coming in to the traffic stats.

Pinkyarcade Stats

Nothing was actually done to the site, so after giving it some thought, I ask my team could this extra traffic be from that little shout-out from the Dot Com Pho crew? Well, they didn’t believe me since the shout-out was so short and there was no actual link in the video to click out. A few days went by and I continued to check the stats (since I’m the believer) and noticed that traffic was STILL growing and at a fast pace. Now the team I work with believes me and we all decided to put this post together to thank this great free opportunity.

Who would’ve thought that a simple shout-out on a YouTube video could be so viral that viewers would actually go open up a browser or Google and type in PinkyArcade.com. Did I also forget to mention that the search rate for the term Pinky Arcade or Pinky Games pretty much doubled for Google after this simple, but yet very effective shout-out? Well, you better believe that any sort of exposure nowadays would give you something in return. Who knows, maybe the Dot Com Pho crew may start charging a small rate for a shout-out.

When something is free and simple, even if it sounds absolutely stupid, you should still give it a try. You never know, you may just get results like how Pinky Arcade did.

32 thoughts on “Feel The Power of a Dot Com Pho Twitter Shout-out”

  1. I believe it. I’ve seen some others that have gotten shoutouts at Dot Com Pho say the same thing.

    Pretty cool.

    1. Now that would be great, getting a shout out from the Dot Com Pho, I can already imagine the kind of traffic that could pour in!

      1. Ryan McLean says:

        I’ve also seen people get major jumps in traffic from doc com pho. And it would be great to get a ton of traffic from one shout out, but you have to be lucky to get it. So, I wanna see a post on “How to get a shout out at Dot Com Pho.”

      2. I am waiting for dot com pho to happen in toronto

      3. I imagine that it would be pretty insane. Now the trick is to KEEP these people on your blog/site.

  2. Joshua says:

    I’ve seen it firsthand. It’s truly amazing.

    I’ve been offered mid-high 6 figures for my personal blog, based mostly on my appearance at Dot Com Pho.

    Get your name in!

    1. Tyler Ingram says:

      I’ve been to a few DotComPhos (about 5 i think now) but I don’t see any traffic difference even when I was mentioned in a post of John’s or any of the other DotComPho crew blogs.

      I must be the exception to the rule for traffic huh?

      Ah well if anyone gets the change to goto a DotComPho they are fun and the food is usually good too 😉

  3. Clog Money says:

    Good post, I’ll never underestimate the power of the you tube again 😉

    1. I never doubted it, if you’re subscribed to Joel comm, he keeps on sending this kind of stuff!

    2. Danny Cooper says:

      Youtube is huge, how could you doubt its power in the first place?

      1. I agree. It can be used for viral marketing which can do wonders for you.

  4. Carl says:

    If the traffic came from the video watchers, that means that you got just about a 100% click-through rate!

  5. That is really crazy. I really need some of that exposure. Congrats on your site Pinkyarcade. I know the owner of that script we used to be friends and next door neighbors. It is a nice script but the man behind it is money hungry so beware.

  6. Josten says:

    cant wait till i get a twitter shoutout

  7. BusinessX says:

    I like the follow-up thank you too. That too reinforces the site. People like me who missed it or were not interested in Pho (I am both), I am sure as heck interested in Pho now. Am headed over to watch the video.

  8. It is not funny right??? Pho!

  9. Mike Huang says:

    John, my team and I wants to thank you again for this great opportunity you have given us. We sure hope that you liked the post and that it would bring more viewers to your blog and your Dot Com Pho videos 🙂


  10. And now you’re going to get more traffic.

  11. joe gelb says:

    once again dot com pho is a powerful force

  12. good to know you are getting good traffic from here

  13. Unfortunately I wasn’t around today to get my Dot Com Pho shout out in. Maybe next week.

  14. Greg Ellison says:

    I will try to get send in my website next week. It is amazing how much traffic you can get. Greg Ellison

  15. andy says:

    Anything to get a little traffic to your site!!! Congrats on the improvement!!!

  16. Wow its amazing how what an improvement such an action can produce — Keep it UP!!

  17. Ed Lau says:

    Since we were using my Twitter account that day, it was all me, dude.

    1. Mike Huang says:

      Yea, Thank you very much Ed. I just wanted to make the post about the Twitter Shout-out itself. I really apologize that I didn’t add you in. Hope you can forgive 🙂


  18. it is 100 % true that shout will work out.

  19. I’ve been trying to get in on this shout-out for a couple or 3 weeks now, but no luck. I keep missing it.

  20. Ben Pei says:

    good for getting traffic huh?

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