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Finally Got My XO Laptop

written by John Chow on January 23, 2008

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Back in November, I donated an XO laptop to a child in a developing country. As part of my $399 donation, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) sent a laptop to a child and sent one to me as a gift (it’s not really a gift since these laptops cost $200 each). When I made the gift, OLPC told me they would try their best to get me my laptop before Christmas. That never happen and I was wondering if I would ever get it. Well, Fedex finally delivered my XO Laptop today!

The XO Laptop is a piece of computing history. It’s not available for purchase anywhere in North America. The only way you could have gotten one was with that give a laptop, get a laptop promotion. The unit itself is surprisingly small and I’m sure my Pocket PC has more computing power. The keyboard is not full size and very hard to use. I doubt I would use this laptop for anything more than a conversation piece. It will go well sitting next to my original 3DFX Voodoo Graphic card.

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