Finding Future Trends with The Internet Time Machine

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NowRelevant. All opinions are 100% mine.

We looked at The Internet Time Machine back in April and found it to be a great tool for doing niche marketing. The Internet Time Machine allows you to find risk-free profitable niches before anyone else does. This gives you that “first mover” advantage.

Developed by NowRelevant, a search engine that gives you everything you want to know about your topic for the past two weeks, the Internet time Machine allows you to know today what people will buy tomorrow. Having this information can be invaluable.

Finding niche product to promote can be a very time-consuming ordeal and many new affiliate marketers give up because it just takes too long. What they’ll end up doing is promoting the same offers everyone else is promoting. The only problem with that is there’s so much competition and they can’t compete with the big guys.

The Internet Time Machine eliminates the time-consuming work for you by presenting the niches that are rising in demand but not in supply. How does it do that? The service collects data from over 40 million sources worldwide every 24 hours. In doing so, it can find new niches and trends before anyone else. Niche marketing is one of the most profitable method for making money on the Internet. The key is finding that profitable nice before anyone else does and the Internet Time Machine can be a great help in that regard.

Finding the Relevant and Rising Trends

The Internet Time Machine offers three separate but related utilities. One finds the most recent mentions in the last 24 hours, the next searches for potential trends, and the last is the core trend analysis.

Shown here are the results using the second utility. Based on this analysis, it seems that people are increasingly talking about ab workouts, ABBA songs, and AC Schnitzer accessories for BMWs. This is based on mentions in blogs, newsgroups, mailing lists, and so on.

This information can be useful from an SEO perspective, because you can know what the โ€œhotโ€ topic of the day is or what will be a hot topic soon. This way, you may be able to find valuable keywords and keyword phrases as part of your search engine marketing campaign. From an affiliate marketing standpoint, you’ll be able to use the information to find profitable niches to market in.

$20,000 Affiliate Marketing Contest

As part of the launch for the Internet Time Machine, NowRelevant is holding a $20,000 niche affiliate marketing contest. The winning affiliate will receiving $10,000 in cash. What’s more, the person who refers that winning affiliate will also get $10,000! If you don’t think you have the marketing chops to win the marketing contest but know someone who can, tell him/her about it and you might win too. You can find the full rules of the contest at

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56 thoughts on “Finding Future Trends with The Internet Time Machine”

  1. This is a great article and a must read before one jumps into a niche. Niche market research is crucial before investing time, energy & money within the niche.

    Spend more time doing homework on a particular industry, this will give you the anwers as to what the industry needs & wants and how best to serve them.

    Great article John.


    1. Doing your home work is the base of every business. You should have enough information about the place before you start your journey.

      1. I was about to create my new NIche Site coming week, now let me analyse it before launching how people will react to it, how much potential it has and how much money i could milk out of it.

      2. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        I’m with you ZK, doing home work such as checking trend and keyword with minimum competition is the key of success. It may makes your journey running smoother. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Glad that you agree with my opinion.

    2. ffl license says:

      I agree. Checking some from ITM today I used google adwords search on (phrase) wordtracker and google insights, compared results and found some gems already to develop.

  2. Great article John,

    it’s important to spend some time researching before commiting your time, energy & money into serving that niche. One can compete with the Big Boys on a smaller level without trying to take over the world in a single go.

    Rearching a niche in detail also gives answers a very important question. What are the biggest concerns or struggles in this niche?

    If you can create an answer for that question your on to a good start.


  3. Wow, $10k just for referring the winner. Can you refer yourself? Haha

    1. d3so says:

      lol wouldn’t that be wonderful.

      1. I do not think that but however everyone have fake ID … lollzz

    2. Make a Deal with him , cut 5k out of your comm. You have great opportunity at hand ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Did not get you Shanker

  4. Mike says:

    You don’t need to rely on this to find what people is buying today and what are they buying tomorrow. Simple math, a knowledge about statistic and data on Google is more than enough to find out what they are going to buy tomorrow.

    In addition, some trends are seasonal and hence, they are predictable. For example, fans are products that are predictable because people buy fans when summer comes. Hence, if you are opening a store about electric fans, you are hitting the right market.

  5. Edgar says:

    thats alot of money,

    1. yeah thats really a lot of money

    2. Yes my eye balls turned into $$$ sign … lollzz

    3. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      Does anyone try to joint venture and win the contest? ๐Ÿ˜‰ $10k is definitely a huge amount of prize!

  6. PPC Ian says:

    As a huge fan of niche marketing, this seems like a really great tool!

    1. Yes, will stay for a while in niche marketing, thats for sure, great tool no doubt.

  7. browie says:

    $10K oh that would be so nice. This looks like something I could get my wife into. I’m teaching her about longtail micro-niche stuff.

    1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

      I believe that no one could ignore this, $10k is a big huge amount! Your wife is getting into internet marketing stuff too?

      1. Funny how people always start off in long-tail niche marketing. I recently taught my brother the same thing!

  8. That’s definitely a lot of capital to dish out on a contest. Sounds like a great way to launch!

  9. Exposed SEO says:

    Big prize! That’s cool that it’s not all about who can make the most but who has the best idea. winning might allow someone with the idea but not the budget to implement their strategy.

  10. d3so says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing this new source. I primarily use google trends, yahoo, Twitter & my perspective to find new upcoming stuff.

  11. Go go gadget time machine.

  12. How much is the cost of The Internet Time Machine?

    1. Seems you can use the searchengine for free, but yes, I would also like to know what the cost it. BTW Michael, you described nicely what the timemachine is supposed to do but you didn’t mention if it worked for you / what you think of it / if it’s worth the price. I can’t help to think that Google Trends and a good research tool like Market Samurai can do the trick cheaper ๐Ÿ˜‰ SY

      1. Hi SY,

        I think the tools you mentioned are plenty for niche marketing.

        But the Time Machine does sound interesting if a person wants to give it a try.

        Michael did a good job writing about it which is evident from the comments so far.


    2. d3so says:

      They have different packages ranging from $27 to $97 per month. First two-weeks is $5.

      1. Thanks for the info d3so!


      2. I’m not a big fan of monthly fees but they are still much better than annual ones.

        I wonder why nobody has come up up yet with a pay to own scheme in the internet marketing niche.

        After a certain period the monthly fees should stop and full free access to the product granted.


        1. I’ve seen that offered for some services, but I agree with you 100%. I think that this would increase the amount of people who stay the full continuity.

          Obviously something that needs to be tested.

  13. Khai Missiri says:

    what it make different from Google Trends?

    1. ffl license says:

      It sources the stats from multiple platforms including Google. Well worth the investment. Use Johns link.

  14. wow seems like i am interested in the internet machine stuff

  15. i have never actually used this tool, but I’m going to now. Thanks for letting us know.

  16. I was wondering can this stuff check on what’s demanding in certain niche. For example, Internet Marketing niche what people are looking for in this niche?
    Can this time machine stuff check on this?

    1. thats a very broad area which you are referring but surely it will come up with something interesting on this too.

    2. ffl license says:

      Yes it does but that is the more expensive $97 a month membership where you can access whatever you search for on trending niches. Use John’s link.

  17. Quite similar to Google trends but I am assuming it’s more comprehensive?

    1. ffl license says:

      Nothing like google trends. Very comprehensive and takes all of the guess work out of predicting future trends.

  18. Blog Tactic says:

    Another internet money machine

    1. yeah definitely anther internet machine here to storm the place

  19. Interesting concept. I wonder if this would be useful for people coming up with the next trends, like designers and technology creators…

    1. why not, its all about what would be happening next.

  20. Addy Kho says:

    Wonder how often this niche change. If it change form day to day, it may be confusing for people who just want to dwell in the yesterday niche.

    1. ffl license says:

      They build their stats on trending niches over a period of time so flash in the pan spikes like MJ dying are discarded. Use John’s link.

  21. I really like the title of this post.

    Forced me to check the contents.

    1. The title is really good. Future trends and time machine combination plus internet and finding all in the title are very attractive to a lot of people.

      I think that there are very few who aren’t into the future and who wouldn’t want a time machine?


  22. Really interesting post. I had no idea about The Internet Time Machine, and that contest sounds really interesting. May have to investigate that with several grand at stake!

  23. ffl license says:

    I joined the internet time machine through your link and was tempted to take the basic deal and paid. I have always wanted a service like this and this meets the bill. I have on occasion stumbled on burgeoning niche’s and grabbed keyphrase domains and these all make steady passive income.

  24. ffl license says:

    I have already identified two emerging niches that are destined to be big and setting up on two sitesell sites for content.

  25. News Blog says:

    I agree. Checking some from ITM today I used google adwords search on (phrase) wordtracker and google insights, compared results and found some gems already to develop.

  26. Thanks for sharing this piece of software with us. I have never heard of it, but am going to take a look at it within the next few days for some of my niche marketing.

  27. Certainly good one I must admit.

    Hey John would love to hear about your favourite SEO.

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