Finding the Best Expired Domains with DNXpert

Not everyone is cracked up to be a blogger. Maybe you’re not a particularly good writer or you don’t want to have such a public persona. In fact, many Internet entrepreneurs will agree that blogging is probably one of the worst ways to make money online.

There are countless other opportunities out there to make money on the Internet and one strategy that is gaining in popularity is something called domaining. It’s a craft that is as old as the world wide web, but many more people are starting to get into the game. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to find just the right domains that will result in a good deal of profit. The DNXpert Premium Expired Domain Service addresses this very need. Here is my humble review.

Going Beyond the Blog

Some of you may recognize John Motson from his DNXpert daily domain name blog, so you already know that he is well-ensconced in the business of buying and selling domains online. You may have also noticed that Motson was mentioned in a recent article where he talks about the business of domaining.

Building on his success and reputation, John Motson has now extended his reach into the development of the DNXpert domain name forum. Here, fellow domainers can gather and discuss what they do, much in the same way that there are forums set up for people of different professions.

It’s not like Motson is going to leave the community to its own devices, however, as he continually surfs for the latest and greatest expired domains on the Internet. He already owns over 1,000 domains, some of which are valued at over $100,000, so I guess he has a few domains to spare.

Free Expired Domains

The first section that may catch your eye on this domain name forum is the one that offers free expired domain lists. A free list of expired domains is posted almost every day and these lists typically contain between 60 and 100 domains.

Access to this section of the forum is 100% free, but you do need to sign up with an account on the DNXpert Forums before you can view the individual posts. Direct links to buying these domains are also provided, sending you to Moniker and GoDaddy. You’ll still need to enter the domain name yourself, so all of these links are perfectly identical. Oh, and in case you didn’t figure it out, these are all affiliate links too.

Premium Expired Domains

Some people may argue that the domains listed in the free forum aren’t that great. That’s arguable, but you may find that the domains listed in the Premium Expired Domain Lists are more your cup of tea. They do come at a price though.

Each and every month, ten lists of 500 expired domains (so 5,000 total) will be posted in this forum. Some of the examples that you’ll find from the September premium access list include such gems as,,,, and For more on the premium domain service, you can check out the official sales letter. Subscritpion to the premium forum costs $9.95 a month. Details aren’t outlined in the sales page, but there is mention of a “substantial bulk discount” on the payment page that “amounts to almost 50% off the monthly price.”

Domaining Manifesto

I’m not really a domainer myself, but I can see the value offered by the DNXpert Domaining Forum. The free and premium expired domain lists are pretty handy, but they’re somewhat difficult to browse. They don’t appear to be in any kind of order, so I would have liked to see some better organization whether it be by category, alphabetical order, or whatever. The direct links to Godaddy and Moniker would be better if they took you to a purchase page rather than just their respective homepages too.

Maybe you want to get into the business of domaining, but don’t really know where to start or how you can best make money online with this approach. John Motson has you covered on that front too, because he has put together an e-book called Domaining Manifesto that is said to reveal all sorts of industry secrets. It seems like a good place to start for beginners and more advanced domainers alike.

51 thoughts on “Finding the Best Expired Domains with DNXpert”

  1. I love dnxpert and I think is one of the best domain resources.

    1. There’s some big money to be named in domaining, that’s for sure!

      1. Lots of internet marketers have made money on domaining, there are tons of success stories on this..thanks for thi spost John , I ll need to revisit this channel

      2. Is a paid service the way to profit from domaning however? If a domain name is a “gem”does it make sense for the service to inform you about it or aren’t they simply going to buy the worthy ones and let their monthly subscribers end up with the crappy ones?

  2. I’m in the forum like a dirty shirt.

  3. I bought his book awhile ago. It’s a good read. The forum is just starting to get traction.

  4. Great information! I was into this type of thing in the past, but never went anywhere with it. Seems like I’m destined for blogdom rather than domaindom?!?

  5. Gagan says:

    Informative post !! Thanks !!

  6. Jack Rugile says:

    I will have to check out that site. Domaining seems like a tricky concept to get proficient at. It is hard to know what will be worth anything in the future.

    Once you buy them, how do you go about reselling them?

    – Jack Rugile
    Simple Sapien

  7. Bonie says:

    Thanks for info John. I’ll check it now…

    Have a nice day.

  8. Tinh says:

    It is a great resource for all bloggers to find the most relevant domains that have been expired but not many of them can afford for their interested domains πŸ™‚

  9. Interesting business to get into. For me blogging is more of a hobby then a money making scheme.

    1. I don’t think that I would look at it like a scheme. Although I don’t know what your tone is on the word, “scheme.” However, it is another source of income. Mulitple sources of income cannot be a bad thing when it only takes a few mins. to make it. There are plenty of people who have made a great income from just taking a few mins out of the day to invest in the right “areas” that make money. It really just comes down to using creative thinking and a little effort to make it happen.

  10. Josten says:

    i agree with the guy above me. At one point i had thought about making money off of domain names just seems like it’d get boring to me

  11. Ms. Missive says:

    In the domain name business you need one of two things to turn a profit… Luck or Volume.

    Most of the time it simply comes down to snatching up as many domain names (100’s!) as possible. A few of them are bound to sell.

    1. I agree with you Ms Missive. I also doubt it that most successful bloggers will end up becoming successful domain flippers..

  12. great resource

    Let me check it out. πŸ™‚

  13. Ryan McLean says:

    I am definately a blogger. I love writing and I love interacting with my readers. Probably why my blog has started to expode in the last little bit. Went from about 30 RSS subscribers a month ago to over 300….Some of that is with help from John Chow

    1. Ryan,

      I am the same way as you are. John Chow hasn’t been as good as a traffic source as I had previously thought however. Maybe my content just suxx πŸ™‚

  14. John Creek says:

    i bought an amazing domain name:


    1. that’s a good one. Wouldn’t it be awesome to go back in time…let’s say 1995 and buy up all the major company URLs and one’s like I would be a very, very, rich man.

      1. Douglas says:

        I would have grabbed a few of the big ones:

        Just those 3 alone if I had I could never work another day in my life.

  15. Clog Money says:

    I dislike this idea. One, the owner is obviously researching / getting these domains from somewhere, and will buy the ones that he feels are valuable before offering the rest out. Secondly it just feels like this site is a way of recouping time/money by pointing out domains that have no real value and charging what I feel would be predominately noobs to then view these fairly worthless domains.

    1. Clog Money says:

      Urgh delete this one please..

  16. Clog Money says:

    I dislike this idea. One, the owner is obviously researching / getting these domains from somewhere, and will buy the ones that he feels are valuable before offering the rest out. Secondly it just feels like this site is a way of recouping time/money by pointing out domains that have no real value and charging people (who I feel would be predominately noobs) to then view these worthless domains.

    1. John Motson says:

      That would be a valid point if the lists were not of a high quality. Here are some domain names registered by members from my lists:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…

      Are the above domains worthless? I think not.

      My forum members will testify that the quality of domains I offer is quite high in the free lists section alone (not to mention the premium section) – most “noobs” join the free section and get my lists there so I am not charging them anything.

      Thanks for putting your argument forward though for the sake of discussion.


      1. Clog Money says:

        Thanks for your answer John. I’m pleased to get a thorough response to my question. You haven’t quite got me convinced that the above listed domains but I do hope you do well, as I do the people who buy these domains.

        1. Clog Money says:

          Bloody hell, I’m still not used to this laptop!!!

          Second time…

          Thanks for your answer John. I’m pleased to get a thorough response to my question. You haven’t quite got me convinced that the above listed domains are hugely valuable,otherwise you would have bought them right? (I’m guessing this is the sticking point I struggle with). I hope you do well, as I do the people who buy these domains.

          1. John Motson says:

            Actually I do quite well from the subscriptions and advertisement so I would rather prefer my subscribers register the good domain names from my lists then get them myself – as it helps promote my subscriber service.

            I own a sizable collection of domain names most of them purchased 5 or 6 years ago.


      2. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder πŸ™‚

  17. Innerclick says:

    We have been buying domains from his list and reselling them for some time know I would have to say two thumbs up.

  18. Mario Chase says:

    Yeah, I agree that blogging is not one of the best option of making money online. There is a lot of other opportunities out there.

    I have been reading a lot about domain money, but I never took it seriously. Have to start doing it now… BTW.

    1. Actually one can make money blogging. You just have to blog for the love of your subject, not for the love of making money online..

  19. Yup bloging and give comment is one of many way to gain more traffic…it will give you good link.Domain money…… new in this topic…..perhaps looking for further more will give more idea.
    thank a bunch guys.

  20. Eric says:

    Hey thanks for this domain that I have not yet found. It looks like a very valuable resource even if you do not want to get into the domain game you still pick you up a good, cheap (I hope), and valuable domain. I really enjoy these sites. But, just wondering what about would you recommend this one as well?

  21. Nicholas Chase says:


    I was the video guy recording Timothy Ferriss’s presentation with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, and Rohit at the Keynote at BlogWorld Expo 2008.

    I have listened to, and read his 4-hour work week materials with great enthusiasm!

    He has captured my interest to begin applying these techniques into my on-line businesses. Your kind words of encouragement at BlogWorld Expo 2008 and the ML dinner were appreciated.

    Michael Kwan crashing a segway is legendary now,!

    I believe NASA and the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian in Washington DC want to undertake a study of Michael’s brain, so that they avoid designing any of his synaptic neurons characteristics into any future space vehicles or systems !!

    Respectfully, Nicholas, ‘the video guy’ at BlogWorld Expo 2008

  22. redbaron says:

    Dnxpert is a person who knows his domains.It requires great effort to put out lists regularly as he does like clockwork and some very good domains also in the bargain.

  23. Alex Kim says:

    Very nice imma check it out now

  24. Yeah, I’ve been subscribed to DNXpert since ages. A must-subscribe for any domainer, or even an Internet entrepreneur.

    1. Douglas says:

      I’ve been there since (literally) day one. I’m glad to be a follower there, I’ve learned a ton.

      1. make150aday says:

        have you also earned a lot besides learning?

  25. eric says:

    I guess you need to (at least) learn the technical side of this “online business” before taking a plunge on it…or you might get lost.

    BUT i’ve read somewhere that the top earner of this business was once a doctor of medicine.

  26. Yes, I have to agree its not easy bringing in the bankroll with blogging. I am going to keep this on my back burner for right now.

    Respectfully, Matt Thompson |

  27. Mike says:

    Nice find.

    Also good to see that is available…..for now….

  28. Can it notify you of domains with certain keywords in them?

  29. Mike, I think some of us of a different gender might be better experts at boobs than you πŸ˜‰

  30. 100kjob says:

    I thought it’s too late to make big splash in domaining nowadays. Maybe that’s why he opens up this forum to milk from affiliate links.

  31. Ian says:

    I dunno, John. Not to rain on the parade, but this idea really promotes cybersquatting, which make it really tough for everyone who wants to get a decent domain at the Go Daddy $7 a domain price. Granted, it’s a free market, however, I hate having to buy because someone has taken a simplified, short domain and either parked its behind for free on the register site or bought a cheap hosting plan to put a big boob porn ad through the center of a bland page, so they can generate some revenue while they’re waiting for the domain to sell at 100K. (Who appraises these domains at 100K anyway? Is there really proof that the domain actually transferred at that amount? I want to see that bill of sale.)


  32. charles says:

    Is this equivalent with “Site-Flippin”?

  33. DnXpert forums sounds like a great place to go for some information on domaining. I’m going to check it out! I recently just bought my first dot com.

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