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First AllAdvantage, Now The Boo Is Back!

written by John Chow on November 24, 2006

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Come on everybody! Let’s all party like it’s 1999! First AllAdvantage comes back and now is following right behind.


For those who were not around the first time, was to be for cloths what was for books. They were one of the biggest flame out when the Internet crashed.

In 1999, a fashion retail site, burnt through $120 million in six months, in part because it’s call centre was situated in London’s fashionable Carnaby Street, as opposed to a cheaper location. The web site was also built by three different development teams spread across the globe, while it’s home page was notorious for its slow load time and use of – then less common – Flash.

Founded by Ernst Malmsten, Kajsa Leander and Patrik Hedelin,’s largest backer was Omnia, a fund backed by members of Lebanon’s wealthy Hariri family, which put nearly $40 million into the company. Over 400 staff and contractors were made redundant when Boo went into receivership in May 2000.

According to Tech Crunch, John Collins did some digging into the domain name and found that it is registered to a “woman living in the leafy dublin suburb of ranelagh [in Ireland].”

I wonder if any other old Dot Com’s will be joining the party?

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