First Ever Freelance Camp Vancouver a Complete Success

The first ever Freelance Camp to be held in Vancouver last Saturday was a complete success. The sold out event attracted freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over the city to The Network Hub in Downtown Vancouver for a full day of “unconferencing.”

The sessions were divided among three rooms. Attendees could choose which sessions to attend. Subjects range from being a “solopreneur” to handling the stress of working alone. The only time everyone got together in the same room was during the lunch session where Michael Kwan and I gave our presentation on the 8 ways to make money online. Lunch was provided by Mr. Happy Pho.

Fun facts and photos from the very first Freelance Camp:

  • From 1pm – 4pm ish we were in the top trending topics in Canada on twitter
  • 120 spring rolls + 120 salad rolls were consumed
  • $448 dollars worth of door prizes
  • $5400 worth of goodies in total were given to all attendees
  • 135 attendees from different background and disciplines
  • 22 sessions were led from 10 am – 4:25 pm

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Freelance Camp

Enjoy the photos? See them all here and swing by Jeremy Lim Photography on Facebook for the latest updates.

28 thoughts on “First Ever Freelance Camp Vancouver a Complete Success”

  1. adi says:

    my comments : if we wnat to participate if we have to pay ?
    and please tell me what is freelance camp Vancouver ?
    Thank You for your attention.because this my first comments on your blog

    Thank You for your attention

    1. John Chow says:

      It doesn’t matter anymore since the camp is over. But it cost $10 to get in. The money went to charity.

      1. Free Picks says:

        Money to charity? thats good to know

        1. Jay says:

          Just wondering which charity received the money. Perhaps a mention of them will be responded in kind by your readers.

          1. Boy Michael is looking sick in that photograph.

  2. adi says:

    i am sorry Mr.John for comment number 2
    you can delete it because I accidentally pressed the button

  3. Really nice seeing money going to charity. I’m glad you support others John!

    1. Yes, I love when peoples who cares about the others. Great way to contribute to the society! Great John!

    2. Definitely! It’s great to see that you support Charity John 🙂

      1. He always does …

        Last times he sold his unused things and whole money gone to charity.

        See here –

  4. SEO Results says:

    Make the circle bigger! There is real merit in looking at organizing events like these on a regional basis, with guest speakers, or even video presentations that can be disseminated at length by the attendees afterwards. Here is a great experiment in leveraging your local social networks and seeing what can come together.

  5. The iPad seems to come in handy for presentation purposes too, as aptly illustrated by our beloved Mr John Chow 😉

    Great events like these always have happy and excited faces from the participants. You gotta love it 🙂

    1. True about the iPad! Since i personally bought mine, It’s much easier to get through presentations! 🙂

      1. Showing his website on iPad.

        John never miss. 🙂

  6. “120 spring rolls + 120 salad rolls were consumed” Seriously? Haha, how does that make the list of facts :p

  7. PPC Ian says:

    Looks like ilthe event was a huge success! Awesome stuff!

  8. Good idea John, love the iPad you have.

    1. Same also! It truely makes presentations much easier 🙂

  9. Freelance seem to be something that peoples begin to put more attention. It’s a great way to earn extra money .

    1. That’s my thought exactly! People seem to want freelancing more than before now because it can do wonders with some great customers 🙂 And the extra money won’t hurt 😛

  10. That’s cool to have all those knowledgeable folks in one room to help so many people….:)

  11. Looks like it was a great day John

  12. Addy Kho says:

    wish I were there

  13. Ugh, if I didnt live all the way in Ontario I would have been there, if there is one of these in Toronto in the near future please post about it.

  14. God i wish i were there 🙂

  15. planter box says:

    Congrats, looks like a good turnout!

    Surprised the crew couldn’t chow down on more than 120 spring rolls.

    1. Yes that was really a great data … although these facts bring smile on face …

      They manage to get data about spring rolls as well, very professional.

  16. Would love to have a video for this event … surprise no video.

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