Five Important Online Timesavers

This post was guest blogged by Alan Johnson, the author of The Online Business Handbook.

I have previously listed 5 of the most potentially dangerous online timewasters and I’ve explained why you should always be careful and not go overboard when it comes to them and today, I will be referring to 5 of the most important online timewasters which can and will make a difference as far as your personal productivity level is concerned.

1) Google

Leaving all of the things they are doing wrong aside (and there are more than a few of those), I have to admit that Google can indeed prove to be quite a timesaver under certain circumstances. For example, if you forget the URL of a certain website, rather that asking other people or trying to remember it yourself, you can simply enter a few specific keywords which you know have to do with that website (again, try to keep them as specific as possible, a certain phrase you remembered or a part of its title), the website in question will most likely appear on the first page and, as a result, your memory will quickly be refreshed.

2) Wikipedia

Let’s assume that someone asks you some general information regarding something over the phone. If you are next to the computer and have an internet connection, you can be certain that, in most cases, Wikipedia will prove to be extremely useful.

3) Email

Email can also be seen as a potential timewaster if you don’t have the right attitude but let’s face it: rather than contacting a certain company by phone, for example, sending them an email is the best way to go under certain circumstances.

When talking to the phone, you may forget a few important aspects while, when sending an email and when you have the message in question right in front of you, the chances of something like that happening are extremely low.

4) Online Stores

Sometimes, you are simply far too busy in order to visit a regular store and, as a result, an online one is the way to go. Aside from that, when searching for certain products online, everything is just one click away. You can find all sorts of offers and compare products quite easily online, rather than having to visit several regular stores yourself and that is definitely an important advantage.

5) Elance and Similar Websites

As an online entrepreneur, you will most likely reach a point when delegating will be in order and that’s when websites which help you find freelancers (such as Elance, for example), will prove to be quite important timesavers.

Each freelancer has a reputation, so that making an informed decision will be a lot easier. Rather than finding someone in your area to take care of a certain task for you, posting an ad on such websites can indeed prove to be an extremely time-saving decision. You will receive offers from all sorts of interesting parties and, based on their reputation as well as on your budget and expectations, you can definitely make a decision you will not regret down the road.

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  1. 6) This blog. 👿 This was an interesting piece.

    1. Matt says:

      Looks like your EC price has gone through the roof here John EntreCard is broken

      1. Yeah, it got owned 😛 although they will claim a server error or something :mrgreen:

      2. Sava says:

        I guess it’s not broken … the way they calculate stuff changed.
        My price changed also … from 38 ec/day to 1100 ec/day


    2. MR. NICE GUY says:

      Great post Alan. I am a member of Elance.

      1. I do use Elance, in fact someone is working on a projects for me right now. It’s a great place to outsource your work.

      2. Sava says:

        what’s great about this post ?
        We’re you amazed something new like Google or what ?
        This is a making money online blog … not a crap online blog

        1. Just filler I guess!

    3. Mayank Rocks says:

      haha…kinda agreed :p

  2. Between the timewasters and the timesavers …Two great Posts.
    Thanks …

    1. whydowork says:

      can’t say this is my favorite series of posts 😯

      I’d argue that forums are far more useful than Wikipedia (which might not even be accurate in many cases).

  3. says:

    searching google will be helpful. example when looking for pdf books, try: make money online filetype:pdf and google shows only pdf books. There are tons of features you can use.

    1. Yes, but alot of people don’t know these google tricks 😛

      1. says:

        Here is a link in case anyone wants the list of features within that little smart Google search box:

  4. Azrael says:

    They are just common things!

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      Maybe………. *rolls eyes*

  5. FreePSDLogo says:

    They are all great, I really like Wikipedia, its probably the best source for accurate information on anything.

    1. Mayank Rocks says:

      Absolutely. I second that buddy 🙂

      1. Sava says:

        I used wikipedia to get A’s when I was at school 😀

  6. C’mon man come up with some useful stuff pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    1. Sava says:

      what do you mean ? Google isn’t useful 🙂 ?
      This is a great post … and also read Cashtacular’s comment below.
      He made his point … like a PRO 🙂
      Might I add another useful thing ?
      Shoes … they make your walking easier and with them you won’t suffer injuries like you would without shoes.
      No wonder Al Bundy was a show salesman … he knew how important shoes were.
      I will dedicate a new blog to shoes and their importance … I believe it’s worth a domain name to.

      We’re not here to read other people’s stupid posts

  7. Robert says:

    Isn’t the time you take up to use these items a waste in and of itself?

    1. Hannah says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! But in some cases I guess it is unavoidable!

  8. logosamurai says:

    Depends on how you use them.

  9. Nate says:

    While these may be common things some people don’t utilize them as they should from online stores to basic email usefulness.

  10. I like it better when JC writes the post at least if he writes a bad one, there’s still humor in it…

    1. Poker Sharks says:

      Seconded – badly written with zero content posts can be rescued with some humour. This guy gets none of the 3.

  11. pennyblogger says:

    1. Google i will admit is pretty useful, but yes, you have to be specific.
    2. wikipedia can be awesome for well known topics… i wouldn’t trust all of the stuff on there though.
    3. People still use email? Seriously though, sifting through the junk mail is time wasted.
    4. online shopping has changed the world.
    5.Elance… I didn’t even know about elance but obviously it saves time if you don’t have to write your own blogs anymore. Just pay someone else to do it, you will save a couple of hours a day!

  12. Jarel says:

    A few good tips….if you’re a total interweb newbie. I’m sure the majority of JC followers aren’t in that category. Where is the work JC? I think you’re slacking off too much and enjoying your late mornings. 👿 (Ok, except the rush hour traffic, lol)

  13. Deborah says:

    I found this post helpful. Sometimes, when in a crunch, we don’t think of taking advantage of the resources we have right at our fingertips. Our minds are always searching for something more complex when the answers don’t have to be so difficult. This post should serve as a gentle reminder to those who might need it.

  14. Mike says:

    Not much content in that particular post. Too bad, because alan johnson’s website has some pretty good content overall. Making posts like that are just a waste of reader’s time. He should have given us one of his more worthwhile posts from his own website.

  15. Felex nTan says:

    I use it everyday for my home based business 😀

  16. germz says:

    Hey john I’ve mailed you but I get the e-mails sent back as if it was an error… how much would I have to pay for you to sponsor

    1. Azrael says:

      Your post doesn’t have any relevancy to the article!

  17. Dice says:

    Sorry, but this post was rather “common sense” to me. But I can understand it may not be for the people who haven’t been using computers and internet for years.

    1. Caleb says:

      I agree…this is a rather common sense post,but never the less,what may seem common to some is NOT so common to others.

      The Wikii point was interesting because I actually do meet people who have no idea about Wikki,so using it to answer your readers/customers questions can definitely make you seem extremely knowledgable and of course that will only boost your credibility with those customers 😉

  18. Mayank Rocks says:

    Wikipedia is an awesome site!
    You really get everything you want there. And that too in details. I got all my informations for all the projects there. I love it. And google combined. I search most stuff in google and its the first result (wikipedia’s) :mrgreen:

    1. Hannah says:

      Yeah, it just sucks when your university won’t let you use it as reference material…

  19. “If you are next to the computer and have an internet connection”
    Dang, I just read that statement, but I don’t have an internet connection, I guess Wiki is out for me.

    Come on man, WTF is that?

    1. says:

      Got ya… I am almost moving onto differnet blog as soon as the post author is Alex… 🙄

  20. Fitness Site says:

    I dont agree with the first point. I dont find this blog when I type John chow. 😆 j/k.
    Nice read. 😎

    1. Because, Google owned him 😛

  21. Jarel says:

    Thanks JohnChow and Alan Johnson for this post! It gave me inspiration to blog on a similar topic. 😀

  22. Infogle says:

    not a topic of much importance as it’s daily activity for all

    1. Pretty much of a no brainer here.

  23. Cashtacular says:

    Here are 5 other really useful things:
    1) Air
    it’s very good to breathe. I recommend breathing it instead of other things.
    2) Water
    You might be surprised to know that this is something good to drink. Consuming it will keep you from being thirsty, but here’s the key – you have to put it in your mouth.
    3) A Car
    It’s much faster than walking, especially when you have to travel long distances.
    4) Stores
    Rather than trade goods or services with your friends and neighbors, you can go to these great locations where the supply a wide variety of items and purchase them with money (also useful, though it didn’t make the list).
    5) Pens
    When you have an idea that you want to remember, you can use a pen to write that idea down. Later, when you forget the idea, you can read it back and remember what you thought before.

    Thanks for the pearls of wisdom you graciously dropped in your post, Alan. Seriously, earth-shattering stuff.

    1. Sava says:

      for your number 3 … if you aren’t a successful blogger get a bike 🙂

    2. says:

      Claps… I feel the frustation

  24. Alan has a lot of useful stuff at his site, but this was not one of his better posts. Perhaps he should pull back on the amount of content he is creating, lest the quality suffer (maybe that would be a good future post, quality vs quality, lol).

    – Dave

  25. Looking at this post again, you can even see how it was rushed right at the beginning:

    “I will be referring to 5 of the most important online timewasters …”

    that should be timesavers, not timewasters. When you see mistakes like that, someone is rushing and not proofreading. I still like Alan’s site though.

    – Dave

  26. Chetan says:

    1. Dont come back to this blog if posts like these are made.
    2. Forums.. Forums.. Forums.. The best time savers for me.
    3. Wikipedia?? Have you ever got any such instance that its a time saver? Not at all a relevant point.

  27. Terry Tay says:

    Some days I just don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do and finding ways to do things faster is always a good thing. People need to budget their time as well as their money because some will waste both. One you can make back, but time is gone forever.

  28. Liane says:

    I’m forever thankful that wikipedia is there. I believe everybody is.I tried to be a writer for wikipedia once. I guess I was underqualified.. 😀

  29. Sha says:

    It’s email & online store for me. Oh & my other site.

  30. Syed Balkhi says:

    I go to Google and then end up at Wikipedia … Wikipedia is a real big time saver.

  31. Chetan says:

    Wikipedia is not allowed in computers in our college, but as am not able to live without it, i browse that through mobile to find any things out.

  32. Wade says:

    Saving time is valuable! Most people are very busy, and don’t want to spend much time on the computer. If they can get around your site/product/service quickly and easily, it will make them more apt to follow up.
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