Flash Mob Hits The Olympics With Dancing On Robson Street

After the riot in the streets of downtown Vancouver yesterday, it was nice to see a new type of mob hit the Olympics. imagine1day got 1,500 people together to perform an epic rendition of Dancing In The Street. Now this is more of what the Olympic Games are all about. Imagine walking along Granville and then suddenly 1,500 people all around you just starting dancing! Well, it happened today and I’m sure this won’t the last flash mob we’ll be seeing during the games.

If you live in Vancouver and haven’t checked out the sites and sounds yet, come on out! The city is on fire with excitement right now and it’s one big party. There are tons of stuff to see and do (as long as you don’t mind multi-hour long line ups). People on the street are extremely friendly (those rioters were from out of town) and easy to talk to.

The Olympic View From My House

It’s pretty hard for me to not be in an Olympic mood. I just have to look out my window to see the Olympic torch and rings. Had a great view of the opening fireworks too!



33 thoughts on “Flash Mob Hits The Olympics With Dancing On Robson Street”

  1. chester says:

    Gotta love those flash mobs. I haven’t been to too many venues as they are all jammed with crazy lineups so I’ve been soaking the atmosphere and it’s been amazing.

    1. Main mantra is to enjoy your time irrelevant to wherever you are.

      You can be in stadium or in street just enjoy your time.

      1. Even I got drawn into the activities tonight. Vancouver is seriously fun right now. Other than the lineups, I wish it was this incredibly active all of the time.

    2. Wow, you have the insane view of the downtown area. Must have been great during the opening ceremonies.

  2. Neel Singh says:

    I was downtown yesterday night and there’s people everywhere partying in the streets wearing crazy gear and waving flags – its nice to see Vancouver electrified like this

    1. Yes they had all the reasons.

      Thats why event like this is always welcome.

  3. I agree John, it was great to see the flash mob out dancing. Now with the first Gold on home soil won by Alex Bilodeau they will have more reason to get out and do it again. Wish I was there to share the excitement but I am cheering the whole Canadian Olympic team on from here in Ontario.

    1. That also essential as our team also need your support in ground as well.

  4. I enjoy watching the Winter Olympics!

  5. That was simply awesome John.

    How they manages to coordinate so beautifully.

    Are they practice together before coming.

    Simply awesome.

  6. Kel says:


    It’s good to see people happy and dancing in the street, but those that are upset by the Olympics shouldn’t be discounted. Some went about it the wrong way with violence, the masses had a point to make and that was the money that is being used for the Olympics would have gone a long way for the ultra poor.

    You only have to read about the Premier going down a $250,000 zip line and think really, there never is money for the poor.


    In fact, when the Olympics were being planned, there were plans to “clean up” the east end which meant move the poor, the sick, the addicted. This has occurred in other Olympic cities where city organizers give this affect group a one way ticket out of town.

    I am for the Olympics, but there should be balance for all.

  7. Looks like you all are having a great time!

  8. Diabetis says:

    You got agreat view from your home!

  9. The vies seems really great. And sport occasion like this Olympic is surely good for host town.

  10. S Ahsan says:

    amazing John, I have stopped watching the tv as i have started watching your videos instead :p

  11. fas says:

    This is absolutely crazy stuff 🙂

  12. You sure have an awesome view of the city, John! These pictures are real keepers! WOW!

  13. Looks like a crazy party.

  14. Ed Lau says:

    I was in that crowd, taking pictures…which are on my site.

    1. took a look, you got some great pictures Ed. Cool.

  15. Mark Hook says:

    Seeing the video, photos and events on television I am even more bumped I couldn’t attend this Olympics in person. Enjoy to everyone who is so lucky to experience the great atmosphere and events out there.

  16. I bet John is in the middle of that somewhere! Got someone to film and he went to dominate the line dance!

  17. KEITH ALVA says:

    vancouver… as ugly as ever.

  18. thighmister says:

    I am so impressed with the amount of work and skill you put into your blog. It seems like you are everywhere all the time. And here I am, stuck inside building robots all day. Ah me.

  19. henleys says:

    First, it’s really cool that the flash mob came out to counteract some of the negative press that the rioters have been getting.

    Second, John, you have an amazing view from your home!

  20. Janice Clark says:

    Flashmobs are awesome, wish i was there to see it personally, it would’ve been great.

    I luv your pictures of the olympics rings by the way, what a great view.

  21. great sight seeing..beautiful pictures

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