Flirting on the Go with AnastasiaDate Mobile

Somehow, this has become an annual tradition. We first discussed Anastasia International in 2009, following up with more diversity and white label offerings the next two years. Now, we’re in 2012 and the affiliate marketing landscape has changed once again.

For today’s review, we’re highlighting the recently launched AnastasiaDate Mobile. As you can probably figure out, this is the mobile-friendly version of the AnastasiaDate website. What this means as an affiliate is that you are now able to better monetize traffic coming from smartphones and tablets.

Scores of Russian Ladies in the Palm of Your Hand

If you’ve read my previous reviews of AnastasiaDate (which you may also know as Anastasia International), it is a website where guys can get connected with plenty of Russian gals. There is definitely money in this market; you just have to know how to monetize it.

Up until now, though, the website has only been designed to work on your laptop or desktop. Yes, people could have accessed the full site on their mobile device, but that’s hardly ideal. So, the people behind AnastasiaDate have created a mobile-optimized site that you can access at Do keep in mind that this will only work on mobile devices.

More specifically, the mobile version of the site has currently been designed to work only on Android 2.2+ devices and iOS 4.0+ devices. If you have an older version of Android or iOS, or you’re using a different mobile device entirely, Anastasia Mobile isn’t quite ready for you just yet. There is also a free Android app available through the Google Play store, but of course users will first need an account with AnastasiaDate.

Full Mobile Functionality

Just because people are choosing to hook up with their ladies with their smartphones and tablets doesn’t mean that they have to sacrifice anything in terms of functionality.

The mobile version of this dating site offers the same features as the full web-based service. For instance, both the basic and the advanced search are available. Users can look based on age, height, weight, country, and so on. As you can see from the screenshots above, the interface for the mobile site is very similar to what you would get from a native app.

Similarly, you get access to the contact list and you can participate in the live chats, complete with smilies. Of course, the pictures and profiles are going to be pretty important to users too. With the mobile version, users can access the full photo gallery, read the full interview with each of the ladies, and access their full profiles.

Mobile dating is becoming one of the fastest growing traffic generators, especially since more and more people are doing just about everything on their mobile devices.

So How Do I Make Money?

Monetizing your mobile traffic is much the same as promoting the regular AnastasiaDate affiliate program. After you log into your affiliate account, go to Create Links, then Advertising tools, and then select Mobile Version as your category. From there, you’ll find all the tools that you need.

The commission rates for the mobile version include up to $250 for the first confirmed order or up to $125 for each and every order. Alternatively, you can opt for $5 per lead. There’s also the two-tier program with a 10% cut. Remember that you need to target Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.0+ users, since the mobile version will not work on other mobile devices.

If you don’t already have an affiliate account with AnastasiaDate, you can sign up now at