Following Up and Following Through

Why You Will Fail

You know why the majority of web publishers and bloggers fail to make money online? The answer is really simple – they fail to follow up and follow through with their goals. Ever since opening TTZ Media to the public, I’m been constantly reminded of this lack of follow up and follow through.

Nearly 200 sites have joined the TTZ Media Network since it went live. However, only about 20% have installed the ad codes. Why? People are lazy! They want the quick fix, the instant gratification, and they don’t want to do any work to get it. This is why get rich quick eBooks and schemes does so well. It’s a universal desire to want the better things in life for ourselves and our family. However, very few people are willing to take the steps necessary to make that dream a reality.

I Want To Do It But I Don’t Want To Do Any Work

Through my blog, I’ve talked to thousands of people who tell me they want to make money on the Internet and they’re going to start that blog. For most of them, I’m still waiting to see the blog. Then there are those have actually followed up and created the blog but then stop updating it after a week because they’re not seeing the expected results. They did the follow up, but they didn’t follow through. Based on these past experiences, I really shouldn’t be at all surprised that a bunch of people applied to TTZ Media but only a minority follow through and installed the ad codes.

I was talking to my Kontera rep and he tells me the hardest part of his job is actually getting the publishers to install the ad codes. To me, this kind of stuff just defies logic. They are approved, they have the ad codes, they can now make money online. Why are the codes not installed? How much work are we talking about here? If you don’t even have time to copy and paste an ad code, how will you ever find time to actually write a blog post?

The Root of The Problem

Have you ever attended motivational seminars? I’ve been to a few. The sequences of events are always the same. People come out all fired up and ready to take on the world and change their lives for the better. A week later they’re back doing the same old routine. The seminar operators know this and count on it. If everyone they teach became successful, they’re be out of business.

The root of the problem all comes back to following up and following through. It’s all well and good to say, “I’m going to do it! I’m going to succeed!” However, if you don’t follow up and follow through with your words, then your words are nothing more than a big fat lie.

104 thoughts on “Following Up and Following Through”

  1. chris says:

    John, you have hit the nail on the head. Many people want to make money online, but don’t want to work at it. At times I have been guilty of that, but I’ve notice I only make money online from projects that I’ve put serious time into. All be it, not a lot of money at the time…but I believe that my hard work will pay off in the future.


    1. Mubin says:

      I have noticed the sites that I have paid the least amount of attention to make the most amount of money 😈

      1. Matt Jones says:

        I’ve been following up on my online dreams ever since I 1st dreamt them. It’s going great 😀

      2. Googlelady says:

        Mubin, this way is sometimes successfull. If the product that your are promoting is high-demanding but sometimes “testing” for a new product that have not been over promoted can be risky but then if you are one of the first to promote this product can be very lucrative.

        1. mubin says:

          I thought we were talking about sites? I have yet to try to make a product, it is one of my goals but not yet.

        2. promotion can always be risky but with the right angle well then maybe it could be lucrative. 🙂

          1. mubin says:

            Please explain in more detail.

  2. Yes, totaly agree. Some people who would like to make money online but they never do any work.

    1. Mubin says:

      Isnt that the whole point of doing work on the internet so that you can automatically make money while chatting with your friends?

      1. Teejay says:

        lol. If that were true, I would have lots of money right and would be in vacation.

        1. mubin says:

          Your not doing it right, ask john he spends all day chatting with the cow on IM

      2. lyricsreg says:

        That only works for video chat websites … if you’re a hot girl

  3. All so true, you’ve got to work at it and put some effort in. I don’t expect ANYTHING from any website I create for a year, I really do treat anything a bonus up until then.

    1. Mubin says:

      You wait for one year before you expect anything? Thats really horrible.

      1. thats not horrible thats commons sense. Aftera year for a website you’re established, you are a trusted name more often. Not all blogs make money and not all niches are good. Testing out a niche for a year means you’ve given it sufficient amount of hard work and time to earn income. If you haven’t made your money you’ve put into a blog in a year you know that the next year may be the same.

        Its smart thinking. Before being a critic try to think outside the box.

        1. mubin says:

          you sir are an idiot.

          Stop using witty catchphrases like think outside the box

          1. I am most certainly not an idiot. If I were an idiot I wouldn’t have been doing this for 13 years owned several companies. I will use any catch phrase I wish. You thinking that you are continuously right is what one would call idiotic. I earn a darn good living through making money online and teaching others how to do it. I’ve had many successful “students” I’m also not a SIR I am a female. After 2 months my site was making over 2,000 a month. Some people get lucky some people don’t. It depends a year is a sufficient amount of time. You have to treat your blog like a business and knowing when to trudge on or give up. Assuming its going to be an instant success is idiotic. Having realistic point of view of the world and knowing instant gratification doesn’t work out all the time. Well thats intelligence. And name calling well that is just childish.

          2. mubin says:

            I apologize.

            You MAAM are an idiot.

            Your recent post has just contradicted your first one where you ask for a year, and than now you state it only took you 2 months, if you could do it in 2 months why the hell are you suggesting it should take other people a year?

            Did auctionads take a year? Blogrush? DealDotCom? MillionDollar Wiki? WMillion Euro Wiki?

            I think the answer is no.

            And yes I have disallowed you from using stupid catchphrases so don’t do it again.

          3. I’ve been doing websites for 13 years+ I was lucky and made a lot of money quickly. But I also have helped people who’ve had their blog for over year and have been trying to monetize it. now because they are now an authority figure. Its trying to make a name for yourself first.

            Those are not earning income online from a blog itself using products like kontera.

            You are referencing products not blogs

          4. Heather says:

            I don’t know who you are calling women idiots on the internet, would you do the same face to face? For your information she makes over $5k/month after just seven months of blogging, how much are you making? And she is on track to have over a six-figure income next year, and how much are you going to make next year.
            John Reese who does BlogRush has been on the internet for many years. The internet is not a get rich quick scheme which is what she’s trying to say. Many people think you can make an easy living not doing anything and she refuses to advocate that. I happen to know that she also taught people with no experience to make income in a few weeks, but even she will tell you they only make a few hundred dollars. It takes time and that is her point. By the way she has appeared as a guest on internet talk shows, where is it we can tune in and hear your radio interview? 😆

      2. It took me over 2 years to basically do more than break even. It’s true that there were far less opportunities at that time to make money online as there are now, but this also instilled the fact that I loved doing what I was doing (why blog for 2 years without pay if you don’t love it).

        It is so true that 90% of making money online is stepping up to the plate and being consistent over a long period of time. 2 years with no pay has turned into a six figure online income today…

        1. It really depends onyour niche. Some will get you money instantly some wont. Its like playing russian roulette

      3. Not really, I make enough from my established sites to not have to depend on any new ideas I have. Of course I make money in that first year but I don’t have any expectations.

  4. Jada says:

    John man, you have got to change the picture of that car on the front page. It’s getting a tad old. Put up a Ferrari one.

    Love the site.

    1. Change the picture his other picture was up for months! I dont think that picture is going any where any time soon!

      1. Teejay says:

        Well, maybe the readers can choose which type of car he can put up next.

        1. thats actually a good idea! that would make for a really great contest!

  5. MoneyNing says:

    I think most people don’t understand the hard work and time it takes to upkeep a blog and eventually make money. Everything just wants to quit their job (or quit school) and start making money but they will never realize that is where it is today because of constant grinding for months and months.

    Great article!

    1. Mubin says:

      Or maybe 3-4 diggs in a row, and than just regularly updating and some great ideas? Not really what I call grinding and grinding.

      1. A successful blog that makes a lot of money takes a lot of time and effort. I have a full time assistant to take care of contacting public relations companies and regular companies for product reviews. I also have a staff to write in categories I do not have time for. If I didn’t delegate I’d be working 18 hour days on my blog writing the content, then taking the time to make sure i keep up the back links etc.

        Not everyone can get on digg. Not everyone knows about stumble groups, sk-rt groups, digg groups, etc. Some people have connections some don’t. For those who don’t well it takes more hard work. I was fortunate enough to be doing this for over a decade and know my way around the backdoor into getting my site noticed and getting readers. Not everyone has that advantage.

        1. mubin says:

          Bah. You like to do things the hard way, you do not belong on the internet.

          1. How can you talk to someone like this? I don’t know how you can be so negative and so rude. Its really sad.

  6. Ineed John. Words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

  7. Hyder says:

    I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with placements, so far I haven’t gotten any clicks.

    I’m going to try and integrate it with that WP adsense plugin and show it only on specific popular posts.

  8. I find it hard to believe people don’t install the ad codes for at least a daty after signing up. That is truly lazy.

  9. John says:

    Separate topic, but are you still giving a link back if a site reviews your site? Enjoy the blog and read it on a regular basis. Thanks.

    1. John Chow says:

      I no longer do the linkback for review promotion.

      1. Thats actually good you get slapped alot by google for that. I got slapped by google. I’m on page three for my own search term. Don’t you love them? Bleh.

        I tell people they can link to a contest. but I ask them to link to the company more so than the actual contest. It boosts the company more than my site plus i get them to visit the site and tell them to pick a product they like as a form of entry. The companies who hold the contest love it since they get 3x’s the hits.

  10. Roberta says:

    I agree, John. I’d been so busy that I didn’t install the ad code up until today. Now I can make money online 🙂

  11. John,
    I signed up when you announced that ttzmedia was now open, but didn’t hear anything back.
    Just checked my server logs and can see now that emails from ttzmedia were rejected at the server because of an invalid PTR, you might want to fix this as I’m sure I can’t be the only one not receiving activation emails.

    1. I also haven’t heard back from TTZ about my application… been about 3-4 days now.

      1. Matthew says:

        Same here. I applied and saw John visit with in a few minutes but heard nothing either way.

    2. John Chow says:

      Did you check your spam folder? I replied to your guys and activated your accounts. Email me directly at [email protected] if you haven’t received anything.

      1. John, checked spam folders, but nothing there.
        My server is set up to reject at server level if the PTR is invalid, so the email doesn’t even get as far as the spam folder.
        I did add ttzmedia to my white list tonight and got approval on a new email address (couldn’t use previous ones because they had already been registered on tzz),
        So for me, all is ok now, but you do have 3 accounts registered from my domain, but only 1 is accepted on my end…
        I’d still suggest you fix the PTR problem, an easy fix, and your % of those that sign up and then display ads will increase.

  12. Justin says:

    True!! But a lot of people fade out even after a month 2 months or even 3 because they don’t see any money they were pumped about making. It seems that a blog really takes at least a good 6 months to a year to even mature enough to see some good action.

    1. Matthew says:

      In a lot of cases 1 – 2 years before seeing some return. Thats a good reason to not have money as your goal… but rather doing something because you enjoy it.

  13. Jimson Lee says:

    How true! I coach Track & Field, and can you guess how many new runners join in September, or after an Olympic year, wanting to become the next Ben Johnson (aka 9.79 fame) only to see them disappear by October or November.

    Funny thing is, they **all** disappear after they get their new team uniforms, sweats, jackets, etc.

    1. Mubin says:

      Track & Field, I tried that once. It is horrible I am not sure how the hell people even join that in the first place. I remember once a kid got suspended but they couldn’t actually kick him out of school because his parents were poor and they needed to work and no one could supervise him, you know what the school did? They made him join track and field.

  14. Chip says:

    That’s all true. I realized after 3 months of having a blog, how much work there is to do. Join ad networks, socialize, comment, write articles, send e-mails, write more content, document, research, ask, answer, and many, many more.

  15. You have really hit the nail with this post John. I used to be making the same mistake when i first started, and in most of the cases I would have forgot with who I had signed up and this means I have most probably lost a real money maker.

    I remember I contacted you about TTZ media few weeks ago when I was about to acquire a tech related site, after some negotiations with the sellers I managed to buy the site, but had to make major changes to raise the traffic and serps ranking in the long run, the traffic was already just of few hits, so far have managed to increase slightly the traffic but yet not at the amount of pageviews TTZ media required in order to sign up for. Even tho you made this announce that you would accept a limited number of sites on TTZ media i still didn’t signed up as I believe the blog is not ready yet for TTZ media. I believe this left me aside of the 80% of those that haven’t installed the code (I believe anyhow i would have used).

    At this moment i use the widgetbucks widget, will see how it will go.

    Thank you for another great post John.

  16. John, that is real true! Lazyness kills success and this is the main challenge in our life, we just have to beat ourselfes!

  17. I leave a trail of shattered blogs behind me…

    This is my biggest fear in starting this latest blog. My other blogs have not been as successeful as they potientially could have been because I am lazy. They were all profitable niches that I just didn’t follow through with. This time will be different. It has to be.

    1. Israel says:

      wow, so you knw what your past issues havebeen, just dont do those things anymore.

    2. That happens. I’ve been doing this for so long I just recently started monetizing. IT happens some blogs work some blogs dont. Especially in a well established niche if you really like it and try your hardest it just doesn’t work. I have a bout 5 project blogs I’m still debating on starting since I sometimes feel I’m too late in the game. However, if I let that stop me I wouldn’t have made pajama mommy and earning over 5,000 a month! So I try to get over the fears. Heck even if a blog makes $50 a month its still a profit!

  18. Matej says:

    With Kontera I earned 7$ from from 328 clicks ( on one blogspot blog) (CTR 1.44%) .
    I was off course unhappy, but I wanted to have another try for one more month but this time with mine second blog. I e-mail them 3 TIMES to approve my new site, they have never responded.

    Back to the topic…
    I agree with you John, I had similar situation for the last 2.5 weeks. I have finally made my first blog with private domain name. I was a bit lazy working on the same because I couldn’t find proper design that will fit to my content and navigation.I can’t believe that I wasn’t thinking about this earlier.

    Now when I have finally solved this problems, I can concentrate on promoting and better content.

  19. Nelson says:

    I applied to TTZ and I got approved fairly quick, in fact in a few minutes. I did install the code for a couple of days on my site, but I didn’t get any click on those days, my site is fairly new but compared to adsense the result was not good, so I removed the code and put adsense back. I think TTZ is a great program, better than widgetbucks and Chitika in the sense of control and ad position options. I guess it will do really good on a high traffic site. I will put it back when I improve the traffic to my site.

    1. Israel says:

      haha, so you quit after how long? bro, give it time. test it. mayeb you should even try rotating between the two ad networks.

  20. Nelson says:

    John Wouldn’t be better to put a tag on your posts on the home page, your site takes awhile to load….

    1. Matthew says:

      Loads great for me 🙂

  21. Steve D says:

    I installed the ad code to my site as soon as I was approved. i have since been receiving clicks and further optimizing the code.

  22. Nathan Ives says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more. I started my blog ( on July 1 with concerns about whether or not people would like what I have to say (I blog about how managers and help bring about organizational alignment and accountability), if I could keep up with the appropriate amount of writing, and if I could master the technology. The ride has not been without its bumps but I have been extremely happy with the significant and rising volume of RSS subscribers and traffic to my site. I would echo your advise and Nike’s moto that if you are want to get out there – just do it!

    Nathan Ives

  23. CJ says:

    It’s funny. I signed up for TTZ, got the ad code and sat down ready to install it on my blog. Problem is I have no knowledge of coding (though I’m slowly picking things up each day). I struggled for about two hours trying to figure out how to place the code. Finally I got it just right (this was after crashing the blog NUMEROUS times attempting to do it). The next day, when I posted to the blog, I found some sort of flaw in the way my blog is coded (not sure what yet) that was preventing the code from appearing the way I wanted (in between posts). It appeared between all the old posts, but not the new ones. So as of now the TTZ code is not on my blog. This makes me feel like the quitters John talks about in this post, but my plan is to compile a list of all these problems I’m having (a lot of them with installing ad code) and presenting them to my coder in a week or so. See if he can solve all of them while simultaneously teaching me something.

    It’s tough because it’s something I want to learn to do myself, but I have no one to teach it to me. Until then…the code remains off the blog. Vexing me.

  24. For once i felt John chow was speaking directly to me ,….. LOL …i feel lazy at times to fix the codes in my website … interesting enough … after reading this piece i went to fix mine …. procrastination is really killing some of us slowly.

  25. Rahul says:

    I completely agree with this post 100%. Everyone talks, but no one walks. If you want to get results in your life, you have to realize things don’t just happen instantly. You’re not going to wake up one day and be a millionaire.

    This has been a big realization for me. Patience IS a virtue. Delayed gratification is necessary to succeed in anything in life. All of the billionaires around the world didn’t know they would be billionaires one day. Bill Gates, when he first started microsoft, wasn’t like “oh, I failed my first start up, might as well quit forever.”

    John, I agree with you. Some people make no sense.

  26. charles says:

    I totally agree with you John. Sometimes laziness just hit me. 🙂 🙂 :mrgreen:

    1. Googlelady says:

      Laziness is the worst virus on the e-world 😉 it hits everyone even Johnchow 😈

    2. Sometimes I’m not being lazy but have so much to do I can’t be bothered starting, if I don’t have a written down plan then I suffer!

  27. Neil Duckett says:

    How very true. I`ve been guilty of this in the past, not so much anymore though.

  28. Collin says:

    Great post John and yes I have added the code to my site 🙂 and the ads look great. One of the best I have seen yet and I can’t wait to see the money roling in from them.

  29. Zac Johnson says:

    With failure comes great success… it’s just those who continue to try, they makes the difference and get to the next level!

    1. James Wilcox says:

      There is no try…you do or you do not. 🙂

    2. mubin says:

      Thank you Uncle Ben from Spiderman…

      J/K. BTw love the ppc campaign articles zac, you are one of the most under-rated bloggers out there man.

  30. Googlelady says:

    Johnchow I agree with you totally, but talking about “affiliate programs” (I didn’t register to TTZ network, because my blog don’t suit to it) usually publishers (like me) registered – get approved – check campaigns or advertisers – Leave or stay – If stay Then make a research about x campaign/advertiser and then after a month promote it when your research is done. But yes, there are many lazy people around that they are satisfied when they got approved from a program and then they wait and see if magically they can make money without even adding the codes 💡

  31. BPaul says:

    John you are absolutely correct. So many people think you got to this level because you know something that we don’t know. I say this because I was one of those people who thought that all the answers were in an ebook or subscription. The bottom line is you must have passion, focus, and action to be very successful in any human endeavor.

  32. Israel says:

    I’m gong to do it! I’m going to succeed!”

    misspelled going.

    i like this cuz it tells peeps like it is.

  33. I agree with you so much that I wrote a post about it a week or two ago…it’s linked through my name. ❗

  34. Great points.

    That’s why only a few will ever do it. Makes it easier for the ones who do follow through, however.

  35. nice post. I usually mention it as ‘discipline’ to those new forex trader. I suggest them to following a trading technique at their choice with high level of discipline.

  36. Teejay says:

    Thanks for the motivational speech. Very good.

  37. Steve says:

    “They want the quick fix, the instant gratification, and they don’t want to do any work to get it.”

    This applies equally to the weight loss industry. No matter how hard you try to tell them other wise, it just never really seems to sink in.

  38. JCYL says:

    excellent advice!

  39. James says:

    What we need when we want to succeed in something is simple:
    – have a goal
    – make a plan
    – follow the plan and evaluate results along the way,making adjustments, take notes

    That’s it

    1. mubin says:

      How about:

      -Kicking Ass
      -Taking Names

    2. lyricsreg says:

      that’s it for a 4th grader. If only that would be all you need …

  40. Hi John! I agree with you. It is true that we need to do some action by ourselves. If we want to earn money online, we need to follow through the steps. I am happy that you raised this topic John. Great job! Really benefits a lot of people. 🙂

  41. Hoto says:

    you are so right. nearly everyone want to make some money but if it comes to the point you have to do some work for it most of the people
    just don´t what has to be done. no pain no gain ! go for your goals.

  42. squaretan says:

    Yeah blogging is tough at times because time is needed for the blog. No matter what it is, i am still going strong thanks to John Chow. Blogging is fun and easy when you see there is traffic to your site.
    Thanks John Chow for all the wonderful tips as i am following up and following through at the moment! 😈

  43. I have implemented TTZ media network!

    Absolutely Fantastic!

    Check it out at

    It is a really great affiliate program!!

  44. Yes very true it seems that many bloggers are all talk and know work at the end of the day.

  45. Pam Hoffman says:

    You Wrote:
    “I was talking to my Kontera rep and he tells me the hardest part of his job is actually getting the publishers to install the ad codes. To me, this kind of stuff just defies logic. They are approved, they have the ad codes, they can now make money online. Why are the codes not installed? How much work are we talking about here? If you don’t even have time to copy and paste an ad code, how will you ever find time to actually write a blog post?”

    I gotta tell you John, I got more clicks with my Kontera than my google ads yet they are vastly different in the pay-off – at least for me.

    Last I checked, google had 10 clicks and something $7 & change. The Kontera had 17 clicks! Only $2.12 accumulated though.

    So, at least one of your readers has worked a blog (for over 5 months now), implemented as much as I can and always working on more and I post to my blog almost every day and I could move it up to 2x a day. Unfortunately, they won’t automatically deploy thru I started there to actually get something going. WordPress will be next. It’s a lot to learn all at once and getting in the game was more important than getting into my ‘analysis paralysis’ routine – I’m already an expert at that.

    Thanks for continuing to post. I have a long way to go before I get to your 1st month in earnings. One good sign up with a Seminar thru my site would really be a good start!

    Pam Hoffman

  46. Andrew says:

    I think that not everyone will immediatley follow through, because that is not their original intentions. It is hard to find when shopping for an affiliate / advertising solution to work out what rates are paid, what options there are and what they will get if they sign up.

    I have signed up – but not used it, 1 because my blog does not have enough subscribers to make it worth while, and 2 I want to get a niche that makes your ads more appropriate than some of the other sources of advertising revenue.

    If it were easier to see what you will get and also only sign up if you have a use for the product then you would see less of this apparent apathy, which may not be apathy at all.

  47. john chief says:

    Thanks John. I am totally new to blogging , so the the point about correlation between consistent action and results really resonates .

    John Chief

  48. Quite true. It is not easy sitting before a computer and do the donkey’s work needed. Compared to regular businesses, this needs application and a particular frame of mind to make money on the Internet.

  49. You are totally right. I’ve never made a dime sitting on the couch.

  50. Have you thought that maybe Publishers have tried programs such as Kontera but have decided that using it would completely ruin and hinder the reader’s experience? It’s not necessarily laziness..

  51. John, One great that I’ve been seeing of you to why you are successful… well you are just a go getter, take action type of guy.

    You are the man!


  52. Sana says:

    I have read loads of self-help books, as well as self-esteem books, and I know the concepts. It’s easy to put yourself down when you’re not earning anything on internet, or when you’re taking the baby steps. Also, when you look at the competition on the net, your spirits spiral downwards, and you wonder if you are capable of competing. Your post will definitely help motivate others. Thanks

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