For Your Thanksgiving Viewing Pleasure

I’ve seen some strange animals in my life but goats the faint when excited? Well, that’s exactly what these goats do. Thanks goes out to Charles Fort for sending this to me. I got a good laugh out of it. I hope you will too. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the video.

Hey! Tomorrow is Black Friday! Time to shop! What you think my chances of picking a Sony PS3 or a Nintendo Wii are?

8 thoughts on “For Your Thanksgiving Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Ed says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me.

  2. dacholo says:

    hahaha!! ppl were paying $2~3000 USD for PS3 to the guys who waited in line to purchase one. I’d guess they are out of stock until another week or so from now.

    on the up side, here in the States, rumor is that some retailers have BF prices available ONLINE NOW. Happy Hunting!

  3. Gdog says:

    That’s awesome. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll see fainting goats on a menu in Ricemond. 😉

  4. What the hell kind of evolutionary step is that?! More of a sideways (unconscious) leap right off the biological ladder 😉

  5. David Mackey says:

    Thats hilarious. The funny thing is that just this past Sunday at church someone was telling me about this.

  6. Sonia says:

    These are the stunt goats. Every movie studio in a future will have one of those. There is a need for fainting goats, bending goats, jumping goats, laughing goats etc.

  7. Nikolai says:

    LOL this is funny. these animals would not survive in the wild, that is for sure 🙂

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