Forget The 80/20 Rule – Here’s The 100/0 Rule

I’m sure most of you have all heard of the 80/20 Rule by Pareto. The rule states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. You can apply this rule universally to almost anything, and its accuracy is pretty dead on.

Well now, I’d like to introduce you to a principle you’ve probably never heard of before. Yet, it may be just as important, and maybe more powerful, than the 80/20 rule.

The 100/0 Rule

When you adopt the 100/0 rule to your life and business, amazing things will happen. Here’s the gist of it. The fundamental concept of the 100/0 rule is you give 100% all of the time, every time.

But here’s the thing.

You’ll do this, even if you’re getting zero percent back in return. That’s the part where it may get hairy for some of us. But it’s necessary. I was giving 100% to my blog and getting a 0% ROI for the first eight months. As you can see, things worked out really well in the end.


And here’s the interesting thing. Just because someone is giving zero percent, it doesn’t mean they’re giving zero percent. They may be giving 100% too! Let me explain.

We’ve all got friends. Some of them go way back to our childhood or school days. We’ve all got coworkers too. Or, friends in our local area that we enjoy doing things with. Usually, there are just one to two of these people that like to put things together. Wether it’s to plan a party, a reunion, to go out on the town, you can just count on them to do it. Everybody else may think about it, but they just never get around to it.

On the surface, it looks one person is giving 100% and that the other people don’t care and are giving zero. However, when you get with your friends etc., you all have a great time. The person that gave a hundred, and the person that gave zero are both having a good time.

Which Person Do You Want To Be?

I hope you’re a Hundred Percenter. They’re the movers and shakers of the world. The people that make things happen. In business, and in life, even if you don’t see the immediate payoff, even if it doesn’t seem fair that you are the one always doing things, you should give 100%.

Give 100% with your family, with your friends, and with your work. Even if you get zero in return, it’ll always work out for your benefit and that of others.

Now get out there and make things happen. Call that person that you’ve been waiting to call you, start that business that you’ve been waiting on someone else to hand to you in a pretty little gift wrapped box. Put in 100% like you’ve never done before. Your absolute best. You’ll thank me later.

10 thoughts on “Forget The 80/20 Rule – Here’s The 100/0 Rule”

  1. I get your point John – and it’s an excellent concept…but I think you’re missing something big.

    The Pareto Principle or the 80/20 law states that for every 80 percent achievement, only 20 percent of your efforts caused the 80. Now, Tim Ferriss took this principle a little further by arguing that your job is to identify the 20% (responsible for the bulk of your success) and then, give it your 100% time (and attention).

    Back to your blog example. My guess is that if blogging was unprofitable maybe after 5 years, would you still have continued? The answer, definitely, is no. You did because it proved to be that magical 20%! If you had, then, you would have been ignoring other better 20% opportunities…

    I love the logic here, John and I dig your reasoning…but the logic is a little at variance with the original Pareto principle (from which you have drawn your analogy).

    Make the day super great!


    1. You do have a point here, but nevertheless I am sure that Jon is also making a great point. We should be giving 100% all of the time. I like the idea of never giving up – but yes in reality there is a time constraint if you need to be earning!

  2. Great motivational article John.

    I think we should always give 100% no matter what it is that you are doing. True winners will always give 100%. Consistently giving 100% to everything that you do will lead to success in some kind of way.

    That is why I tell my partners(online publishers) to give 100% to every campaign that they run otherwise don’t expect to make money from it.

  3. Johnathon says:

    My personal thinking both 80/20 and 100/0 rule are working!
    So give your 100-passion into 20-important…

  4. faisal says:

    Lots of patience needed to pull it off.

  5. Hi John,

    I wouldn’t be living in Fiji for 4 months if I hadn’t make a maximum impact every day I worked online…which over the past 5 years, sometimes came out to 360 days a year. Power message.

    Give 100% wherever you are. Make an impact. I most always gave 100% but during my first 3 years online I did unintelligent stuff. Still, I made the habit of trying, then exploring.

    Then, a while back, I decided that even though I saw some success online I had to make an impact wherever I showed up. Then, 2 months ago, I took that mindset into overdrive, and I really focused on creating in-depth, thorough blog post, and I focused on creating in-depth, thorough comments on authority blogs like yours.

    I was featured on 20 blogs over the past 8 weeks; 21, actually, as one of my guest posts went live today on a blog with 10,000 subscribers….and I did this all through blogging, blog commenting, promoting others, releasing a helpful, inspiring eBook about blogging from paradise….and….

    …over delivering, making an impact, and intending to give 100% through each moment of my day.

    Give 100% folks. Pareto’s Principle may be true, but only for those who want to use that as excuse, to take your foot off of the pedal.

    Thanks so much JC.

    Tweeting in a bit.

    Signing off from Fiji.


  6. Pankaj says:

    Give 100% only then you can expect something in return after some time, however you’re not getting anything back you must be getting satisfaction that you’re doing things with your full potential and that too with right reasons.

  7. Jay says:

    Good tips thats why à lot of newbies dont make it in thé online business World they simply give up If they do not See results quick enough…

    Stick with your dreams and reach for thé stars

  8. Shahid Zaman says:

    Hi John,
    I was trying joining under you but there was an issue of credit card payment. I wrote several emails to MOBE customer support regarding the matter and in the end they solved this issue by processing the payment of $49.00 manually. Now I want to join this program under you, would you please tell me which steps to follow?

  9. Mary Cate says:

    John. I am so glad I found your FB page and blog, thanks to Memphis Rains. I just completed an amazing, reknown course called Money & You. It reveals how one is playing Win/Lose even though they think they are not, and transforms them through various group experiences into getting it and owning win/win.

    Recently, I have connected with stellar people and have been inspired to serve them with my talents in trade or from the heart without charging. This goes against a lot I am learning about “charging what you are worth” and never working for free. But I know the returns will be exponential. I am launching a new pricing model and leveraging automation for increased income, but being there for people really feels right in some cases.

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