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Selling stuff online can be a pretty difficult proposition. Whether you are trying to sell your product or you are trying to promote an affiliate deal, it can be quite the challenge to not only direct visitors to your website, but also to get them to convert on the offer. That’s why an effective landing page is of paramount importance.

Well, you’re in luck. The good people behind InvespBlog have put together a couple of free landing page templates for you to download and use. With the holiday season completely engulfing us, I’m sure you can find a couple of great affiliate deals to promote for some extra gift-buying cash.

The Short Copy

Generally speaking, there are two main strategies when it comes to designing effective landing pages. First, you could create a page that is short and sweet. Alternatively, you can take on a longer fom and be more exhaustive with your sales pitch. InvespBlog is giving away both for free.

The short landing page is shown above. As a template, none of the actual information displayed is of any use to you. You’ll need to replace it with some good sales copy, perhaps hiring a freelance writer to do that for you. You will also want to include relevant images, possibly replacing our friend here with the short tie.

In terms of layout, this short landing page is simple and straightforward. The signup form is prominently featured along the right side, there’s a place for a “strong” headline, and the basic contact information is easily accessed near the top of the page.

The Long Landing Page

As you can probably imagine, the longer landing page template is, well, longer than the short copy. Even so, it starts out in much the same way. You get the same place for a phone number, the same place for an image, and the same place for the quick signup form. The color scheme has switched from red to blue, perhaps giving a more corporate-minded appearance to the page.

The free landing page template then goes into a fuller sales copy that further explains the product and why a customer should choose it over products from your competitors. This is then followd by a special section where visitors are reminded of the benefits using the “feature” approach.

Like any good landing page, the longer template concludes with another call to action, making it easy for visitors to follow through on the offer. According to the guys behind InvespBlog, this template has managed to perform very well, assuming that you’ll get some good sales copy to go with it and you adjust it ever so slightly to suit your needs.

Thank You, Come Again

Both the short and long versions of the landing page templates come with corresponding “thank you” pages as well. These remind the visitor of any contact information that they may need, as well as direct them to your company website and blog.

If you’re looking to make money online, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try these free landing page templates. In order to get them, all you have to do is subscribe to the InvespBlog RSS feed. The next email or feed update you receive will contain a link to download the templates.

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    1. It’s actual not John that does these posts – its a fellow named Michael Kwan

      1. Blog Expert says:

        I wish it was John. I feel like I’m not even reading his blog anymore.

        1. @Blog Expert are you feeling a little neglected. Well, I do to. I just don’t know him anymore. He use to be around all the time. But know it’s like he doesn’t love us anymore and makes up for it through other people and throws money at us saying, “Look how hard I work for you.”

      2. Abdul says:

        Thanks for reminding, I almost forgot that because of the so many reviews his blog is doing!

      3. blogmerchant says:

        Nice templates, and I like the authors niche, hopefully it is sustainable for him.

      4. I think the hardest part about designing a website is creating a cool landing page in which it has a very easy interface for its visitors. pretty cool.

    2. Zak Show says:

      Good post Michael Kwan

    3. this is great stuff by them..they look professional templates

  1. Nice haven’t seen these templates around only thing is A lot people will be using them better to use custom ones or customize one of these make it standout from the crowd Thanks for the templates John.

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    Landing pages make a lot of sense for products and services.
    Would a landing page make sense for a blog?

    For example, let’s say your blog is called Bananas, but you have a lot of information on Oranges too. And let’s say everybody searches for Oranges, but very little on Bananas. Would a landing page to capture the Orange traffic and guide folks to your blog make sense, even if it’s not products/services per se? … Any good live examples?

    1. Ben Pei says:

      Landing page is best used for affiliate marketing. Doesn’t matter whether you are blogging or not? Anyone can start with affiliate marketing to make money online..

    2. Yup, it can be used. Landing page is best for affiliate marketing whether it’s blog or not.

    3. well, you are going to want to have a specific landing page for a specific customer. Remember you can create text links on your blog and will go to the landing page for that particular product. So blog about the product as a review and that you have one too. If the customer is interested in it then they will click the link and wham…they are on your page.

      QUESTION: how much do you need to let the reader know that you are the one who is actually selling it?

  3. Having Studied and worked with Online Marketing for the past 2 years I must say that having access to these great landing pages for free is a really great resource to share with your blog readers.

    I will write a blog post about this and of course link to this blog post as well since I found it here.

    Not to mention that I will check the templates out and also download them for later use.

    Thanks for finding these great landing pages and sharing them with us all John.

    This monday is just becoming better and better for me 🙂

    -Tobias Fransson

  4. Melissa says:

    This is great info, John! The short one could be used for a lot of things such as a newsletter sign-up page. In fact, I may give it a go to see how it works as long as I can get it to work with aweber.

  5. Great info john. Hope you can share more related info in future.

  6. Sirko says:

    very great post. very interessting John

  7. Hajib says:

    this is cool… things i need to boost my affiliate marketing.

  8. Aditya says:

    Landing pages are a way to boost affiliate sales. They are of great help for marketers. I have been an affiliate for ClickBank products and think it great to boost your sales. However, i feel that landing pages are not of that use for blogs(as it does not make sense for blogs).

    By the way, it’s good to read such nice posts. Image illustrations were simply awesome and it made the content an easy-to-understand work.

    To your success,


  9. Looks very interesting, in the new year I will take a closer look at it I think.

  10. Abdul says:

    Interesting Article!

  11. mxyzplk says:

    Thanks for the info john… I was looking for free landing page more than a year 😀

  12. Good layouts thanks john

  13. James Watson says:

    I think people are missing out that this is a great marketing strategy to build a list. I see they’re offering the landing pages to people whether they subscribe by RSS or email.

    I’d be really interested to hear how many more subscribers they were able to add as a result of this viral campaign.

    Its definitely given me some ideas of my own!

  14. Useful post, great ideas!

  15. BusinessX says:

    That’s funny, I just commented on the personal development review Michael Kwan should hire himself out to write. Then, here he is with a freelance writer mention. When the time (more to the point money) comes, I know where to go.

  16. The tactic of using an RSS subscription to download a link is awesome. Everyone is doing it now. Was JC the first?



  17. Gyutae Park says:

    I recommend everyone pick these templates up. I spoke to Khalid from Invesp at SES Chicago and he was telling me about the conversion rates these landing pages generated. It’s a great place to start for optimal usability and conversions.

    1. Li Weng says:

      Yeah? What sort of conversion rates are they talking about? I can see that they do look very business-like, which adds a lot of credibility.

      1. looks very prefessional

  18. free templates, wow cool
    Thanks for sharing.. downloading 😀

  19. Li Weng says:

    They look like nice templates with a professional design. However, a little bit rigid and boring. You’d really want to edit them to make them more unique though. But can’t complain since they’re free templates.

  20. Very nice templates. I have bookmarked this page as I am sure Ill be back to utilize them. Thanks for sharing

  21. They’re not bad, but they could use some spicing up.

  22. BloggerTests says:

    Is anyone using WP for landing pages? just curious


  23. game-girl says:

    No doubt that alanding page is a fact of great importance for affiliate marketing.

  24. Arfan says:

    Not bad but do need a bit of a spice up but still not bad, Thanks!

  25. Good post Michael Kwan . Where are you John we missed you !!

  26. game-girl says:

    It goes without saying a landing page must be a strong attraction of clients. It must be short and sweet.

  27. suround says:

    Professional template. tank you already recommending this template

  28. This is great stuff John! if would be a great thing if CPA networks would all give out proper landing pages for their offers. It would be a huge leap forward for us, the affiliates.

    Thanks for this share and happy holidays to everyone!

    Remi Vladuceanu

  29. Very cool! Thanks for the free template notice..will sign up now.

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