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My friend Joel Comm sent an email to let me know that he is now offering his best-selling 4th edition of his AdSense Secrets eBook (235 pages) for free! This is the same eBook that has sold for up to $97. No strings attached. No upsell. No continuity. All you have to do is head on over and instantly download your copy.

And that’s not all…

Joel has a keen eye for finding ways to monetize websites. Have you heard of Kontera or Chitika? Both of these contextual ad services work alongside AdSense. By taking just five minutes to add Kontera and Chitika to his sites, Joel is making an additional $100-$200 per day!

Joel’s guides to Kontera and Chitika are the only ebooks on the topics. So what is he charging for them? They previously sold for up to $47. But once again, the answer is absolutely nothing because Joel is giving them away for free as well! I appreciate Joel’s generosity and I hope you will take advantage of these resources.

To download your free copies, click the links below and start making money online with with AdSense, Kontera and Chitika.

Kontera Secrets | Chitika Secrets | AdSense Secrets

44 thoughts on “Free Make Money Online eBooks From Joel Comm”

  1. Thanks John and Joel! John, you used the sme techniques written in these Ebooks? Downloading now. Thanks again.

    1. I have already download the Adsense Secrets one. This is a great marketing move by Joel.

      1. Yup, it is classic but effective marketing move.

        1. There are few basic and thumbs rules but most of them are not useful any more.

      2. Curious about these Comm books – nice that they’re free! 🙂

  2. Galachadas says:

    I had heard of these ebooks

    1. This was one of the best book on adsense on its time.

      For Joel this was Gold mine

      Now Joel have to start a new book on adsense as everything have been changed.

      1. It’s changed that much – is it really outdated? Haven’t read it yet 🙁

  3. Chris says:

    Awesome value. Thanks guys. will head over there now

  4. Mike B. says:

    I just read through the Kontera book and am about to crack open the Adsense one. Thanks for these!

  5. S Ahsan says:

    I love the adsense secrets :). I am working on my own list of secrets that i am planning to release pretty soon. Joel is brilliant

    1. Why you have changed your blog to forum.

      Or this is your new domain ?

  6. Thanks John and Joel on these free ebooks!
    Especially I’m nterested in books related to Contextual ad services like Kontera and Chitika.

  7. I thought we were wayy past ad network/ad sense arbitrage. Guess not.

    1. Yes we did …

      But for many newbie this is the beginning.

  8. gadis says:

    Thanks John and Joel for ebook
    I like it

  9. I paid money for these books a few years ago. They were pretty good. Worth the money.

    1. Yes if you want to start from the scratch than this book is like bible of adsense but now Joel should think about the latest book as per the current scenario of adsense.

  10. I already had all of these books but not yet read it. I hope i can read this weekend.

    1. Such weekend will never come, if you want to read it start it now.

  11. Don’t let the “Make an extra $100-$200/day by installing Kontera” fool you. It all boils down to your traffic.

    However I will still take a look at them if they truly are free.

  12. Free works for me, even it is last years tricks and techniques it still affords me the opportunity to get into the thought process and headspace of the author… seems like my email is going onto another mailing list!

  13. Free is nice, didn’t have any of these books. I might as well give them a read. Thanks

  14. Now when his tricks are no more useful he is giving away free of cost, lolzz

    1. Haha. I just scanned through all of them and really, he is blogging like it’s 1999.

      This is kind of like the discount section over at Chapters. Just a little more outdated.

      1. Bwahahahahah! That is really funny! You still had to forfeit your email address in order to get to this conclusion, however. So guess who won her…..

        1. I am sure many new bie is still buying this and want to earn through adsense, because name of Joel Comm is simply attached with adsense earning.

        2. What the hell is your problem?

          Haven’t you ever heard of un-subscribing after getting what you want? Once I un-subscribe, my address is taken out of the database so that I receive no further spam from him.

          So no, he didn’t win and I still uncovered the truth. I’m quite glad that I never did buy them. But it is apparent that you are still working at a basic beginner level if you were not aware of this feature.

          Maybe you should read a little more into how email subscription programs work before you start shitting on other people. You really are ignorant.

  15. Diabetis says:

    Just downloaded it.

  16. fas says:

    I think I have read the Adsense code before.

  17. Joel sent to all of his subscribers….

    1. Yea, I know, I got the email to.

  18. free knowledge! must have it because rarely this thing is free.

    1. He is taking your email address and be ready to get emails from him.

      Now you are in his list … lollzz

  19. Looks like a good deal to get some free ebooks from the master Adsense guy.

    1. Yes there are few basic things which always work.

      People are saying that his tricks are outdated but I assume there are few thumb rules which will be applicable every time.

  20. Scott Short says:

    All the free ebooks seems to say the same thing. I have both Kontera and Chitika, but I am not making $100-$200 per day on them. Why? Because I am not getting the traffic. So far, only John Chow has given me ideas for traffic. If you have little traffic, how can you expect to make money? To get traffic, it seems like you have to spend hours and hours and is probably worth it as I do. I’m gaining it slowly, but I wish people would quit saying if you sign up for this you will get this w/o help on driving people to your website.

  21. thankss…man…really some nice

  22. Yes me too.I was read it.Adsense Secret as I am really interested to make money online with adsense.

    John I also read your free ebook,How I Went From Zero To $40,000..this is so awesome and your ebook should has a price more than $100!

    Thanks for give us for free,John..You are so kind! 🙂

  23. The past will always repeat itself so I think the e-books will offer maybe little bit of useful concepts.

    But overall, the best advice an e-book can give you is how hard work is the primary foundation for success, All other advice is just tips and tricks.

  24. Hey John,

    This is amazing. I was about to start using Adsense and looking into Chitika to start earning some ad revenue. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time!

    I’m downloading this ebook now! Thanks for the free link. Good stuff as always.

    Best Regards.

  25. book on adsense is cool…

  26. KS Chen says:

    Wow! Great sharing! Thanks a lot! I’m going to read these 3 books to help me make money online. I think i can really learn a lot from these good stuff of reading!

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