Free Pens for Everyone at Dot Com Pho

Bic Promo Pens

A big thanks goes out to Bic Promo Pens for sending over a nice golf shirts and two bags full of pens and highlighters. One bag is for me to do with as I please. The other bag is clearly marked, “Other bloggers at Dot Com Pho.” That mean anyone coming to this week’s Dot Com Pho will be taking home some nice writing instruments.

This Saturday’s Dot Com Pho is shaping up to be our biggest ever. Not only will we have Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey there, but BlueFur will be bringing their blue crew. Rumor has it that local celebrity blogger, Miss 604, will also be making an appearance. I wonder if I can get Mostly Lisa to get her butt down there?

If you’re in the Vancouver area and have nothing better to do this Saturday, then come on down to Dot Com Pho and meet your favorite bloggers. Contact me if you want to join the fun. The worst thing that can happen is you’ll get some free pens from Bic Promo Pens!

That reminds me. I need to make more John Chow dot Com pens.

44 thoughts on “Free Pens for Everyone at Dot Com Pho”

  1. Stephen says:

    Wait a sec… Didn’t Tejpal at 1234 Pens give you those? You’re so Chinese! 😆

    1. John Chow says:

      He gave you a bag too but you haven’t wrote anything about it! You can forget about getting any more pens from him! 😈

      1. Stephen says:

        You didn’t either (till now) and my nice pen broke 😳

        1. Stephen says:

          Speaking of broken, so is TTZ…

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      2. Michael Kwan says:

        Yeah, he gave us those pens a while ago. I should really get around to writing a post of my own to thank him…. I’ve got new pens too. Maybe I’ll bring a few to pho. 🙂

        1. Stephen says:

          I better go find them. I can’t remember where they are 😆

  2. Pens for a blogger. Tell them to send you keyboards next time! :p

    Where can I find information on this Dot Com Pho?

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      Check out The site still needs a theme, but it has all of our videos thus far.

      1. Cool, I checked out the site, and watched the videos.
        Looks like you have a lotta fun.
        Can anyone go?

        1. Michael Kwan says:

          Pretty much. Just let one of us know that you’re coming.

  3. Asela says:

    Hey John! You didn’t mention what you were going to do with the golf shirt… are you giving that away too? 😉

    Btw, please drop by my blog as well and give me your comments on the posts done so far… however lame they may be… 😆

    1. MoneyNing says:

      Yeah I’m interested more in the golf shirts than pens too 😀

  4. How about giving some of those to your loyal readers :mrgreen:

    1. Paolo U says:

      This is the same thing that I”m thinking.

    2. It’s just a pen, wait till he figures out a way to give away the Macbook Air, then start asking for prizes.

      1. I’d prefer the pen 😆

        1. You’d prefer a pen over a Macbook Air? If you aren’t a Mac fan (don’t worry, I use PC’s) at least you could sell the MAcbook Air for $2k on eBay and then you coul dhave a pen empire!

    3. MoneyNing says:

      It’s not the pens, it’s the hassle and freight that’s a pain with so many packages going to different countries 🙂

  5. Affiliate17 says:

    Pretty good stuff John

  6. Barbara Ling says:

    Don’t knock pens; I still receive my Lingstar pens from various companies every year and now hide them from my kids. It’s the only way I actually can find writing implements about the house (given the speed my children consume anything ink-bearing).



  7. Thiago Prado says:

    this mostly Lisa is really nice.
    is she the one that published a photo of her ass wrote “advertise here”?

    1. John Chow says:

      That’s her. Why do you think I said get her butt there? 😈

      1. Terry Tay says:

        Hey now…You’re married with children JC 😉

        Did you pay the $100,000 to advertise on her butt though? 😆

  8. Tyler Ingram says:

    Bah another Dot Com Pho I am going to miss! Oh well i haven’t seen my extended family in at least 12 years so that’s where I’ll be. A reunion! Someone save me some beef tripe!

  9. Every time John talks about DotComPho it makes me want to move to Vancouver… it looks like fun!


  10. Pretty soon you’ll have to ask the owner to expand his restaurant so you can get a bigger crowd at Dot Com Pho.

    1. MoneyNing says:

      Maybe John show open a place called Dot Com Pho!

  11. ClogMoney says:

    Getting all these free things must suck, bet it takes a while to sort through..

  12. Mostly Lisa says:

    free pens! 😯 zomg. how can i refuse?

    1. Thiago Prado says:

      You’re so beautiful…
      I just so your blog between the 50 More Excellent Blog Designs on the internet. Congrats!

      1. Sava says:

        what … you’re in love already 🙂 ?
        And to reply to Lisa to … I don’t know about others … but I think I didn’t use a pen for at least 5 years … why do I have a laptop and a printer ? 🙂

  13. well if you are so much interested in pens then you can place an order with “johnchow” written on them.


  14. John you have hit the bigtime. Golf shirts, pens and new tec toys. The life and times of John Chow.

  15. Rebecca says:

    Cool, I’ll be there 🙂

  16. Stephen says:

    Holy crap! So many people are coming. Lan is going to kill us all and make us next week’s special…

    “Special This Week – #666 Dot Com Special. Made with real Dot Com Crew and our special ‘Reserve Pho’ mix…” 😮

  17. Sha says:

    Have fun! I will go to Dot Com Pho…one of these days.

  18. Sava says:

    I don’t really use pens anymore … maybe they should have given you a PDA or a laptop.
    It would have been more useful 🙂

  19. Eric Go says:

    They missed the paper. So they can write using the pen 🙂

    1. Sava says:

      I guess you’ll have to buy some paper… especially now that you have a pen 🙂

  20. Best pens for use, BIC pens, i think i use them from my elementary school! 😎

  21. joshuaun says:

    free things????????oooooooo………i like free things……..hahahaha

  22. Is it just me… but I was wondering, what does Pho mean exactly? I already know that it’s cool and if you’re blogging you should be there, but what does it mean…?

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