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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably noticed drops in your Google ranking over the past year or so. Google has been making MAJOR changes to their ranking algorithm. In the year 2012, it’s going to be almost impossible to “luck” into ranking for keywords that send worthwhile traffic to your websites.

If you don’t know what Google wants right now and beyond, you can bet other websites are going to outrank you and take the traffic that you could have potentially gotten. Would you like to know how Google is ranking websites right now? Then you’ll want to attend this Monday’s SEO Webinar. The webinar is being put on by Brad & Matt Callen, and
Dori Friend and is free to attend.

Register for The SEO Webinar

The webinar starts on Monday, Feb. 6 at 8:00PM EST and is only going to be about 1 hour long. Seating is limited to 1000 people, so I encourage you to register right now. You’ll also notice on the page above that they’re releasing something called SEO Link Monster on Feb 7th. I know that there is a special surprise at the end of the webinar relating to SEO Link Monster, so be sure to look out for that. See you at the Webinar!

12 thoughts on “Free SEO Webinar – Register Now”

  1. Thanan says:

    Great webinar. I think in this webinar you must get new knowledge or new idea for fight with seo.

  2. Kenny Boger says:

    Something new here!

  3. I signed up and looking forward to what new information they have to come up with.

  4. fas says:

    This is an interesting webinar.

  5. Groki says:

    Who hasn’t lost rankings thanks to Google changes at some point. Free webinar? Sounds great!

  6. Curtez Riggs says:

    Thanks for the heads up I enjoyed the webinar and I think I’ll actually take their network for a spin!

  7. DonX69 says:

    Hi John,

    I can’t wait for this webinar. If it’s anything like what you usually do it should be PERFECT! Thank you John 🙂

  8. peace says:

    What is the time for this webinar?

  9. iLeader says:

    Registering for seminars like this one is a great move for beginner SEO’s and for people that want to know a bit more about the industry, even if the current climate is not conducive to SEO. i make this statement because SEO is under threat from Google and their obsessive desire to push Pay Per Click is making organic listings less relevant than in the past. In saying that however, i feel that the pendulum will swing again, and this time to the “right” side, where good sites with good content will outweigh the big corporations with deep advertising pockets. I for one will forward the link to this seminar to my colleges here at iLead and encourage them to attend.

    Peace, the time is in the article Monday 6 feb 8:00pm EST.

    1. @iLeader I have attended the webinar and it was very informative confirming everything I have tested and researched intensely the past few months since the Panda, Freshness, Layout and other Google updates.

      I have seen an article on a site with PR2 outrank similar articles on sites with PR9, without any link building.

      Just by making sure post panda on site SEO is done and sharing it socially and because quality of the post itself is so awesome it goes viral through social networks and sharing.

      The other major thing I have noticed is the fact if one has author rank setup and your article is within your niche and you have a lot of people following you and you are in a lot of people’s circles then your article also outranks without any links built yet.

      I am not too worried about the Adsense and being penalised, and not making as much money as before. If you have a service or product that is selling on your website and that is good then Adsense is not needed in any case. Selling of a e-book etc. relevant to your website.

      Hope this helps,

  10. Blake Waddill says:

    Generally speaking, anything that is automated will end up losing value and stop working. If your entire backlink profile is made up of directory submissions, web2.0 properties, social media profiles, and comments, you’re going to look like one sketchy site.

    This may work short term, but expect to get penalized either by ban, or more likely, all the links losing value. Sorry, just couldn’t let it go unmentioned that these are the exact type of tactics the Google targets and frowns upon.

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