Freedom$oft Real Estate Buying & Selling Machine

If you are into real estate then you got to check out the new Freedom$oft Reloaded. Those of you who are on my mailing list would have gotten an email about it a last week but I figure I’ll post it on the blog as well. Freedom$oft is an all in one fully automated, pre programmed buying and selling machine that removes the human aspect of real estate investing while making investing simple and easy.

In my business (and most any businesses) I can’t make the money that I do without a lot of automation. I depend on a bunch of tools and software that helps to take the guess work out of making money online. I have programs to handle PPC marketing, traffic, SEO, content, etc. And if you’re into real estate like my wife is (I’m not into it as much as she is), then having a tool like Freedom$oft can help save a lot of time and frustration. Among its many features are:

  • Instant Motivated Seller Leads and Wholesale Deals
  • Instant Landlord & Cash Buyer Leads
  • Pre-Written Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Optimized Buyer and Seller Websites
  • And More…

The sales page is a mile long (don’t you hate those?) but you can watch this video to get a good overview. Freedom$oft Reloaded is not cheap by any means. However, for the keen eyed real estate investor, it does represent great value.

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Freedom$oft Real Estate Buying & Selling Machine

23 thoughts on “Freedom$oft Real Estate Buying & Selling Machine”

  1. Looks awesome! but nothing im too interested in.. :p

    1. I too am not too interested in this now but in casse it changes I’ll know where to look.

      Good stuff John. I think that the real estate people will love this.

      1. Robin Gupta says:

        Well if you have the caliber of earning $100/hour than you should outsource your $20/hour work to others so that you can earn more $80

        1. Robin Gupta says:

          Oh … I read this post ( )and left my place and return and added this comment here.

          Above comment was for this post –

          1. d3so says:

            I’m not into real estate because it seems to complex.

          2. Harshad says:

            Real estate is the area one should invest to multiply money. You should get in to it once you have a good capital.

          3. If you have good capital than invest in land …

            That is one of the best and effective investment you can have.

  2. Blogging says:

    Sale in Black Friday….

    1. What do you mean by that … what you are trying to say ??

  3. dotCOMreport says:

    It definitely is worth checking out. Who knows where it will lead.

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Automation is key! Especially in the world of PPC, as the article mentions. I can see some real value to automating aspects of real estate as well. Great stuff!

    1. Robin Gupta says:

      Yes and if you know how to get the combination of automatic and manual than you will be always at winning position.

      1. If you are looking for quality and perfect work than you must go for the manual.

        We are providing manual social bookmarking service.

  5. Foredi says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. Very useful indeed

  6. Abhik says:

    Of no use in my locality..

  7. fas says:

    I would not trust a machine with real estate sales.

    1. On coming days you will trust only on machine.

      Your money on internet is also on machine (paypal)

  8. sounds new and good , i like new ideas and i will be checking this topic soon 🙂 thank You any way

  9. Gilbert says:

    Very impressive and thank you for the post.

  10. Jeroen says:

    Automating the real estate transaction process feels very dangerous to me given what we have seen happening with real estate markets in the last 2 years. A very illiquid market as things stand today. That said, if you are really into real estate investing this might be a very efficient tool to use.

  11. Real estate deals on automation ! what a great machine you have told about but is there any error occurs in the management of this machine and it’s result to secure the business ?

  12. Phil Dawson says:

    Real estate used to be a fantastic niche, but it was levelled somewhat

  13. Regarding the Freedom$oft Real Estate Buying & Selling Machine | John Chow dot Com issue, It is great to hook up with these websites because they will send you notices through the email when an apartment that matches your description arrives. These email notices usually have really nice pictures of the apartments so that you can perfectly visualize the place and see if it meets your requirements.

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