From Blogger To Canadian Canine Couture

It’s always good to receive testimonials from readers. This one came from Logan Lacombe of Edmonton, Alberta. Logan emailed me over a year ago and said I was nice enough to email him back with some very helpful advice. He credits me as his inspirations for starting his online business, Maple Leash.

You probably won’t remember me, but over a year ago I asked you a bunch of questions through email in which you were kind enough to answer. You were one of my inspirations for building websites to one day work from home! Well after a few different websites, I finally built my own home based ecommerce business that I am passionate about.

Maple Leash is an eCommerce store offering designer dog clothing, collars, accessories, carriers, beds and many other specialty dog items. Right now, the hot items are the doggie Halloween costumes.

Logan is running Maple Leash out of a spare room, but he hopes to be like my brother and expand into his own retail location in a few months. Showing that he has learned from me, Logan has set up an affiliate program for his company. All you doggie bloggers looking to make money from your blogs should check out the Maple Leash affiliate program.

I do get a fair of testimonials and I’m sure Logan wasn’t expecting me to blog about him when he sent me his. The best kind of present is the one you never expected. I wish Logan and Maple Leash continued success, and I hope to check out the retail store when it’s done.

34 thoughts on “From Blogger To Canadian Canine Couture”

  1. Wow.. it’s great review for Logan.

    1. Yes, that’s a great review and a good advertising for Logan and Maple Leash.

      The dog costumes look quite good.

  2. That is really excellent and a good story 🙂 What Logan has achieved with Maple Leash is a genuine success story. Really love the outfits (and site) 😉

  3. Will says:

    The costumes are beautiful. I’ll buy one for my dog.

    Greetings John.

    1. too mee 🙂 thank you john chow…

      1. panax says:

        too mee 🙂 but what is telephone number.?

  4. A very motivated aspirational life encounter to share post.

    To success

  5. I’d better give money for a charity than buy that Taco dog costume. Sorry but it’s my own opinion. But I’m sure that my wife will certainly buy one if she see it.

    1. We do work with local pet rescues and give back or donate products.
      We are also currently helping by fostering dogs that come from California from a rescue called the Calican Rescue which saves small dogs from high kill shelters in California and brings them back to Canada for adoption as we have fewer small dogs here to adopt. We love animals more than anything, so you can ensure we will do our best to give back to them 😉

      1. If we live closer to you, my wife would work with you. She do love all animals and especially dogs.

  6. fas says:

    This is a very nice niche.

    1. Enstine Muki says:

      Yes and I think Logan can build himself as master here

  7. Melissa says:

    Doggie costumes and outfits – adorable! Great idea and inspiring post!

    1. panax says:

      melissa you are right. A very interesting website. There are good shares

  8. Dealbulous says:

    it is really a very special niche in my opinion and who knows it might make it big one day. especially with so many pet-lovers around. when there are pet insurance, i think something like this will have its market too.

    1. Yes for sure. I think it’s a genious idea. With the proper marketing this can certanly become a real gold mine for Logan. Good luck to you!

  9. Wow this is a great thing to wake up to after Thanksgiving! Thank you so much Mr.Chow! You truly are an inspiration to online entrepreneurs everywhere! Our business is continually growing online and we hope when we do open our retail location, you will be at our grand opening 🙂

    1. What did you felt when you first time saw a flow from that blog?

      1. Actually I was shocked, thought that maybe my Thanksgiving turkey hangover was playing tricks on me, lol. It was a very nice thing for John to do, I emailed simply to see if he had a couple tips on ecommerce promotion as he has been so great in the past with me and a little while later.. BAM! Blog post!
        Cannot thank him enough, I am and always have been a follower of his blog and another very jealous online entrepreneur 😉
        Thanks again John!

  10. Soares says:

    Hello Jhon and all,

    its really inspiring reading John´s blog and to be able to see that some of his readers have success…with is tips!!

    I hope also one day to reach my one…but until now havent been so lucky with my ideas…but I will not give up!

    Best regards

  11. zibran says:

    thanks for inspiring other people, as well as me, i do like your site

  12. fazal mayar says:

    Thats tremendous news for Logan, congrats to him 🙂

  13. Marita says:

    Congratulations Logan on your new site! The doggie costumes are really fun!! And it’s awesome that you’re helping to relocate dogs in order to save them! We’re always looking for interesting and fun guest posts; if you’d like a free opportunity to promote your site please contact us.

  14. Damn, funny dog clothes. Good luck with your eCommerce store.

  15. Panax says:

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  16. Panax says:

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  18. Panax says:

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  19. Cheolsu says:

    That’s a wonderful success story. That’s a very good website Logan. The costumes look great.

  20. nice one… specially the spiderman dog costume… if spiderman would be watching this story, he must not be very happy 🙂

  21. The costumes of the pets are really looks nice

  22. panax says:

    A working system has been very interesting.

  23. panax says:

    costumes were excellent.

  24. panax says:

    have you pokeman costumes ?

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