Gaming the System, or the System is a Game


There are a lot of ways that you can try to make money online. John has taken the content-focused route with this blog and The TechZone, but countless other individuals have found astronomical success trying different things. eLottery is one of these “different things”, but because it is no longer legal to gamble online in the United States, the developers had to devise something that could skirt the issue. Project e-Play is exactly that “something.”

The Evolution is Coming

Without a doubt, one of the best ways you can build buzz for your product or service is to order a ReviewMe review from a top notch site like John Chow dot Com. Look at the exposure that AGLOCO has received through John’s posts. Imagine if one of the early AGLOCO members ordered a ReviewMe from John; they’d have a huge network by now!

The very same concept lies behind this latest internet venture, combining casual gaming, internet marketing, and social networking. The sales page tells us that the Internet is the world’s fastest-growing marketplace and the market growth is “worth the equivalent of $412 every second of every hour of every day.”

But what exactly is so “evolutionary” about Project e-Play? Well, at its core, it’s based in multi-level marketing (MLM). Money is earned through a series of “memberships” and you get a cut of the fees collected from any new members you refer. The sales package is a little unclear, but it seems to work the same way as a lottery with one notable difference. The winner of the pot is not determined by chance, but rather by skill in a number of casual online games.

And Now, A Commercial Break

Steve O’Connor, the man who ordered this review, told us to have a look at a recent press release that gives you a better idea of what eVo Leadership (Project e-Play) is all about. In this press release, they talk about the internet spawning “thousands of millionaires”, telling you about this whole “wealth-making” enterprise.


Free registration to eVo Leadership closes on July 14, 2007. Yeah, it’s another one of these limited time offers. There’s no saying what the sign-up website is going to look like after that date. Accompanying the press release is a YouTube-embedded video.

If you head over to YouTube, you’ll find several other videos related to Project e-Play, all of which are aimed to create some viral buzz.

This Sounds Familiar

If you’re wondering why this entire business (and gaming) opportunity sounds so familiar, that’s because a different affiliate ordered a ReviewMe last month… for the exact same product The key difference, of course, is that they are different affiliates with different referral codes. They’re both competing for your sign-up dollars.

Mentioning this to John, I said it was foolish to order a review for something that the site already covered. Either Steve O’Connor didn’t have a solid look-through John Chow dot Com before ponying up the $400 asking price, or he didn’t care that someone else already ordered a review. John reminded me that web users typically have a very short attention span and without reminders, they tend to forget and lose interest. Maybe this review is more timely, since the sign-up deadline is only 13 days away.

All this said, I believe that O’Connor went about this in a slightly better way. Instead of using a URI that clearly contains a referral ID (as the previous guy did), O’Connor made use of a simple redirect that doesn’t look quite so diabolical. The link that he provided — — doesn’t look like an affiliate link at all. This allows for more trust and less suspicion. You’ll also notice that the sales page bears his name, welcoming you to the site.

Making Money Online is No Game

If you want to be rich, you’re going to have to put in some work. Making money with eVo Leadership or Project e-Play (having two names is quite confusing) is no different, despite what their sales package and videos may lead you to believe. You’ll need to either sign up a lot of affiliates (work) or you’ll have to be super good at the casual games (also work).

Whether this whole thing is one big MLM or pyramid scheme/scam… well, I’m still going to leave that up to you decide. Given that it hasn’t even officially launched yet, we have no real way of telling for sure.

43 thoughts on “Gaming the System, or the System is a Game”

  1. Tim says:

    John, I thought Agloco was a pyramid scheme? 🙄

    1. feve says:

      agloco is a pyramid

      1. GA says:

        Agloco has a Pyramid shape, but as with this opportunity it is NOT a Pyramid scheme.

    2. i think agloco is a scam.
      it’s spying on all your activities online

      think it’s worth it…you couldn’t be more wrong!

  2. I thought it was rather odd that he’d order this review when something exactly like it was just done a few posts ago.

    1. webd360 says:

      That is really weird, I wonder how much the 1st guy made of of these referrals (and also how much this guy will make)

    2. Shaun Carter says:

      It may seem odd but I know with direct mail advertising it takes 3 mailings right after each other to create ANY name recognition with the consumer. This is a constant struggle with my day job – my customers need continuous reminders to come spend their money at my restaurant.

    3. well, it’s well worth it

      it’s already caused discussion,and i’m sure a lot of viewers to this site to sign up with it

  3. Jorge says:

    Let’s wait and see…

  4. adrian says:

    when the batch 89 will come out?

    1. since john chow dot com has been banned by google

      is it still worth the effort?

  5. TheLoopLife says:

    I wonder if they’ll make the $400 back they spent on this. 😈

  6. Casey says:

    I saw this a couple days ago and it seems pretty fishy. But I’ve got nothing to lose except the 30 seconds it will take me to sign up, so I’ll try it out.

  7. Jay Wagers says:

    I agree with website copywriter.

    1. Jorge says:

      Yeah. It’s a bit strange.

  8. MR-Gee says:

    I didn’t quite understand what this sistem is for, but whatever.

  9. shman says:

    I don’t like gambling :/.

  10. This is my message to Mr. John Chow.

    Sir you are misrepresenting the facts in your Post about your monthly income.

    You claim that you get only
    “315,827 page views from 165,805 visitors”. and your CPM is like 40$ at par with NYtimes

    well i saw your rank at alexa, it was 2506 to be precise.
    then i thought of another website which had similar rank 2418 to be very precise.

    now i had the traffic stats of that website.

    and if you are not there you must be somewhere close.

    So why is such a high difference is there in your words and the truth.

    Please i m a regular follower and i really want to know .

    1. webd360 says:

      well alexa isn’t completely accurate at getting your website’s traffic correct because it only counts people who visit your site with the toolbar installed.

    2. Shaun Carter says:

      Alexa is a TERRIBLE way to compare traffic between sites. It is based on that spyware toolbar thing.

      And what incentive would John have to lie about his traffic? This blog is a hobby! he makes much more from his “real job.”

      1. i agree with you shaun, webd360 did a very good explaination.

        many claims that google pr is unreliable,so is alexa

        1. Wes Mahler says:

          It may take in account length of visitor, page rank and what not too.

          and no, not only people with alexa toolbar to record whoever made that up doesn’t know anything

  11. ritchie says:

    I wouldn’t trust Alexa too much. Besides: thanx for the interesting review. It definitely looks like a pyramid scheme to me.

  12. mylotter says:

    I’ve checked this site for many times,but until now, I still have no idea about how it works. I signed up while I still don’t know how to start it. I found a button to buy a ticket with $25, unfortunately, I don’t know what that ticket for. So, I signed up, but have done nothing yet.

  13. Another interesting review. These always break up my day nicely!

    1. you must be joking

      honestly, i don’t enjoy any paid review at all

  14. Indeed it does look pyramid scheme (but as you said too, we can’t really know much until we try) but looks like made in a smart way, the only thing i did not like is that it is not very user friendly, you need to digg around the site to see what actually is going on (as someone else already mentioned on the comments).

  15. Jorge says:

    If someone wins anything, let us know! 😆

  16. dotnetnuke says:

    Ah im not interested anymore

  17. Jorge says:

    It seems that this project is not going to have much success!(??) 😈

  18. GA says:

    Remember what Sir Winston Churchill said:

    “Most people in life stumble across a great opportunity. The problem is most people just pick themselves up and carry on”

  19. Debo Hobo says:

    I yanked Agloco of my site and removed it form my system. I didn’t like the idea of not being able to log onto their site(server not found) and the tool bar seems like some type of spyware to me.

    1. webd360 says:

      The toolbar does seem kind of like spyware. The other day I tried logging in to use it and it would log me in then give me a message saying something like “goodbye” or something weird (I don’t quite remember what) and then it would shut down. Today, I can’t login to use the viewbar…

  20. webd360 says:

    The whole look of this seems fishy, so I’m not going to waste my time

  21. bob cobb says:

    awful site design as well. Doesnt make me want to sign up 🙁

  22. David Mackey says:

    Seems like Moola is much better.

  23. dotnetnuke says:

    @bob cobb
    Yeah its crapy

  24. seems like a copy of another website

  25. Jamaipanese says:

    content focused route is the main route for me too 😀

  26. Not very positive comments here.

  27. John Cow says:

    Sounds like a scam if you ask me.

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