Genuine Web Directory with Genuine Site Rank Tool


WTF. OMG. LOL. Thanks to the IM and SMS generation, we have been bombarded with all sorts of three- or four-letter shorthand expressions. You don’t need to venture much further than just about any Internet forum or a teenager’s cell phone to come across at least one or two instances of someone talking about their BFF or how the latest viral video had them ROFL.

Although their name may lead you to believe that they’re just another site filled with teenage angst and confusion, is actually a human-edited paid business web directory. That totally wasn’t what I expected when John sent me this review request. Oh, and in case you’re not in the know, IDK stands for “I don’t know.”

Ugh, Another Web Directory?

I know. That’s what I was thinking too when I first hit up the IDK web directory. Yes, the organization by PageRank is nice, but do I really gain value from that?

Coming from the visitor’s point of view, there isn’t all that much value in a web directory anymore, because most surfers are more inclined to use their favorite search engine to find whatever they need. They’re not going to trust a paid listing in a directory any more than they’d trust a random result on Google.


From the point of view of the business being listed, I can’t imagine that you’d be getting all that much SEO juice from these directories, because search engines typically don’t place that much weight on backlinks coming from sites like these. Direct visitor traffic is probably pretty minimal too, so I’m not sold on why you should submit your site. It is a paid directory, after all.

Yes, IDK has categories for everything from the arts and recreation to science and computers, but I personally did not find much value in the directory itself. That’s not to say that IDK is a complete write-off!

Genuine Site Rank

Although IDK markets itself as a genuine web directory, there’s actually a lot more to the site than that. By clicking on the tools icon in the top-right corner of the site, you gain access to a whole whack of webmaster tools that just might prove useful. The flagship tool is something that IDK calls their Genuine Site Rank.

You could say that Site Rank is a meta-version of Alexa, Technorati, and other ranking tools available on the ‘net. After plunking in your site’s URL, you are presented with quite the extensive report, ultimately summarized by a percentile. Well, the report calls it a percentile, whereas this explanation calls it a percentage. In this way, IDK is leaving it pretty unclear.


The extensive report includes information on your meta description, meta keywords, domain age/maturity, PageRank, Alexa, inbound links (as reported by several search engines), indexed pages, social site stats (, Wikipedia, Digg, etc.), and site value. FYI, John Chow dot Com rates a mere 62%.

But Wait, There’s More

The Genuine Site Rank report is actually pretty handy, because it saves you the trouble of having to visit all those other ranking tools to get your pertinent information. Even so, the other six genuine SEO tools can be pretty handy too.

I particularly like the inbound anchor analysis, because it tells you what anchor text people are using to link to your site.

And that’s not all. IDK also has a series of free WordPress and phpLD templates, custom template design, other free stuff, and even online games. I couldn’t get Street Fighter 2 to work, but Sonic is reasonably fun. Initial D fans might get a kick out the ultra-cheesy Drift Battle too.


IDK Suffers from an Identity Crisis

The domain — — is memorable, but I’m not sure if it’s particularly suitable for what they are trying to accomplish. Even so, I can’t even really figure out exactly what they are trying to accomplish. While the web directory appears to be the focus, they’ve tacked on a whole bunch of other things and this ultimately dilutes the product. The online games are fun, but they’re not exactly fitting and/or useful.

If I was IDK, I’d revamp the place and focus my attention on the SEO Tools. Those are easily the strongest aspect of the site and I’d imagine that quite a few people will have their Site Rank page bookmarked for future reference. Where else can you grab your Alexa, inbound link count, indexed page count, and so on all in one place?

65 thoughts on “Genuine Web Directory with Genuine Site Rank Tool”

  1. Yogesh Goel says:

    seems a great website…
    was actually finding such a website as of now…
    lets see how much goodies and quality is in offer….

    1. They provide very handy webmaster tools :mrgreen:

      1. David Chew says:

        Looks very interesting.

    2. RacerX says:

      The tools are great. The other bit seems a…distraction πŸ˜‰

  2. Yogesh Goel says:

    lets see what it has in offer for us…
    hope the word quality is what they will deliver at the very best…. πŸ˜†

  3. I agree with Michael Kwan, focus on the SEO aspect and dropp the rest.
    I seen some big sites/blogs use directories. Why do you say its a bad idea?

    1. They should drop the rest because, directories aren’t as popular/useful as they once were.

  4. Yg says:

    lets see how useful it is and what it delivers..

  5. Danny says:

    Yeah, web directories just aren’t what they used to be (Yahoo!). But this is pretty cool in that it aggregates a lot of information together so you don’t have to click all around the web. It gives me a few things to add to the stats on my site though!

  6. Rhys says: I read as I dicking.

    1. I read it as “I Don’t Know In”…could be useful for domain hacks though.

  7. I might have to stop by there and check out the tools. Not so sure about the value of paid directories any more. But a new spin on site ranking is worth a look.

  8. Syed Balkhi says:

    nice review done πŸ™‚ i used to own this site until i sold it to Steve the current owner. I might have answers to some of your questions.

    Why IDK?

    First of all i dont believe in targetted domain because idk is brandable just like yahoo, google, alexa etc.

    Now perhaps now a days many people don’t consider directories a big value, but many webmasters do find directories helpful for them in increasin SEO.

    The arcade, i added that because it relieves stress because if you submit your site to multiple directories it gets annoying and stressful therefore you need some time to chill. Thats why i added the arcade with the few games when i had it.

    Steve has taken it to the new level with adding the tools and such, and i say it is a job well done πŸ™‚

    and btw: i hope i answered some of your questions in the review Micheal πŸ˜‰

  9. Tom Beaton says:

    Games are a bit random. Cant really see much value myself.

    1. Agreed. They should drop everything else and focus on the tools it seems like the only useful thing that the site is offering at the moment.

  10. Jake Cohen says:

    Very interesting. Directories is something that I definitely need to look into. I think it’s kind of funny that you incorporated arcade games into a directory… That just gives me a laugh!

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      atleast good enough to make you laugh πŸ˜†

  11. First thing they need to do is switch their servers…runs slow as hell! πŸ™„

  12. xbrain says:

    wow..its a nice directory as well JC.
    by the way why they don’t settle for the .asia domain which are more loveable..
    who wants to submit their sites in my free directory, please do it now : Community Directory :mrgreen:

  13. I agree with Michael on this one because, directories no longer have value and the tools they are offering seem useful in my opinion.

    Hopefully the will rebrand/develop the site focusing on the tools mainly and offloading the directory.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      lets see what the new owner will decide after this review πŸ™‚ Atleast he was brave enough to get reviewed by chow.

      1. Yes can’t believe he paid $450 for his directory to be reviewed, if he develops it into what it has potential for though he could be onto a winner πŸ˜‰

        1. Syed Balkhi says:

          yeah the potential is definately there. One thing is for sure that he will get alot of traffic from this review and backlink as well, so i think the money was well spent.

  14. Reginald says:

    I liked your article. It hit a whole lot of harsh realities right on the head.

    I believe, as well, that most people are doing their own researching using their favorite browsers, directories. However, on the occasion, you come across a directory that fills a rare niche of highly demanded information. Outside of that exception, we tend to go to that good old faithful browser and opt to do the screening our selves.

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    I hope you find it to be a practical resource.

  15. I love when people try to make tools and give monetary value to sites. 20-50k for ? Ok i am buying it LoL

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      lol i think that is only because johnchow have low pr. I dont know how their algo is but google pr is sure a criteria.

    2. RacerX says:

      That was the best part. I will write the check right now for the site πŸ™‚

      1. Syed Balkhi says:

        maybe you should and just post a picture of it … Maybe John would consider it πŸ˜‰

        1. RacerX says:

          My version of the ShoeMoney Check pic? πŸ˜€

          1. Syed Balkhi says:

            Yup this is exactly what i am saying πŸ˜‰

  16. Robert says:

    The SEO tools are certainly valuable. But I also think the site report, and the site value section in particular, are helpful. By getting some estimate of your site value in dollar terms, you have a good idea of where your site stands. That’s pretty innovative.

    1. Although they are usually pretty inaccurate.

      1. Syed Balkhi says:

        all the tool is doing is taking information from alexa and other tools. By calling the tool accurate then the source is inaccurate as well. Now i can see if someone say the value of the site is kind of funny because we all know the value of the site is what the end-user is willing to pay.

    1. Syed Balkhi says:

      lol maybe you can explain your reasoning further

      1. nickycakes says:

        eh, this is a paid review of a crappy website…what needs explaining?

  17. Ty Brown says:

    I checked out that site rank tool. It had some pretty interesting info. My site is worth between $3k and $12k according to them, pretty interesting.

  18. An arcade as well? Never would have thought of that to go with a web directory.

    1. Its the Wal-Mart of directories πŸ˜†

  19. Simon says:

    Directory + arcade? What a load of crap lol

  20. I thought their genuine site rank tool was kind of cool.

  21. says:

    This review is sad and silly. If I would agree to pay $450 for a paid review in this blog I would expect a well researched post.

    The guy who did it has no clue what a directory is and its benefits in terms of SEO and promotion.

    Also have noticed a lot of reply spammers who will never be able to make the difference between setting up a blog on a FREE platform, with a FREE theme and FREE plugins vs. spending a lot of time and money to build, promote and develop a web directory. What’s funny that most of these freebie chasers teach others how to make tons of money when they can’t afford to have a custom template designed and coded!

  22. Max R says:

    At first, I couldn’t get it to report on inbound anchors, as it wouldn’t take URLs starting with “http://”. Entering that same URL on their front page does work, it simply strips the http part off.

    In the years, I’ve seen several sites like this one, combining all kinds of research info. I tend to take it with a hefty lump of salt, since stacking inaccurate data on top of more inaccurate data isn’t miraculously going to produce an accurate number. FWIW, my site scores 52%, but I *know* it’s just a little site. This 52%, whatever it’s supposed to mean, is a bullshit figure. Flattering bullshit, but still bullshit.

    Yet, like both the article and some commenters state, the SEO tools are the biggest “selling point” on that site. All the rest, including the directory, is fluff and should go.

  23. posties says:

    Noticed the following code leak:

    just beneath “We are now featuring Home Category”

  24. Robert says:

    In a discussion @ posties the subject was brought up about Izea paying one of their posties $500 to talk about Izea’s Ranking system. Would the money have been better spent here on JohnChow? πŸ˜›

    1. RacerX says:

      The Izea system really didn’t agree with Blogger, at least for me. Totally buggy, I tore it down in disgust!…never again!

  25. Bruce Cat says:

    It is a nice directory, i have 3 sites listed in there πŸ˜€

  26. Simon Lau says:

    good honest feedback from Michael to them, I like!

  27. Trevor says:

    This site needs SEO. Go teach them your ebil techniques!

  28. dara says:

    That’s funny, when my Mom first got her laptop, my sister and I made her an acronym dictionary. lol πŸ˜€

  29. Jim says:

    Real nice posting John. This web directory looks very promising and I like how you summed them up as basically “more” than your typical directory. They seem to have a lot of neat features and I will definitely check them out πŸ˜€

  30. Pete says:

    Whoop! My is worth “$30,000 to $75,000” per Is it worth that much? Doubtful. However, it’s a morale booster for me nevertheless πŸ™‚

    1. Mine was worth $10,000 to $12,000! Woot, we’re all rich!

    2. RacerX says:

      Mine was $5k and it is new…A site is worth whatever someone would right a check out for it!

      I like how it combines the data from a lot of sources. digg seems to be broken as does stumble count. Cool non-the-less

    3. Pete says:

      You know what I just noticed? Apparently my site is rated worth more than! I am in the 65% percentile while John’s is only 60%

      Looks like I’ve not only taken John’s advice to heart, but also getting to surpass him! Go me ^_^

  31. 4ALL2ALL says:

    A great article!
    They assess my site from $2,000 to $5,000 😳

  32. David Chew says:

    Is that really sounds so good, if yes then is very good to hear for everyone. :mrgreen:

  33. Eva White says:

    The site looks good, it’s made well, but somehow I feel web directories are getting outdated now……

  34. You can really never have too many multi dc checkers to use and as Michael mentioned, the inbound anchor text tool looks quite promising as well.

    I’m the same way with IDK, ever since that commercial with the girl going “Idk, my bff jill” I can’t think of anything else.

    Good review!

  35. I’ve listed my blog in directories, sure, but as someone looking for a site, I must say I’ve never used them. I did, however, click on another site while listing mine and I can say that directories are a great way to find hidden gems of sites.

  36. RJ Molly says:

    BTW, your site is now listed at 26% and valued at $1200 – $2500.
    Sorry dude…

  37. Terry Tay says:

    IDK is definately not a WTF kind of site. The webmaster tools are helpful and the “Genuine Rank Tool” provides some good information…

    I tested and IDK has the site value at $2,500 to $10,000

    I like the fact it lists the inbound links, indexed pages, age of domain and a lot of other useful info about the domain. I will definately use it for my other domains as well when I want to see how they are ranking. I do like to think my site is worth a little more that that though. Don’t we all πŸ˜‰

  38. timh says:

    The tools looked interesting, until you actually start testing them. Totally inaccurate on several fronts, notably inbound links, delicious links, yahoo results, etc., with a PR of 10 and millions of inbounds, only gets 62%. Enough said.

  39. Play Game says:

    The tool is pretty interesting actually its my first time using it.

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