Get 250 Free Business Cards To Promote Your Blog

This is a follow up to my post about offline blog promotion ideas. In that post, I told you to make some business cards because it’s a great promotional tool and helps to legitimize your blog and build your brand. I get my business cards from Unico Print Media. They charge $85 for 1,000 double sided full color cards (it’s also waterproof).

Recently, Greg Morgan pointed me to a deal from VistaPrint. They are offering 250 free full color business cards (you just have to pay shipping). The service allows you to design, proof and order you business cards online. I would imagine somewhere during the process there will be an upsell attempt. For example, the free cards offer has 42 background designs to choose from. If you don’t like any of them, you have to pay $14.99 to see hundreds more. This is what I came up with using the completely free service.


I think I will stick with my Unico business cards for now. However, the VistaPrint offer is great if you’re looking for some free business cards to promote your blog. If you don’t need business cards, VisitaPrint also offers a free rubber stamp, personalized notepad or 100 postcards.

70 thoughts on “Get 250 Free Business Cards To Promote Your Blog”

  1. Desi says:

    1234 Chow Plaza…HEHE.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually took over that ‘Mall” joint you once talked about in a post.

    1. i don’t think it’s his real address

    2. I want some! I want some!

  2. With VistaPrint you get what you pay for. It is a good offer, but the quality is only so so. has awesome quality and they’ll laminate for free. You can even get free samples, whereas vistaprint charges shipping on those. I do print design, so maybe I’m more picky than some, but I’d only use VP for the free stuff, and I wouldn’t buy from them again.

    1. Just beware if you are in Canada you will have to pay duty and it takes a lot longer then overnight.

      Quality is excellent though.

      1. how much would it cost to have it delivered to the uk

    2. Jacob says:

      Also, when i ordered from them, I got spammed and started getting telemarketing calls like crazy from numbers I traced down came from them

      1. we’d better be careful with it.

        cheap sometimes doesn’t come cheap

      2. LOL πŸ˜›

        This posts reminds me that I’ll soon need to order some professional business cards. I don’t have any yet πŸ˜›

    3. indeed the quality is so so (i am basing only to the samples they provide) but after all, what the heck you get those business cards for free.

      Ah and John, from all the samples that were there, you had to pick the ugliest one? You did it in purpose right, come on tell me you did…please…. πŸ‘Ώ

      1. Just take a PDF of your 10-up business cards to Kinkos. They use digital presses and the quality is reasonable for the price.

    4. HMTKSteve says:

      If you do not pay you also get a Vistaprint advertisement on the back of your business card.

      You get what you pay for.

      Do you really want your client to see an adv for free business cards on the back of your card?

      Just put that $14.99 into a pack of clean-edge business cards for your computer printer.

  3. Online Tips says:

    That’s a very nice looking business card! Although promoting my site offline like that probably won’t make much of a difference. But it’s a very nice idea.

    1. i don’t think it’d make much difference to me either

    2. James says:

      Sometimes offline marketing for a site can be easier that online.
      If your site is new, a few new readers can help get it started.

  4. Kevin says:

    There is a google referral ad for this free offer from vista print that I thought might convert well.

    1. lionstarr says:

      Haven’t seen that yet, but now I’ll try out it… Should match the topic of my site pretty good!

    2. Scot Smith says:

      There are affiliate programs that pay better than Google πŸ˜‰ And of course all of them have a payout for VistaPrint!

  5. I’d be interested to know how much you make off of this affiliate program. Those are affiliate links, right? I wish the service I mentioned above offered an affiliate program, but they don’t, so I guess you’re the wiser.

  6. Debo Hobo says:

    This is a good promotional idea. Although it is free, I will need to wait until I own a domain name. I have designed come cards using these types templates and they are very limited and the line spacing is usually jacked up. My preference is the professionally embossed cards that I get at the local stationaty store.

    But I guess they will do in a pinch.

    1. Embossed cards look nice, but I prefer 4-colour cards myself. A nice image more than compensates for the lack of embossing.

  7. I hear it’s also a great affiliate program?

    I have used the free sample service before and overall I do think it’s a great way to get some exposure off line to online!

  8. Shaun Carter says:

    I buy all my business cards through Vistaprint… it’s economical and does the trick.

  9. chtanxw says:

    Yes, promoting websites/blogs offline is part of the marketing strategy…:neutral:

  10. I’ve used Vistaprint and they aren’t bad at all. My not be the best but not bad for the person starting out on a budget.

  11. Steven says:

    VistaPrints is always doing 250 free business card promotions. In the past, they would allow you to design your own similar to what john did in the picture shown in the post, however they would advertise their own company on the back of the card. The only way to remove the advertisement from the back was to pay them to remove it. I prefer to buy my own business cards, design them myself on the computer, and print them at home. The quality is good if not great and overall, it doesn’t cost much. If I needed a large number of cards (something in the thousands), maybe then I’ll consider using a printing service to save on ink cost.

  12. Those look like cool cards- they are sharp looking- I’ll have to look into that offer…

  13. B. Durant says:

    I’ve never had anything good to say about Vistaprint. Poor customer service, shoddy quality, not to mention signing me up for a year of some service at about $20.00 a month that I had never heard of before. Twice I’ve had trouble with them, never again.

    1. I’m with you. While I had ok customer service from them, they are just too big in my opinion. VistaPrint is like the Walmart of printers. I need to have a smaller company for my printing needs. Not everyone needs that, but if you do, I’d stay away from these guys.

  14. I don’t think they deliver outside US ❓

    1. John Chow says:

      I know they do business in the US, UK and Canada. Not sure about the rest of the world.

      1. That’s ok, if your post helps them to grow the business – they will make money – then they will think of expanding the business – then they will try to establish offices across the world – they will try to reach every individual blogger in the world and there I finally would be able to get my cards πŸ™„

        Or simply they shall start delivering all over the world ASAP πŸ˜€

        Whichever option works best for them 😎

    2. simon says:

      They do ❗ They shop worldwild.

  15. Starboykb says:

    Well JC, I cant find my country, which is kinda sad πŸ™

  16. Mybloggo says:

    Visit the website….hope available in my country

    1. Mybloggo says:

      I think is not available in my country…..If available also too expensive(shipping fees)

      Better Print in my Country only about 3- 5 usd

  17. Andreas Bard says:

    I have used VistaPrint for five years now and I must say I am very happy with them.

    Good prices and quite quick delivery.


  18. lionstarr says:

    Seems pretty interesting, that offer…

  19. I’ve ordered these before. The quality is definitely okay for being free. *=)

  20. Mat says:

    They do business in Australia as well

    And pay me $4 for every referral.

  21. iBT says:

    John, nice blog with make money link bait.. πŸ‘Ώ

  22. Promoting blogs offline is part of the marketing strategy.

  23. Sorry, but that card is just plain ugly. I’d rather go with some moo cards.

  24. Bloggeries says:

    Good idea I’m going to look into it. Offline promotion can work too just you have to realize the internet is huge so chances are most people you already know aren’t into your blog lol. Doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds of thousands or millions or more that are into your niche. Very useful if you go to user meets or other hardcore things like that πŸ˜‰

  25. I think VistaPrints is a great way to start your promoting activities for free. why not get a bunch of cards?

  26. bob cobb says:

    I got a bunch of these a while ago when they were doing this for free with free shipping too πŸ™‚

  27. Entreprenuer says:

    Inform yourself before dealing with Vista Print…

  28. simon says:

    Very good free stuff :mrgreen:

  29. simon says:

    John do you use your own referring link? or you just use Greg Morgan’s ❓ ❓

  30. markus941 says:

    Poor guy with that number you posted on the business card. Had to check. Nope – no John Chow here. 😯

  31. yvette says:

    you could just pay around 1 dollar to office depot and order some (100) custom cards online. its not much more for 250 cards there either unless you want color

  32. cooliojones says:

    I wrote about the same thing last month as well, only you could get 250 cards for only $1.00. πŸ™‚

  33. Jeff Kee says:

    I use Unico as my principle supplier and I have a wholesale account with them as well.

    I’d stick with unico – printing is an interesting industry with a wide array of quality and pricing. You get what you pay for is what I feel.

  34. In the Greater Vancouver area, there is so much competition for printing that its not difficult to find a good low cost place to print 4-colour business cards off a digital press.

    1. Scot Smith says:

      Versus an analog press?

  35. Samblamo says:

    Then you know you are in buissness if you are spreading ,.. while drinkin a cocktail somewere on the beach LOL :mrgreen:

  36. Please please be careful with this. I did exactly this and got my 250 free cards about 8 months ago and paid the postage but they kept my card details and signed me up for and they take out Β£9.99 out of my account every month.

    Please be careful.

    I had to cancel my card as my bank said it was they only way to stop it.


  37. I’ve never had any problems with Vista Print myself and the cards were pretty darn good for FREE.

    It’s another great tool for promoting your business, the more channels you use, the more chance you invite.

    I would say that its not your card print quality that’s most important it’s what it tells people about you (and what they should do), so I would recommend including direct marketing principals if you can – email addresses you can track, specific URL’s guides or freebies to download etc…. 😎

  38. simon says:

    I get 250 free full color business cards from them.

  39. still thinking about those cards..

  40. MNC says:

    They have FREE business cards, and special blogger cards (advertise your URL and personalize your tag cloud!)
    The cards are great quality . . . they ship worldwide!!

  41. Angel says:

    Hmm, I need some more personal name cards, other than those from work. Will check this out. Hope they deliver to Asia.

  42. Angel says:

    On second thoughts, I’m not all that impressed with the designs. I can get those done at the mall for next to nothing. Nice idea though.

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