Get 80% Off Shoemoney Tools

Shoemoney has released a video demoing the PPC component of Shoemoney Tools. The tool will help Internet marketers write ad copies and build huge keyword list. It’s just one of the many tools offered by the member’s only website. There are currently 18 tools in the site and members can make future tool suggestions and requests.

Shoe first talked about Shoemoney Tools during the Top Affiliate Challenge. At that time, he said membership price would be $200 per month. Shoe set an price at $99 per month as part of his grand opening promotion. That’s a good price but I have a better deal for you.

Get Shoemoney Tools for 80% Off

Sign up for Shoemoney Tools with coupon code johnchow and you will get it for only $19.80 for the first month. This will give you more than enough time to try out the tools and see if it makes you money. Personally, I can’t see how you cannot make money with this. That PPC Ad Generator alone is worth the price of admission. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Sign up for Shoemoney Tools for 80% Off

42 thoughts on “Get 80% Off Shoemoney Tools”

  1. Dude not only am i the first to comment here….but ca ching ca ching ca ching….on the savings and on the ROI. but may be one of the first to charge the 19.80 …it makes me feel better than spending the dreded 19.99….Thanks for the notics chow.

  2. Clog Money says:

    I can see not only a LOT of people purchasing this, but a lot of people spending money on adwords. Be careful people and only spend what you can afford!!

    1. pj says:

      Im not sure if it would be worth it for me, im not really getting much traffic and im starting out…

  3. make150aday says:

    look at the testimonials

    I would like to see testimonials from real people.. I mean not from the experts…

    1. jimmyd says:

      wow those are not experts…. those are the owners of the affiliate companies. My affiliate company paid for my membership to shoemoney tools and … it was well worth it for them.

      1. which affilliate company is that ?

  4. Cat says:


    Thanks for the deal on the tools! I have just started following you and a few other web guru’s like Shoemoney. I like your posts much better than the others. Less fluff and more stuff — to put to work. I ran across your posts on MillionDollarWiki and took your advice and bought a few pages. I wanted to ask you questions in regards to the wiki, but the comments to those posts are closed.

    I hope you don’t mind me being forward and asking those questions here! Did you do any linking to those pages other than on Have you done any other advertising to drive traffic to your ‘Make Money Online’ page since the start up?

    Do you mind giving an update to how it is still working for you?

  5. The tools he has are awesome. The only reason I haven’t bought into them is because the price. I may try them though now since the first month is 80% off.

    1. Yea that is an amazing deal! I’ll have to head over there and check it out!

  6. Thats an awesome deal John , thanks for gettting us this rate

  7. Josten says:

    yea john the video is not available anymore

    1. John Chow says:

      The video is working now. Vimeo removed it for some reason. I’m now pulling it from Shoe’s site. πŸ™‚

  8. Mubin says:

    No offense John, buthow can you say personally you dont see how this will make money? Maybe you should say in your professional opinion on from what you have been told, unless you have actually used the tools to make money?

    No offense to jeremy or you, but I think you should be honest with your readers.

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, I actually used the tools. Shoe gave me access it to shortly after the Top Affiliate Challenge. My statement stands. If you use the tools, there’s no way you can not make money from it. Unless you’re a complete dumb ass.

      1. enought said….with a comment like that…I think that I should take a look. In fact maybe Shoe should use this as a tag line. “Making money unless you’re a dumb ass.”

  9. I actually might try it out now since it’s much lower than the original of $100. Definitely some awesome tools.

  10. says:

    something to think about , since the price is really good

  11. 100kjob says:

    Great tools, there is no doubt about it. However people should be aware that, they need to have a product with a good landing page before generate a massive PPC campaign. Otherwise, Google may slap you with maximum CPC. I wonder if there is a tool in Shoemoney’s toolbox for generating good landing pages?

  12. dave says:

    I’m sure lots of bloggers will be offering a similar deal so I’d love to know who gains the most affiliate referrals, Chow or ProBlogger? (since they are the first 2 I see offering this deal)…but I’m sure there will be many others…
    The tools look cool for $19.95 a year but at $99 a month it seems like a joke…just hope those who sign up aren’t auto subscribed to paying lots more than they ever realized…

  13. make150aday says:

    agree with dave here…only the richer gets richer… haaaa

  14. Cool..
    Thats a huge discount.

    Is this a recurring discount ?

  15. PaulB says:

    I was one of the first to sign up when it was released to the general public. I’m not really much of a PPC guy so they tools had limited value to me. You need to have the disposable budget to get value out of PPC with or without these tools. They aint gonna make you good at PPC over night.

    There are also plenty of much cheaper/free alternatives that do excatly the same types of thing, all be it without the ShoeMoney name on them. I did this review of Shoemoney Tools from a normal users point of view.

  16. michaellynx says:

    The excellent tool…
    thank you JC home
    I really want to learn for just the money hopefully it will be able to help.


  17. But John I still feel its a bist costly affair, anyway no doubt if it is from shoemoney ist worth trying and would surely be making lots of money

  18. Doesn’t he has enough money πŸ™‚
    I am checking it out

  19. I don’t see anything in there that’s really worth that much each month. I wish there was a free week trial or something.

  20. I’ve been meaning to test this out. Great discount.

  21. izu mou says:

    You are turning to be more friendly with shoemaer now John?I like the testimony in the site.The tools looks intresting.

  22. Melvin says:

    Hahha, it seems that wherever website I go there is a 80% coupon for shoe’s tools.. πŸ˜‰

  23. I might try this out since it’s a lot cheaper than it normally is. The tools seem to be great.

  24. Sounds like a great deal, and for less than $20 it’s worth it to give it a try.

  25. charles says:

    Only spend what you earnings can afford.

  26. Ian says:

    The “view your competitors ads” history feature was interesting. I can see how that would be useful.

    I’d like to see something (if it doesn’t already exist) that pulls in all the keyword pricing from yahoo, MSN, google, and all the others in one place, along with the estimated click volume to see where I’m getting the most bang for my buck on PPC. That would be a cool tool.


  27. Dan says:

    Haha, the best part is when he clicked on the text box and his Firefox saved his search history… so it displayed “Nebraska Strip Clubs”… lol

    That’s classic.

  28. Ted Murphy says:

    I checked out the system and it seems pretty cool, but I need to dig around a little bit more. John, maybe you could do some sort of webinar with Shoe or something.

  29. John says:

    Is that a refund email on the back I see? Not very cool a video of Shoemoney tools with an email form a customer demanding a refund ;P (Stop the video at minute 5:03)

  30. It’s nice to have friends in high places! Thanks for the discount! I’ll have to take a serious look now.

  31. Keron Calame says:

    This is a great ppc tool i must sign up for it

  32. Keral Patel says:

    I was not so good PPC but tools looks promising I am already a regular reader of his blog too.

  33. ShoeMoney tools are worth it for those running massive PPC campaigns.

  34. derd says:

    Another good tool is Statsjunky

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