Get a Free $500 Review with Purchase of Blog Mastermind

As you know, my friend Yaro Starak recently relaunched his Blog Mastermind program. I’ve been through the course materials and Blog Mastermind is by far the most complete course on blogging that I have ever came across. If you follow the six month course, there should be no reason why you couldn’t make full time income with part time blogging. Yaro has students making up to $30,000 per month with blogs valued at $5 million. I highly recommend anyone who’s thinking about making money by blogging to enroll in this course. Now, I’m going to offering you an incentive that will give you no reason not to enroll.

Get a Free $500 Review with Purchase of Blog Mastermind

From now until the end of this month, anyone enrolling in Blog Mastermind via my link will receive a free review from John Chow dot Com to help kick start their blog. Blog Mastermind has three pricing options. To qualify for the free review, simply enroll for option 2 (six months all at once) or option 3 (six months plus access to the next course) and remain a member for at least 31 days. Yaro offers a 30 day money back guarantee on his course. It wouldn’t be right for someone to order the course, get the free review and then get his money back. Those ordering the course with the $97 per month for six month option will receive the free review after they’re completed the course.

If you have already enrolled in Blog Mastermind via my link before I made this offer, don’t worry. My offer is retro to you. You will be receiving a free review as well.

The Blog Mastermind course cost $497 and you get a free $500 review. If you’re evil and resell the review to someone else for $500, you come out ahead by $3! However, I will not allow members to resell the review. The free review is to be used to help launch or take your blog to the next level.

You Could Win a Slingbox PRO As Well

Slingbox  PRO

In addition to the free review, readers enrolling for Blog Mastermind this month via John Chow dot Com will be entered into a draw for a Slingbox PRO. The Slingbox PRO allows you to watch and control up to four video sources, including one HD video source, from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. That means you can virtually take your entire home theater with you and watch it anywhere you want. It’s perfect for the mobile blogger who wants to keep up with his TV shows while on the road.

Help Spread The Word and Win a Blog Mastermind Course

Want to enroll in Blog Mastermind but can’t quite make the monetary investment just yet? Then help spread the word about my offer and you might win it.

Make a blog post about my Blog Mastermind offer, link to this blog post and link to Blog Mastermind using Then send me an email with the URL to your post so I can check it out. if it meet all the requirements, I’ll enter you into the draw for a free Option 2 (six months all at once) Blog Mastermind course.

The deadline for entering is the end of this month. Good luck and start blogging!

Enroll for Blog Mastermind and Get a Free $500 Review

37 thoughts on “Get a Free $500 Review with Purchase of Blog Mastermind”

  1. wisdom says:

    Interesting concept, I wonder how many people will take you up on this.

  2. Just some more ways to make some money, ey John? πŸ˜†

  3. Nice information and great chance, I’d like to enroll it and get review by you John, but now I still focus to increase my blog traffic.

    1. John Chow says:

      A big part of the Blog Mastermind course is how to increase traffic. However, you can blog about my offer and maybe win the course.

  4. Justin says:

    Is there an expiration for the Review? Can it be used in say 3 months?

    1. John Chow says:

      The time limit for the review is six months from the time you order the course. That should give you lot of time to do the thing the course teaches you and you’ll be able to get maximum bang from the review.

  5. Justin says:

    Perfect; thanks for the fast reply and I look forward to taking you up on the offer and getting the course!

  6. no wonder you make so much money!!

  7. I would really like to do this but I am focusing on the PPC Formula right now.

  8. I’ve seriously considered going this route… my fear is the lack of absolutely new information.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m sure you’ll find plenty of new information. I’ve gotten quite a few new ideas because of it. Also, the course includes membership into the private member forums. Tons of ideas in there.

  9. AceStock says:

    good on you John, I’ll enter the draw and try my luck. if no luck i’ll take up the course (but is that too late?)

    1. John Chow says:

      It would be too late. The free review offer is good for this month only. The draw for people who blog about it will be the first of Sept.

  10. Bro I have seen you strench some info before to hype something but say that course is lame and the only blogs worth 5 million are yours,mine and Darren’s you know that.Your backsliding hyping that product come on dude step it UP;) Time is a wasting
    send me that slingbox and I’ll blogroll YOU;)
    And make your blog do follow already you need the PR;)
    You gain you never loose Trust me on that one

    1. John Chow says:

      Have you taken the course? Of course not. Calling something lame when you haven’t even seen it doesn’t give you much credibility. Neither does claiming your blog is worth $5 million.

      Blog Mastermind has a 30 day money back guarantee. If it’s not what you think it is, then request a refund. Yaro will give it to you.

    2. Grammar Police says:

      Fix your grammar please.

    3. Jack says:

      Wow, some people have issues…

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  12. Pretty interesting and compelling πŸ™‚

  13. Borneoboy says:

    It was great for PPC formula. A lot of people mostly make money with adwords.

  14. John
    1 I was messing with you cause I like you
    2 Thanks for the 14 visitors
    3 I learned all this from you;)
    4 If that “course” is 497 as listed above I assume I have read a free ebook from that man a while back and I’ll just say this,really who’s information is worth that? Dude I don’t go for rubber biscuits
    5 Cut me some slack on the 5 million.I don’t promote anything to make a fast buck money to me is irrelevant.
    6 I have MAD RESPECT for you cause you didn’t delete that comment which I was half thinking you would.
    You the da man calm down do something for the NEW guy doesn’t that Yaro have enough money already.Money don’t make a blogger.I’m more impressed with people that give money away which I know you do.We cool and that will be the last time I pop off,next time my comments will be relevant and positive;)
    I kicked ya a stumble, <>
    Sorry if I rattled ya my bad.And I bet there’s not one thing in that course that I don’t know,except maybe the ways to screw people out of money for worthless stuff;)
    Let me go check the gurus stats there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet I check my facts always.I watched that AFF crap video the other night cause I’m a regular reader of your blog:).If we meet we’d get a long fine;)SEE YA

  15. Geiger says:

    What’s with the ImportCSV Review Post not being there?

  16. Geiger says:

    What happened to the Top Commentator spots?

    1. dcr says:

      I made the list, so he had to take it down. πŸ˜‰

      Seriously, though, JC said it was causing problems with the database and would be back as soon as they figured the problem.

  17. Great offer. I’d take it if I had the funds but at the moment I can’t fork over $500.

  18. Jerry says:

    CRAP!!!! 😑 I just signed up last week. I wish I could have gotten the review, my blog needs it.

    1. read the rule 😈 30 day money back, hint hint

    2. John Chow says:

      If you bought it from my link, you can still get the review.

  19. nakatoo says:

    well ; i think i will buy one . they look pretty awsome .

  20. Young says:

    May I join in and write the post in Chinese? Since my readers are mostly Chinese.

  21. Bonnie says:

    Wow, bad timing on my part. I enrolled in the Blog Mastermind group on Saturday afternoon.
    Awesome information though. I’ve only completed lesson one and finished listening to his e-book but I have a strategy for moving forward for my blog, and an idea for a second blog.

    Thanks for the heads up John.

  22. Ari says:

    Well I don’t know about everyone else out there, but when I started finding out about the blogging business, i found pieces of information here and there and after printing, bookmarking and saving all the snippets of information, i compiled in 600 pages and bookmarks what Yaro tells you in his 50 page Blog Profits Blueprint (FREE) ebook, so i can only imagine how much more information is on the Blog mastermind course. I am a businessman and I know information costs money and nobody here can say that they can’t use a Second or primary source of income…! to say that, you either have all the money in the world or don’t mind winding down after 40 days (ehem, the days it takes one to starve to death)…

    I like blogging and it really is something I will do from now on so learning through a faster track is worth spending a little bit of money (seriously guys we’ve spent more in Vegas!)… Besides, I know John will have a fun time writing a review about my BLOG Laberinto Social! A bilingual English Spanish dual content blog. πŸ˜†

  23. Caleb says:

    To Ari and everyone else:
    We are all students…even the masters except they’re able to show,prove,and pass it along in a more efficient manner πŸ˜‰

  24. This is a great incentive John!, Thanks

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