Get John Chow dot Com At The iTunes Store!

Remember that post from Gary last week on 10 steps to build a $50 iPhone app for your blog? Well, Apple has approved my app and it is now available at the iTunes store. My app is free so if you have an iPhone, please download and use it as it’s a great way to read John Chow dot Com on the iPhone.

The procedure to make your own iPhone app and get it on the iTunes store was amazingly simple and at a cost of only $50, I think it’s something that every blogger should do. The mobile Web is getting bigger and bigger and that means you must expand with it or get left behind.

For those of you who don’t have an iPhone yet, here are some screen shots from the John Chow dot Com iPhone App. I want thank Mr. Gary Lee for all his help with this project. If you haven’t done so, go and read his guide to making your own iPhone app.

John Chow iPhone App John Chow iPhone App

John Chow iPhone App John Chow iPhone App

John Chow

34 thoughts on “Get John Chow dot Com At The iTunes Store!”

  1. Wow! Very cool John! I saw the title of the post and though you meant you got some podcasts on iTunes.

    1. Ms. Freeman says:

      I am very interested to see how much traffic is diverted to the app from your base site. Is that concern?

      1. Good Point … John we would would love to see your Google Analytics.

        If you have not made any report segment for this application that please make it on google analytics so that we can study it.

  2. Ms. Freeman says:

    I have an online store that I need to make an App for. $50 does sound like a bargain. 🙂

  3. chester says:

    Really? Wow, that’s good branding. Not bad for $50.

  4. chester says:

    Hey John, just wanted to say that we just installed the Top Commentators module thanks to your influence. You’ve helped us a lot with your musings and influence. Thanks!

  5. S Ahsan says:

    Just Checked out the app, it is just too sweeet! i just need one right now for real 🙂 argg!!

  6. It is a great move. I said that because there are so many iphone users which is potential readers for a blog.

  7. Travel iN says:

    Cool download it now john 😀

  8. Laura says:

    This must be the best idea I have gotten from you in a while! Great for bloggers as well as bloggers with eCommerce. the possibilities 🙂

  9. Great idea John, I was thinking of creating one myself.

  10. I recently read a blog post where they wewre talking about the value of writing iPhone apps specifically for the backlinks you get from it as well. I realise that is hardly the motivation in this case, but something to remember for the smaller guys.

  11. It looks very well. I’d like to have a try soon.

    1. Yes at $50 this is simple a steal and you should not miss this.

      I would love to see improvements in traffic through this application.

  12. Program says:

    It is a great move. I said that because there are so many iphone users which is potential readers for a blog.

  13. It looks like the app came out pretty good John. Once our blog is getting more traffic, then we will be thinking about doing an iphone app, but now we will just look at yours.

  14. Thats really good 😀 let me download it

  15. Nick Aviles says:

    Never knew it was that simple to submit an app to the iTunes store.

    1. And getting approval so fast is also surprise to me.

      May be your name was enough to get approved it fast John.

  16. Simon Bunker says:

    Nice App John. This is a great service and certainly opens your readership to other devices.
    Good work

  17. i will download it jhon

  18. mmo says:

    Awesome stuff but I heard developers have to pay $250?

  19. I will have to take a look at this for myself 🙂 Thanks John!

  20. Bidet says:

    That looks like a great app, Ill be sure to download it.

  21. That app looks very professional for only being $50. Nice work, John.

    1. Yes if you can get an apple application at the cost of mere $50 that you should not waste your time and start working on that immediately.

  22. John, I already read your posts using the mobile version of your site on my iPod Touch, but the app would be more handy. Will download it right now. 🙂

  23. Kate says:

    I would love to buy this. It does not cost much at all. What an awesome price for a great app.

  24. Wow John our John Chow dot com have achieved another landmark.

    Congrats to all readers of John Chow, now we can enjoy it on move as well.

  25. Thats pretty cool, how its available on iTunes

  26. How many downloads do you have so far John? I’m considering making an ad for my own site.

  27. really great et me download it jhon….

  28. Great tip. I think having an app will take my blog to the next level “or at least get it started LOL”. How much do you make off the commission from admob. Is it really worth it? Do you have a screen shot with an Ad from AdMob showing? Thank for all the info you give out John.

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